Elevation Worship - Yahweh Lyrics

Spirit of Jesus
Living within us
Never to fail or forsake
Unending promise
Heaven inside us
Whispers the sound of Your name

Holy is the Lord
Worthy to be praised

Filled with Your wonder
Here I surrender
Held in Your mystery of grace
Calling me closer
Waking desire
Coming alive in Your name

Holy is the Lord
Worthy to be praised
Fire rising in my soul
All consuming flame

He who was and is to come
Is the One who lives in us
The great I am

Holy is the Lord
Worthy to be praised
Fire rising in my soul
All consuming flame

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Elevation Worship Yahweh Comments
  1. Stuart Till

    His fire is catching everyone. Spread the Word, tell your neighbors and your teachers, your fathers and mothers. Tell anyone who will listen about the love and grace of God. Pray for revival in London. Im currently doing outreach to the local community and people are coming. People are being saved in churches, universities, and prisons; they're being saved on the streets, in hospitals, and on planes. The rich, the poor, the young and the old are singing the name of Jesus. The spirit of the Lord shall be poured out in the lasts days and the nations will cry Holy Holy is the name of the Lord. Pray for every man, women and child to sing the name of Jesus!

  2. Wesley Diulay

    Yawheh <3

  3. Luc Des


  4. sickflow

    Where is that first part filmed? That’s beautiful.

  5. Kudzai Kutukwa

    Yud Hei Vav Hei 🙌 The Lord God! This is a definitely a song from heaven #TeamJesus

  6. Mirriam Carlos

    Forever my anthem 😭😭😭

  7. Nova orang Pandere Palu Van Gho

    YAHWEH I worship you

  8. Joseph gurung

    Jesus lives in me....My Lord My jesus Hallelujah

  9. Stuart Till

    I am a new Christian and this song sends chills down my spine. My whole being wants to bow down to my maker and weep for I am nothing yet he loves me. I used to be in a life of sexual sin and drug addiction. I never imagined that through Christ I would be set free. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit found, saved and sealed my soul in a gas station when i heard a song called In Christ Alone. We have been brought into the light, we have tasted and seen how the lord moves, how he loves, how he makes us more us than we could imagine. Thank you Father thank you. Let's rejoice and share the good news with everyone around us. For if my friend never told me the good news I would not have been saved.

  10. Juliette McConnell

    Raise a hallellia

  11. Johnny Holmes

    Deuteronomy 28 v 1-13

  12. Alexis Torres

    Yall dont even know what yaweh even means 😑 "sal 83:18 "

  13. Kgalema Eugene Mametse

    I encountered this song in 2019 and I haven't looked back since. Yahweh is the alpha and omega. His grace is sufficient and this year I have see seen and continue to see his blessings. Lord you are everything. Hit like if you are feeling this song in Nov 2019.

  14. BloDzBusTeR

    What a beautiful song!!!

  15. Best Praise Worship

    Who loves Jesus?
    👇🏻 Press the button...

  16. Nelly Martinez

    His name is Yahweh.

  17. Logan Maurimootoo

    Is it so

  18. Tommy Ngatuakana

    3:05 ❤

  19. Melinda Fullbright

    I absolutely can't get enough of this song🙏🏾

  20. Nompilo Mvusi

    Anyone worshiping the great YAHWEH in October 2019?

  21. Dion 3n1

    Hallelujah! Amen.
    All Praise and Exaltation to You Almighty
    Holy God!

  22. Thanmara Gonçalves

    Essa musica fala profundamente à minha alma.

  23. JC McCain

    I love you yahshua Messiah always and forever 😘 💋

  24. Victoria Rose

    Thank you Jesus, You Are The Great I Am, Yahweh Amen!♡

  25. Helix Max

    I ended falling in love, loving the music it felt great. Now I have sort of attachment that keeps wanting to call the betrayer... Now I feel as if I have no more faith. I am poor and I feel the rich of spirit and of the world where set against me. The lord said those that go against the poor reckon against there maker but I feel I’m left fighting by my self. Spirits of masons orders I can not belong to simply because it’s money driven. I wish I never came across Deliverance material. I would think long before messing with that material. I never had voices taunting me until I came across deliverance material. Do the poor ever win a battle?

