eli. - girls like u Lyrics

I thought you loved me
Why did you say you did?
Do words mean nothing?
Why are you exempt from being an honest person?

I guess I learned my lesson
Can't trust a girl like you

Girls like you break guys like me and
Guys like me write songs like this
About how sad I am to have my heart broken
In hopes of finding closure, but instead, I reaffirm that it's over

We can't recover
It is all ruined
You threw it all away when I found out you screwed him

I caught him in my bed
I found that kinda cruel
Why don't you tell me how he felt inside of you?

Girls like u burn all of my stuff
They accuse me of cheating just to cover it up
Just to cover up the fact that they really messed up
Now I'm sitting in the yard watching the flames erupt

Girls like you break guys like me and
Guys like me write songs like this
About how sad I am to have my heart broken
In hopes of finding closure, but instead, I reaffirm that it's over

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eli. girls like u Comments
  1. Aninda Sarker

    Idk bout y'all but he stole the rhythm from Worldstar Money by Joji, and kind of slowed the original beat in the ukulele

    Eli Lucas

    Aninda Sarker didn’t slow anything down or steal anything, this is an original song i wrote and recorded

    Aninda Sarker

    @Eli Lucas ayee buddy, my bad. The song's actually great. I didn't mean to write stolen. That was a pretty strong word. Reworked is what I meant to say

  2. Animacy

    I still love you and your songs Eli. Keep them coming🥰 🇵🇭

  3. jack bosey

    when he said “how did he feel inside of u” felt that one got cheated on

  4. Fabian Montes

    I would like to hear this song again, it would be a dream come true, I don't know if I would call it a remaster but I want to hear it from you this 2020 <3.

  5. StonerTrix

    I still use this song to cry to feel better😭💕

  6. Valéria Silva

    i'm really loving your songs aaa

  7. Slug Twins

    Girls like me:))))))))) but I am sad for some reason:((((((((

  8. Slug Twins


  9. Marcus Issac Méndez

    i love your music bro...

  10. Soap Bar

    So cute, so aesthetic, fucking love it.

  11. Leandro rosales

    Does anyone know how the notes are for ukulele? please I need them

  12. Sad Lips

    Hermoso :')

  13. Uglywollf Yt

    Can’t find the chords for this song 😂

  14. OneCheezyPizza

    this song heals my broken heart

    Thanks for healing it bro 💖

  15. ricardo oliveira

    my favorite song from eli lucas ❤

  16. Ste Roberts

    Mate girls these days are slags

  17. Antonina Dela cruz

    What is Ukelele chords 😢

  18. Lucia maradiaga

    Diablos es un gran tema y me identifique mucho tengo que decirles que hasta llore Gracias Eli por este gran Tema 🎆🎆🎆🏅🏅🏅♥

  19. Hailee Harris

    Palease hook me up with the chords so I can make a boys like u version🙃

  20. BananaMoon

    Wow you put the tea on her on a sad song. 😂 Well no one can accuse you of being vague.

  21. Krovavaya Lisa

    it's beautifull

  22. eshme perez

    this sounds like worldstar money by joji but it’s still a good song :D

  23. idontknow lost4ever

    I tried to get messenger I dunno about it going 3 different places

  24. layf hax

    some girls are relate on this

  25. James Houston

    I know this song is a year old but this song explains what literally just happened to me yesterday I don't know why but every time I listen to it and sing along I feel a little bit better

  26. It's Trixie

    i need the chords!!!😭

    Jorge Rodriguez

    As do I!!

  27. Antonina Dela cruz

    I wish you had a tutorial so i can sing together with u

  28. Joycelynn Alexander

    eli , your an amazing person your music makes me feel better and relize that the people that hurt me dont deserve to make me feel the way i do . i hope you know that your not worthless or alone <3

  29. Gavrie Jurrien Buliboli

    Chords pls.. T_T i love this song

  30. You Jjb

    Yassss this I good

  31. Diego Fernando

    Beautiful :3

  32. Lisa farmore

    Every song by you not only do your songs remind me of him but your name is the same and its all words he would say thank you..

  33. Tlacuache Bomba

    OMG I loved this song!🖤✨

  34. brookemd

    anyone know the last chord to this?

  35. Admin Niyx

    i love this so much no kid. i do.

  36. Cesca Gonzales

    I know its been way over 1 year but I still can't get over Eli's music

  37. Xander Mancera

    S U C H A U N D E R R A T E D A R T I S T

  38. artser Gw

    I request a song chord

  39. Ba-lonely Sandwhich

    does anyone know the chords, calling you out specifically Eli, please help.

  40. Dralle Saquillo

    Chords please??

