ELHAE - Garden Of Eden Lyrics

I am the cry of an angel
I have a scream of a man
Who will stand still

I've been on this road to long tryin' to fulfill my dreams
Lotta sacrifices made just to be on this scene
I never understood why you can't have your cake and eat it
Then I think back to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
I know they all want me alive, I'm just enjoying the ride
I'm just dependent on God, so know you ain't stopping my drive
How can you hate, I'm just trying to get by
I just want people to stop to the lies
Knife in the back and a knife in the side
And all I can do is just look in your eyes
These wounds are healing in a matter of time

Just give it some months, maybe a year
Not being myself again was really my only fear
I mean maybe I never did come back to my senses
I trynna see thing for how the wherein fogged up lenses
I don't know if I'm the same
I'm just a product of all of my pain
Tryna keep my self from goin insane
A storm that is blowing inside of my brain
I need some, time for the healin
Let go of feelings
That's why I'm kneeling
Hoping my prayers go pass the ceiling

I am the cry of an angel
I have a scream of a man
Who will stand still

My life is in pieces, but Hello, please to meet ya
It's kinda hard to go far when you're not a people pleaser
I can't help it, I like being alone
Well not really it's just that she won't pick up her phone
I'm just trying to live, but it seems like I forgot
God I've been waiting for something
Who make me feel something Before my heart stops
I don't wanna feel numb, I don't wanna be that guy
What am I doing with all of this strife
My back on the grass, my eyes to the sky
Conversing with God waiting for a reply
Say something, I know You hear me
You said you'd be there, but my heart gets weary
I just want some directions I wanna be at ease
Tears beginning to fall as I dropped on my knees
I know I'm a sinner, I know I do wrong
I'm really a vessel, am I really your pawn?
Just let me connect with these people
And speak to their hearts
Even in mind gets torned apart / Ego and mind gets torned apart
It may leave a scar, as long as I leave a spark

I am the cry of an angel
I have a scream of a man
Who will stand still

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ELHAE Garden Of Eden Comments
  1. Summer Smith hollon

    nobody ever calls my phonne!!!

  2. Julia -

    Man. You’re gonna go far. Keep doing what you’re doing❤️🤧

  3. Merrisa W.

    This song is beautiful. Love it

  4. Saxjon

    Where can I find the lyrics fo this song?
    I can't understand this whole, but the little I can make out give me shivers!

  5. NahlielOfficial

    Nicee keep glorifying God,

  6. Subi Tmg

    love your music, keep them coming through... <3

  7. Carol♡

    Amazing song 👌 👏

  8. Coco Gonzalez

    I ❤ it . 😍👌