  26. Priscilla Rwandarugali

    Cant get enough of this song ... ohhhhh my ... Yahweh, Yond He❣😍

  27. Victor Zenteno

    2:29 Captivating, The catcher in the Rye

  28. Paula Gildersleeve

    Incredible song....Musicians are fabulous! Praise God

  29. Victoria Tucker

    This song brings me peace on a whole different level #YAHWEHFOREVER


    YAHWEH is LORD!💖💖💖

  31. Sandie Mthunzi

    Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord

  32. Ttellasa

    Chillsssss all over!

  33. Freddy W. Kamyap

    Intro is so on fleek!! But can you activate the subtile in French? Québec represent you know⚜️. So so nice!👌🏿🙏🏾

  34. Anesu Machaya

    spirit of Jesus l love you so much

  35. Terry Riggleman

    That voice at the very beginning sounds just like Joel Houston from Hillsong! Beautiful song! We worship you Lord...you are worthy!

  36. sera ling

    This song literally took me through those late nights and early mornings when I had breathing problems. ❤️ Thank You so much Jesus ❤️ 🙏🏾

  37. Fabiana Caldas Luz

    It's so amazing to think that every time we breathe in we can take God's spirit into our being! He is bringing His fire and revival into our churches here in Brazil and everywhere He finds hearts being poured out in His presence!!!

  38. Adjoa Mensah

    This song is more powerful and I don't know what's going on in my heart I'm feeling very happy and touched

  39. katherine Basa

    Holy spirit truly present.....no doubt about it...

  40. David Weru

    issa motion picture

  41. Eva Kanguru

    2019 going to 2020...He is still YAHWEH, He was, He is & Is to come. He lives in us, He's The Great I AM. PRAISE JESUS

  42. David Weru

    Piano intro sounds like Blame Game... "whose fault..."

  43. Namale Grace

    Am from Uganda .God transformed my life that was really messed up. This song is really anointed and the one who is to come dwells in me now

  44. Soof 9665

    I love this 💕

  45. Emma Shearer

    6:59 this is so beautiful.

  46. Pablo Cubillos

    Hello to everyone, i'm from Colombia. My listening in English is some bad, and i need to translate the phrases that the singer say before they start to sing. If someone want to help me, writing the words that he say in English, i would stay so grateful. I know that the majority are the lyrics of the song, but i lose some words. Thank you

    Kj Brey

    Pablo Cubillos kennedy chisenga typed it out

  47. JoAnne Chisholm

    9/14/2019 - YAHWEH

  48. Bep de Bop

    Bless those who curse you.

  49. Benjamin Pilgrim

    Boop, it's done. nothing, nowhere. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++. No such thing as poison. Just missing variables.

  50. kennedy chisenga

    Spirit of Jesus
    Living within us
    Never to fail or forsake
    Unending promise
    Heaven inside us
    Whispers the sound of Your name

    Holy, Holy is the Lord
    Worthy to be praised

    Filled with Your wonder
    Here I surrender
    Held in Your mystery of grace
    Calling me closer
    Waking desire
    Coming alive in Your name

    Holy, Holy is the Lord
    Worthy to be praised
    Fire rising in my soul
    All consuming flame

    He who was and is to come
    Is the One who lives in us
    The great I am
    He who was and is to come
    Is the One who lives in us
    The great I am
    He who was and is to come
    Is the One who lives in us
    The great I am
    He who was and is to come
    Is the One who lives in us
    The great I am
    He who was and is to come
    Is the One who lives in us
    The great I am

    Holy, Holy is the Lord
    Worthy to be praised
    Fire rising in my soul
    All consuming flame
    Holy, Holy is the Lord
    Worthy to be praised
    Fire, fire
    Fire rising in my soul
    All consuming flame

    You're worthy of our praise

  51. Pamela McCrory

    My "go to ", song...... so powerful, so haunting... this song can be stuck in my head forever...