  41. mura kami

    I love it

  42. Smol Bean

    "girls like you break guys like me"

  43. Thacarshee

    Now this is the girls like u I love

  44. Marcy Emery

    49 dislikes...
    49 People dunno what good music is🙃

  45. jacquii piløts

    Maravilloso ser humano siempre lo voy a decir que perfecto sos basta

  46. nobody ?

    Anyone know strumming pattern and chords I need it please

  47. Retnuh Bruh

    Who hurt you man??

  48. Alexx Yang

    Perfection at its finest

  49. tiari

    i love it. <3

  50. maryuri martinez

    Estoy seguro de que si X hubiera escuchado tu talento, te hubiera amado

  51. Nachø

    Need the achords of this song plox. uwu

  52. Bri Castillo

    Oh my god this song has a lot of meaning to me , it get's to me ☹
    I love this song ❤

  53. bbom

    Estoy aprendiendo a tocar esta cancion pero con guitarra ya que no tengo ukelele :'v

  54. Beabea Arts

    Girls like her make cringy tik tok videos

  55. Nino55

    Eu amo todas as suas músicas ♤

  56. Sad Boy The Editor

    I’m gonna cry, all of his songs are too relatable too soon

  57. Patricia Keegan

    Omg I only seen this it's so under rated

  58. Vinnicius Torres

    Quais são as cifras?

  59. lou ta

    Poor guy

  60. Maya Longhorn

    you have to blow up and I can't wait !!

  61. Loni Zuniga

    I love you and this song :(

  62. Gabriela Gamez

    This my favorite song💔

  63. Kyle The Gaming Vlogger

    We carry cover it is our ruin

  64. artser Gw

    I want the lyrics

    Eli Lucas

    artser Gw they're in the description yo

    artser Gw

    Thanks for the info.

    artser Gw

    I want to translate it into Thai.

  65. Blizzy Blue

    By any chance, could I learn this on ukulele from a tutorial?

  66. Lesther Guzman

    I need a girl like you ye ye, ah no esa no es xd

  67. h t a k

    *i want the chords of thissss omf so good* ;;

  68. NIKELL

    very similar to worldstar money of joji

  69. M0NT4GN3

    He is so underrated

  70. Potato Nugget

    Anyone know the strum pattern? Little help here please

  71. ATL Films ,

    please teach us how to play this. on a ukelele?

  72. kawaii slav


  73. Dominic Gregorio

    can someone turn this song to lofi remix?

  74. Sky 空色

    Ukelele or Guitar?

  75. kizzy

    I love you.

  76. marianne cubar

    your music it's really nice :) i'm looking forward to your music :)

  77. uG Chaoticz

    The ukelele has the same rhythm as Worldstar Money by Joji

  78. dead account.

    ukelele part sampled from
    joji - vlog beat 6

    thank me none

  79. Nathan Smidt

    what are the chords you use? wanna play it so badly!!! great song!!!

  80. Go GrillGirl

    i need a girl version too

  81. eshme perez

    sorry to ask but what are the cords to this song i want to play it also what is the strumming pattern thanks :)❤️

  82. Jade Shifter

    Ohmy the lyrics, the uke, your voice, the perfect mix💕

  83. ItsRadical

    This is literally me right now lol... Ow the pain. But this song is so amazing

  84. ayako koharu


  85. xArchie

    Wait Maroon 5 literally stole the name of the song and he sings “girls like you”

  86. Meredith Mynrose Universal Healer

    😍😍😍 i would never be a groupie but for you i kinda will 😇😇😇

  87. prettyteens

    Can you give me the chords please?

  88. Yoel Pichula

    I need the chords of this song, pls

  89. EXplorUX

    Sooooo, I was playing this while I was closing at work, and everybody just came downstairs and was like 'dude, we can hear you singing' I don't even care, it's too good 😂 keep this stuff up man, I've always wanted to do what you do, I just never had any idea how to start, or what to even do.. I've tried before but it just didn't go right. But you're doing good man, I'm pleased for you!

  90. Andy Target

    a beautiful song with a beautiful melody ... Congratulations for this

  91. Bens Alt

    Neil u true

  92. Matias Cardozo

    *im sad*

  93. Warren Fung

    This song is so sad, but I love it because I'm sad and heartbroken. Ur music heals my heart every time I listen

  94. Hope Fogarty

    just found this an I AM IN LOVE 😍😍😍😍 who broke ur beautiful heart

  95. MatsunoJade

    wow is so cute i love song 😍😍

  96. St1nger

    i am officially obsessed with your songs <3

  97. Carissa Tangradi

    My favorite song

  98. Eva Louise

    why does it sound like you just sang over a free lofi tune,,, stg that shit sounds familiar