eli. - crave Lyrics

My baby is so fine
My lover, so divine
She don't even have to try

It was love at first sight
When I looked into her eyes
I could see my entire life
Oh oh oh

With some things, you just know
Feel it in your heart and soul
Girl I feel it when I'm with you
You, you, you

Oo, I want your love
I can't get enough
Feel so far above
Oo, baby

Oo, I crave your touch
How you lift me up
Feel so high above
Oo, baby

Your love, your love, your love
How I crave your touch
I can't get enough
I crave you

Your love, your love, your love
How I crave your touch
I can't get enough
I crave you

Yeah she love just like I do
When I give, it comes back through
She don't leave me feelin' blue
Blue, blue, blue

Yeah her love is what I crave
Want to rest within her shade
She could never be repla-a-a-aced

With some things, you just know
Feel it in your heart and soul
Girl I feel it when I'm with you
You, you, you

Oo, I want your love
I can't get enough
Feel so far above
Oo, baby

Oo, I crave your touch
How you lift me up
Feel so high above
Oo, baby

Your love, your love, your love
How I crave your touch
I can't get enough
I crave you

Your love, your love, your love
How I crave your touch
I can't get enough
I crave you

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  1. J O N A S


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    R u gæ?

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    Me gustaría ser esa muñeca 😔👌

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    Who is the girl on the video because i want her number🥵


    😢 Bruh

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    Porra casei essa música igual doidoo😍😍😍💕

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    1:28 Please be a pornstar you'd make more than ur singing career

  8. noodle boio

    Lmao I'm sorry I'm laughing-

  9. strwbrry jam

    I just discovered eli last week and dang i'm in love with him and his music💖

  10. Renatha Senceita

    this song is just perfect


  11. ge_78

    hi bro exitos :D <3 you like you music

  12. TayTay

    Why does he look like Gerard way. Which is funny cause he’s wearing a my chemical romance T-shirt. 😂😂😂

    Anyways. Love the song 💛

  13. ꧁Psycho chan꧂

    Meu Deus 😂 N sei se rio ou se choro de emoçao pela letra da musica😂😐

  14. Ryuk

    Sua voz é divina mano ♥️ te vi no Spotify e viciei

  15. Tayla

    this music video is just perfect.

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    Is that the same doll from HowToBasic?

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    The song sounds romantic but the the video acctually hmmmm

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    ele é muito fofo

  19. tal suga


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    I love his shirt mcr is the best

  21. BTS ARMY

    This my Friends is music💞

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    Shitt i love your t shirt and also your song but your t shirt HAHAHahahahaha


    CARA, eu fico delirando com essa música mt boa S2

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    Essa música é apaixonante 💖

  26. bunny

    *_your family is so beautiful, eli.._*

  27. Harny Sadz

    Sou o BR que procuras.

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    Yo en serio amo tu musica 🥰🥰🥰

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    TF did I just watch

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    Este tipo debería ser muy reconocido..

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    This video honestly made my day so much better. As does all your music. ❤

  32. Mariana Moreira

    google: how to be a doll??? hahahaha
    I LOVE YOU❤❤❤❤

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    This is honestly one of my favorite songs by Eli💜

  34. B CG


  35. Thraxxy

    This song is legendary ❤️❤️

  36. Zello Lalchhandama

    when u aint paying for a real model

  37. Young Star

    I love the song but the mv made me laugh and smile 😂 you look really cute tbh but the doll just made me laugh- but in all seriousness,is it bad that i wished i was the doll? You're such a gentleman and boyfriend material 😔💞

  38. Jessica Daniel

    This is my favorite song❤️ but the video was weird😂😂 I expected it to be like an aesthetic country side video when I first heard this song, didn't expect this video at all but okay GO OFF

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    Como amo tu música, tus canciones como disappear o Wortheless las amo ❤

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    Eres increible Lucas

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    im suprised ur not as known as u would think like people should be blasting this shit on the radio fr

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    A genius. 💖✨

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    Honestly, I keep hearing it ... Is addicted.
    It is very beautiful!!!!

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    This is kinda sad tbh

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    Imagine this video, without the audio–

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    Chale men se ve que necesitas una novia
    Se ve que le hizo la biolasion

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    I didnt expect this...😂

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    Whaaaaatt!!!! The video is very rare and i love it babe uwuw

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    no stripper.. just a doll.. sex doll

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    No me di cuenta que ocupaste la playera de "Metallica" y "My Chemical Romance" xd

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    I'm in love💔

    No homo tho

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    You are a bizzare and hilarious person, I appreciate you. Subbed, you gonna go so far!!!!💕

  56. Vix Huda

    Can you stop being the cutest human alive please and thank you.

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    .... .'-',

  58. Random YT

    Hey Eli, it’s been a while since I’ve listened to your music- I wanted to say thanks- a couple years back I left a comment about how you helped me cope with my depression and I really was in a tough spot and you replied and it made me keep pushing forward- I now have a girlfriend that I love very much and haven’t been depressed and really turned my life around- thanks man I really appreciate it

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    This is what I do when I’m alone

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    He looks like Gerard way a little

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    Guys with their "waifu" body pillow:

    Okay but this lowkey slaps harder then my mans

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    Hi Eli you are one of my favorite artists, you deserve much more fame and to be recognized I love you I love your music 💜💙

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    This is the best, it makes me laugh

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    This SONG is fabulous all likes because this VIDEO awesome :)




    Yo se que vas a ignorar mi comentario, pero siempre estuve desde el comienzo gracias por existir. Poss: Maikolltool estuvo Aqui.

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    Im Crying

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