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Ooo, she don't care about the petty things
Always let's love interfere with my mistakes
It comes first, that how it works with my lover
Wouldn't trade her soul for another

She will let shit go like it don't mean a thing
She just ain't concerned with holding hate all day
She's so good, that's how it works with my lover
So much joy left to be discovered

Your love is a gift I will never take for granted
For as long as I will live
Baby, you're mine
Oo, baby you're mine

And when I'm feelin' low, I will always know I have you there to make me feel at home
You lift up my soul
Oo, a gift of my own

My baby don't need diamond rings
She just wants my love, the kind a man can bring
It's so good, so good
I love her the way I should
Only the way a man could

If the day came I couldn't satisfy
I would hate to let her go, I want her in my life
For good, for good
I want her around all the time
She really improves my life

Your love is a gift I will never take for granted
For as long as I will live
Baby, you're mine
Oo, baby you're mine

And when I'm feelin' low, I will always know I have you there to make me feel at home
You lift up my soul
Oo, a gift of my own

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eli. gift Comments
  1. broken boy

    Favorite song? Favorite song....

  2. Arielle Franks

    2020 is giving me a war but it also gave me you so idc new favorite artist I’m boppin Thankyou for that hopeful feeling when it’s been a longtime since you’ve found good music then you do that just hit different. ❤️💚💙

  3. celia romeroM

    Por el amor de Dios, tienes una voz sumamente increíble. Me encanta todas tus canciones, son muy buenas🖤

  4. nou ran

    i have been telling a my friends about you and i recommend them your songs 👏💕 keep going your music is so beautiful 💕👏👏👏

  5. elmo vv

    when will you take out an album on physical?

  6. Sahil TV

    One of my favorite songs

  7. Sahil TV

    I love your voice

  8. Gary Nolan

    sounds FANTASTIC

  9. zara

    108k subs. dude ill so be here when you get the million u deserve!! your songs are all so good

  10. Grace Harkins

    Literally love your music so much💜thank you so much for making and sharing your beautiful voice and talents thank you:) 💜

  11. Lukas Bernardo


  12. Esteban Quiceno

    que gran cancion bro, igual que todas :3

  13. just me justin

    he looks like that white kid at school that everybody like kinda forgets that he exists but like hes been going to school there for 4 years

  14. 18h78 X

    Hermosa música

  15. ItzAndxeaDuhh !

    Eli i love youu❤❤ I'm so happy you are getting the recognition you deserve❤

  16. Luiz Oliveira

    Eli. 😍

  17. mono hero

    found you on spotify and this has been on repeat! you have a beautiful voice <3

  18. Famous Dex

    look i'm a big fun for you but i didn't like this song because you changed your voice and it dosen't look good so sing normal without filters next times and musictoon. hopefor you the best

  19. Tania Martinez

    Love it! ♡

  20. Jaycee Ann

    * dies from overjoy *

  21. The Cart of Videos

    At first o was just looking at i
    Idubbbz's victims. And I found this dude who I thought was another hater. I was like "look at this guy and his Charlie Heaton looking ass". So I check out the channel and here I am being like "heeey, that's pretty good"

  22. Tom Tales

    Why i dint noticed this before, i hate yt sometimes, but is worth because I can hear this

  23. boletosos gameplays

    Está bien verga prro


    Bro you a really good singer if you ever need a teen actor for a music video hit me up👍

  25. Skrimp

    This just now showed up in my recommended and I’m so glad that it did because this song is so good

    Eli Lucas

    「ネバーモア」 thank you!

  26. Chrisha Fernanda Barba Gutiérrez

    You make me happy :^)

  27. Seo Changbin

    Eres tan asombroso,tus canciones son tan lindas,tus canciones me hacen sentir bien :(



  29. r0ds

    I love your music, just everything about it is perfect , keep up the good work, can’t wait for the future songs ! 💞💞💞

  30. Thiago


  31. Manu3lxD

    I love it <3

  32. Leroy Hussing


  33. Nate Penber

    What a great shot eli 🤘and your album amazing

  34. Arcantos inv

    Eli, deberías publicar tu cover de “neddy” de Ariana Grande sin gritar al final :)

  35. Arcantos inv

    The song is just amazing.
    or just I have hear it in the right moment

  36. Juancho X

    muy buena cancion todas tus canciones son las mejores sigue asi saludos desde mexico <3