  52. Jessica Emeric

    Love YaHUaH by keeping His commandments, have the testimony of YAHUSHA Hameschiach , and you will have rights to the tree of life! HalleluYAH!

    He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.”
    John 14:21

  53. La Muranda

    Someone please help me with the name of the lead singer the tall black dude

  54. H Bains

    I'm so glad I came across this song Yahweh is a powerful name. ❤️😊

  55. Warrior Of Lord Emmanuel Yeshua Jesus Christ

    YHWH is the Father God Halleluyah Amen

  56. Moses

    Seriously though... What's the name of the guy who sings this song? I feel like he disappeared from everything else Elevation Worship related =T

  57. Aisel Faith

    This song is and will always be Blessed. God is talking to us. God is here with us. Now and forever. He uses this song to reach us deeply and personally. Let us all put ourselves in His presence as we listened to this song, let our mind and soul praise Him voluntarily and that our soul will set on Fire because this is His anointing. I cannot wait to see all of you who praise the Lord and believed in Him. We will soon recognise our faces in Heaven. See you all 💗

  58. Antoine Watts

    This song is so fire. Bless you in Jesus name

  59. Doran Chileshe

    The great I am Yahweh

  60. oxl nation

    Heaven inside us...

  61. Adrian Yanez

    I want to encourage everyone to look up the definition of Elijah: I promise you won’t regret it . God bless 😃

  62. Doran Chileshe

    Wen are you coming to Zambia

    Doran Chileshe

    Fire rising in my soul

  63. Darrell Hart

    Awesome. Song God IS GOD

  64. Jean Francois Brede

    This is My Song🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Holy is the Name🔥🔥🔥

  65. Michael Crane

    My Story - The Journey

    When I take the time to stop and think about my journey, the path my life has taken, I realize that as hard as it has been that I have lived one of those one in a million lives. A lot of things I would never volunteer to go back and live again but thankful enough that they happened all as a part of Gods plan for my life. This is the short version so I will skip my growing up and a lot of my background except to say I grew up blessed with a great family who always supported me in all I did. Married at the age of 21 with my wife carrying my first born son, we would go on to have a daughter 5 years later. Still to this day of all my accomplishments and things I have helped create, none come close to the perfection of my children. Began a career in Sports Broadcasting as a video editor at the age of 22 and soon found myself working for the likes of ESPN, FOX, CBS, etc. Have covered Super Bowls, Final Fours, MLB Playoffs, Wimbledon, and even won an Emmy for my work at the 2004 Athens Olympics. I had it all, a beautiful family, great career, and financially sound yet I still was looking for things to add to my life and in that search I found drugs, alcohol, and the overall party lifestyle. Slowly but surely the walls began to fall beginning with my divorce in 2004. I managed to somehow continue my career in spite of my habits but all that came to a crashing halt on April 1, 2007 in Augusta, GA. I was in town to cover the Masters, the most prestigious golf tournament in the world, as an editor for CBS Sports. I arrived on the Sunday before the first practice round and upon arriving the party began. 12 hours later and still high on cocaine and crack I found myself in a position of needing money to give to people I had been partying with. Lots of details go into what transpired but what ultimately happened was me walking into a bank and robbing them for $1500. Was making 6 figures and had money in the bank at home but my life had gotten out of control and it had led to a life altering decision that changed my life in ways that I only now understand. 29 months later I walked out of Federal prison totally broken, lost, and with idea on how to begin rebuilding my life. The human side of me wanted everything to return to normal but reality set in and wow what an uphill battle was in front of me. I had been banned from ever working in television again so that wasn't an option and my first job was cleaning port-a-potties for just above minimum wage. Talk about a humbling experience and learning to understand that life can sure be hard sometimes and that so many people just do what they have to do in order to survive. I knew though that I had to push through and set my sights on something bigger even though I still had no idea what direction to go. 4 years later and several jobs later I finally hit bottom. Family had to separate themselves from, friends were done with me, no car, no home, no money and no hope I attempted to end my life three times on the night of June 6th, 2013. God would have none of it and made it clear that it was now time to stop existing and start living. I vowed to myself I would get back everything I had lost and added one to that list, I wanted to find my purpose. It would take time but I knew I had to check each of them off little by little. So with the help of my parents after pleading for a change I checked into a rehab in Birmingham, AL. Six months later out of the blue I got a phone call from a friend that owned a small TV station and asked if I would be interested in working there. The pay was very little but the opportunity had a value that no dollar signs can ever compare to. Six months after that my son called me for the first time asking me to come see him play baseball, I was in Miami covering baseball for ESPN and had to pull over while driving because my eyes were full of tears. Little did I know then how big the game of baseball would become a part of my life. My TV career began to flourish again and my relationship with my family began to mend. January 2015 in a Buffalo Wild Wings my son was searching for a baseball team to play with and at that time he suggested something that would lead to my life changing in ways I couldn't even imagine. He suggested we start our own team and the fact I quit baseball at 15, no coaching experience, and no money to start one I still thought what a great idea. I fell in love with the game and being a part of helping youth. No other game teaches life like baseball and that passion led to 3 years later having 25 teams and almost 300 kids playing for me. I had no idea what I was doing and zero business skills but was fueling off my passion for loving being a part of the kids and their families lives. I eventually quit my job in TV to focus full time on baseball and then it happened again, the bottom fell out on me. This time was different in that I was doing all the right things, giving it my all, pouring my time and my money into helping others yet still ini June of 2018 the baseball program came to an end. Many reasons but it seemed no matter what I did, the success we once had was replaced by failure at every turn. The teams were great but off the field nothing could go right. It broke my spirit in a way words cant explain. I hated God for allowing something that was helping so many and saving me to come to an end. So here I was once again, broke, no car, no home and this time living in a homeless shelter for a short period. September 2018 I began again but this time something was different, I couldn't explain it or even understand it but I knew things were changing. Talk about a deep spiritual journey over the next six months and slowly but surely life began to make sense. I cried myself to sleep so many nights over the burden of living the life I had and losing so much but I started to understand the reasons for all the trials. I don't share a lot of that six months because that was my experience that i needed to have and understand on my own and its an experience I hope everyone has in their life at some point. I can say this with the most confidence possible, everything is going to be more than ok and for all of us, if we allow ourselves to understand the importance of the bad times we will one day we will not only have great days, when we have them we will recognize how blessed we are and learn to cherish and hold on to them. This life is so complicated and one huge puzzle that if not seen from a distance we will never understand. We get so caught up in self and the daily struggles that we don't take time to step back and see life for what it is. It’s up to you to figure out what that is but I will share this much with you, it’s all about love. If you could describe God in one word, its never-ending non judgmental love and we should be chasing that in ourselves with reckless abandon. How do you know and recognize anything that we are looking for, simply by understanding and having experienced the opposite of what we are looking for. This world, this life, both here and forevermore is perfectly designed for YOU. For you to succeed, find joy, find peace, and find purpose/ All of the things I swore to myself I would get back, well one by one I checked each box and the last one, my purpose, I can only say I know now I am here to help people. No matter who they are or from where they came, just help people and that can only be done in love. We go through life looking for ourselves but when we find that person we continue on in life wanting more than anything to see others find themselves. My dreams today? Bigger than words and I have no idea how I am going to accomplish many of them BUT I know that I am because God didn't bring me on this journey for nothing but for something so much bigger than myself. I have that one in a million story because God can use it to help others create their story! Greatest gift God gives is the experience of life! EVERYTHING works together for his Glory! No matter who you are, no matter where you are...I promise there is hope and a plan for your life better than any you can imagine. You are powerful beyond measure. NEVER GIVE UP!