  37. How Depressing

    Woah 🔥

  38. Mr Mister

    Im always listening on your songs please notice me 😄

  39. Death Noise

    Cantas muy bien👍😍Amo Tus canciones😜😻

  40. Renaldy Fernando

    Wow I really love that tho💯❤️❤️

  41. italo ibaceta

    Do you understand spanish?? Answer this plss. Btw i love your voice, is unique

  42. aesthetic army

    10/10 i must say lol

  43. f12

    I love your voice💝😔🎶

  44. đanyshoyøツ

    *Simplemente hermoso 🥺💗*

  45. CockTail669 TV

    ilove this music this save mu life

  46. Bruno Grasso

    Epic voice. Love your music so much

  47. N O N O NightcoreDraw

    que hermosoooo

  48. mary uwu

    Your music is very beatiful 🌈💜💙❤️❤️💙

  49. Shweta Yonzon

    Ayy your soothing voice😍..
    Great one Eli❣️

  50. ciel phantomhive

    This is amazing keep up the work we all love you

    alois trancy

    Lol ciel

  51. biezzed


  52. N2O VFX / NitroHG

    Bro... I love your voice and in this song I loved the bass! ❤️

  53. Anónimo Rojo

    Es genial que aún existan artistas que se pueden dar el lujo a sí mismos de experimentar con su música, dejando de lado el mercado y entregándose de lleno a su arte.

  54. Eye Contact

    Omg! I blast your songs (literally the same seven songs) in the car all the time and my family HATES it 😂
    I finally have more songs they can listen to!! Oh, and I play your music off my phone soo they’re pretty much forced to listen AND our radio is jacked soooo 😏

  55. Ȼry før mɏ

    Increible la voz que tienes y los sentimientos que provocas en las personas que escuchan tus canciones, i love u ♡~

  56. nicole

    Locooo, tu voz es arte 💕💕💕💕💕💞

  57. Rocio Nimatuj


  58. john russell saldivar

    Automatically added to my playlist!!💙

  59. Zest Gamer

    Congratss on 100k!! U deserve it

  60. Alejandro Sosa

    Increíble, me gusta tu voz.🥺❤️
    Saludos desde México

  61. Life of Landon

    You always kill it

  62. noeyyy 309

    I love your songg💗💗💗

  63. ᄋᄌᄉ

    I love your songs very much❤

  64. HeCcin BaMbOoZlE

    I fuckin’ love it

  65. Minsuga 23

    Esto es fabuloso!✨♥️

  66. Alejandro music


  67. Sergio Alonzo Gomez

    Nice song Eli

  68. I m s a d

    🌻 Esta hermosa Eli 🌻 sigue asi , Llegaras muy lejos , y quisas solo quisas llegues a hacer el mejor , tengo fe en que si ♡

  69. mesteban _yt

    Oie zi...
    Esto es lit.. Música para mis oidos

  70. Aaron Villalon

    new song 😍😍iloveyou eli❤

  71. Bayley Bennet

    Amo tus canciones eli te sigo desde hace mucho , se que seras super famoso 💙💗

  72. Bayley Bennet

    I love you eli 😍

  73. denisse sanchez

    Me encantó mucho, tienes una voz muy hermosa 💕 te quiero ❣️

  74. TheYasChannel


  75. Devorador de Milf fds

    Amo suas músicas parabéns vai ser um cantor muito muito muito famoso

  76. Mari Oliveira

    Brasil loves you

  77. Pall & Mall

    Espero con ansias el nuevo álbum 🖤

  78. hola que hace

    Realmente son increibles tus canciones ❤

  79. SánchezFF

    The best

  80. SánchezFF

    My song favorite

  81. Phizzle

    Keep creating good music Eli!

  82. Craneo Soria

    Exelent music bro!!!
    Saludos desde Mexico!!!

  83. Low King

    Eli. você é um máximo! Gosto muito das suas musicas, parabéns pelo talento <3

  84. El Moztazo :v

    It's beautiful, I just loved the song very much ❤️

  85. J Nuy


  86. 104.503

    Bella canción Eli, como siempre

  87. Hudson Silva

    Que música incrível parabéns Eli manda um salve pro Brasil.

    Luiz Oliveira

    Canta dms ele slk

  88. Axel Ibarra

    Another song of you another good day

  89. Stanley Serrano


  90. Fab Ra

    Nunca dejes de hacer música, inspiras a muchos como yo a seguir en esto...

  91. Abigail Benites Rujel

    OMG¡¡¡ i love youuuuu <3

  92. 空っぽ

    beautiful song !!!!!! .... :3

  93. S U I C I D B O Y

    Increíble canción Eli, soy tu fan :3

  94. SLENDER MEN 657

    You did great eli🥰

  95. Leidy Alejandra Calderon Acosta

    Omg 😍

  96. Eli Lucas

    my new album is out now!


    Ruby peña

    Nunca dejes de cantar tu voz es perfecta y hermosa :3

    Ruby peña

    Harás giras en Latinoamérica?....... Por favor hazlo. .... soy de República Dominicana es un lugar muy bonito para descansar 😇♡♡

    Alejandro music

    Everything good

    Javier Caudillo Arvizu

    Enserio que tú música es hermosa:'3