  66. Kathryn Griffin

    God of heaven and of earth of everything that is above and beneath. Forgive me from my trespasses and I Boldly ask you to forever grow my worship with in me and let your voice seep into my heart and ears. You are holy holy.

  67. Maribel Rodriguez-Arjona

    This gave me chills

  68. Gwendoline Balhao

    Beautiful... Powerful. Filled with the Spirit



  70. David Harvey

    What's this guy's name, whose singing??


    Matthews Ntele

  71. Deano Real*Apostolic*Pentecostal*100%

    Is this church or a worldly rock concert?

  72. Becky Oexler

    not for everybody

    Becky Oexler

    but nothing can deny His Word. Yahweh reigns

  73. Eunice Chinasa Dim

    Yes Lord you are YAHWEH, the I am who I am. May all glory and honour and wisdom be unto you the great I am. Let your kingdom come! YAHWEH🙏🏾

  74. Kristie Molina

    Fire of God ! Breath

  75. Gabrielly Sunamita

    Lindo ! Alguém do Brazil?!

  76. Jukiana Lowves

    Thank you jesus father God

  77. Jukiana Lowves

    Dirt puts fire out.

  78. Emmanuelle Samara

    Just so y’all know, The Most High’s personal covenant Name is Yahuah, not Yahweh; since there are no Paleo-Hebrew consonants forming the letter “W”. Equally important to note, our Hebrew (not Greek) Messiah’s birth-given name was Yahusha. Not once throughout the span of his 33-36 year lifetime did He answer to pagan-rooted of “Jesus Christ”, Constantine’s fabrication of Yahusha’s Greek imposter. Did you know that the letter “J” itself is less than 500 years old? Moreover, there’s a reason we have a commandment specifically about taking His Name seriously; Christians should look into the Hebrew translation and meaning of the word “vain”. You would be surprised just HOW serious it is. Now, before someone says “He has many names!”, it is vital to understand that a name does not change in pronunciation from language to language. For instance, if a mother named her daughter “Alayna” in English, why and HOW on Earth, would her name be “Michelle” in French, Italian, Macedonian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindu, Japanese, or Mandarin?

    Plus, Christians have yet to realize that the word “Name” is only pluralized ONE time throughout the entire Bible - in Phillipians 2:9, explaining how our Father changed His Son’s name (Yahusha), to Yahuah; thus given him THE Name that is above ALL pagan-rooted titles. Consequently matching Acts 4:12: “There is NO other Name, by which we must be saved.”

    Notice how nowhere in the Bible is there a single statement saying “It does not matter what you call me, I know who you mean.”? Nor do we find a verse stating “All names are acceptable to me, so long as you are sincere in your worship.” Think about it. For instance, how exactly is it, that one can have a relationship with another, if they don’t even care to respect their name? Imagine how you would react if someone came to your face claiming they “know” you, but was clearly unaware of or downright refused to acknowledge your name? Would you not be outraged?

  79. Yahweh Tsuri Music

    The Lord is my rock and salvation 🙌❤️ Glory to God 🙌❤️

  80. Aurielle

    3:35 to skip the intro

  81. A M

    I testify this is truth.

  82. Angie Matson

    amen Yehweh Love

  83. big shay

    I love you Yahweh.

  84. Linda Richard

    i love yahweh

  85. trid berg

    My favorite 😊🙌🏼

  86. Maria jose Ebrat cantillo


  87. Mazen Mahari

    What happened to that guy?

  88. F. H

    2019 and this still hitting the spot in the spirit. Indeed there is no other name that deserves to be praised and adored 👏🏾

  89. Ronelle Simmons

    Fire rising in my soul🌋🌋🌋🌋all consuming flames YAHWEH

  90. Semberfan Terhemen

    Worthy is the Lamb, who is dwelling within us. More anointing elevation worship.

  91. Tovestripa

    Jesus and Yahweh are power together😊👌🏼🙏🏼✝️