Elevation Worship - I Can't Believe Lyrics

In the fall you were there
Grace began before I was aware
The shame too great for me to hide
Covered now because of Jesus Christ

I can't believe
The price You paid for me
What You did not owe so that I could know You
How can it be
You chose someone like me
To declare Your praise for the glory of Your name

To the one who gave it all
I belong with all my heart and soul
And every gain I count as loss
When I survey the wonder of the cross

You gave Your life upon a cross
To make Your home within my heart
Oh what a faithful God you are
Your praise forever in my heart

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Elevation Worship I Can't Believe Comments
  1. Tony Leesam

    I can't believe the price you paid for my sins. I surrender my life to you Jesus.

  2. andrea arthur

    Gods helped me possess territory in my soul today!! I always had it in me ( jesus is thebpower to) but had to get in it

  3. Harvey Lumaran

    6:03, man! you are forgiven. Wow! Jesus! ❣

  4. Gerardo Daniel Ercilla

    Such a powerful song. I can't get enough of it. It makes me cry every time. I don't deserve His love, His mercy, His forgiveness or what He did for me. I'm so unworthy.

  5. keralee luhana

    the lyrics are powerful. leaves one thinking deeply about the love, the sacrifice and the unending faithfulness of God.

  6. bernadette Cabrera

    “I can’t believe the price you paid for me
    What you DID NOT Owe so that I could know you”
    Dang.. that it's so hard 😭

  7. Georgia Ivy

    Praise God!

  8. Debbie Zamora

    ah..My Jesus, Thank you, Thank you!!!💖

  9. davidson love jesus

    do not follow the number by sound,the name number other people,follow the sound

  10. Qasim Javed Tarar


  11. It is Written

    Can't stop listening to this.
    Intro is so awesome! 🌹💛

  12. Eya Azizi

    i'm crying now 😢😢😢 that's soo niiice 💜💜💛💛

  13. Daya N

    Thank u
    dad for choosing me luv u...

  14. magicberu

    "How can it be You chose someone like me?" AMEN!!!! 1 Timothy 1:12-17. This is the gospel. It depends not on our ability, it's all about God's will. He chooses the ungodly and transforms Him day by day into the image of His Son, all for His glory.

    I love this song.

  15. Ann E

    Good message for evangelism ❤ love the song, sweet voice of lead singer and the bands.. God bless you all. 😊

  16. Dantic Music

    can someone tell what's the point of having two drums set?

  17. lizzy scarlet

    to be honest guys i always love your songs but this one does not sound heart fill it at all it sounds totally not christian like. to me it sound of the world.


    Yeah ikr but you should see the text its beautiful.

  18. Hannelore Merdin

    It is so beautiful. I love you all so much. Jesus please stay on my side in the good but also in de bad times. Christian Community stay together strong and in love. Amen

  19. بنت سوريا B_N_T_SYRIA

    Who from2019.

  20. random player

    Dam I love this

  21. Joshua Sibley

    WORDS HAVE POWER don't ever say you can't believe!!!

  22. Lídia Silva

    Tua graça foi antes de eu entender
    Ele permaneceu lá quando eu pequei.
    Pena que me fez escapar
    Por jesus agora coberto é

    Eu não posso acreditar, o preço que você pagou.
    Nada foi poupado para me resgatar
    Como pode ser que alguém como eu
    Você escolheu, por glória ao seu nome.

    Para quem deu tudo de si eu sou
    Em alma e coração
    Pela beleza da cruz, aos seus pés
    Minhas glórias tudo que eu dou

    Você deu sua vida em uma cruz
    E agora sua casa é meu coração |
    Oh sempre fiel você tem sido Deus
    Sempre minha alma te louvará.

  23. Patti Fahling


  24. MK KOMI

    Still astonished I listen to this song everyday ever since it came out.The song I gave my life to Christ was this one

  25. Emiliano Vallejo

    Gloria al nombre de Cristo, Glory to the name of Christ. Saludos desde 🇭🇳 Honduras.

  26. Timmy Diagone

    God, even in my darkest days You have revealed yourself and have shown me how much I mean to you. Lord, I do not deserve the kindness that you have bestowed upon me.

    I am nothing without you Lord. Make this life worthy to receive your grace again Jesus. I am tired Lord. I am. But I believe in your promises. Lord, make me feel your touch again. Heal me from my incurable disease. Cleanse me from all the impurities that has bind me from sins. Lord make me worthy to call you my Savior again.

    Moa Manega

    Timmy Diagone You are our Savior’s child and even though we carry shame and feelings of unworthiness, He has given us the gift of freedom and beauty in always having the power to calm Him Savior at ANY TIME, because we are HIS! God bless you. Jesus is Lord and He is ever faithful and worthy. Xx

  27. Anca Donea

    God bless you all!!!💜💛💚



  29. cedrick jumba

    He gave his life upon the cross.. to make a home within our hearts,, there is nothing to give back to the Lord but let Him live forever in our Hearts .. thank you elevation.. Worshiping from Kenya

  30. Jessica Hickey

    Okay I’m sorry but his eyes are so pretty wow

  31. Maria Sekaja


  32. Lashari Gochiashvili

    Still my favorite song! I have goosebumps when I realize God has chosen us before the foundation of the Earth and not by our works but by grace alone <3

  33. Eduardo Nascimento


  34. sholahudin akbar

    This a'song

  35. Rosangela Brasil

    I listen this music when i was Sad (that's os so strange but i like)😂😂😂

  36. Rosetta Singh

    I love this song ...Chris is my favorite worshiper 💜

  37. Jessica Hickey

    Been having this song on repeat

  38. Joseph currensy

    Help me to recieve christ as my personal saviour in my life....I really need him.

  39. Jessica Hickey

    I love this video so much. So powerful

  40. conchitta tagus

    its very funny how God works in our life I fall in love with this song when I started to follow God ,I even downloaded it in order to listen to it regularly.. but at that moment I didn't know anything about Elevation Church and now I can't get enough of Elevation church I completely love the pastors especially pastor Steven and His wife Holly may God bless your church, your worship team, media ,pastors and all the departments that make it possible for the word of God to reach as far as Namibia ..

  41. Jeremy Steuhl

    😔 my gramma died

  42. danny morales

    Lord. You never come when I call, but thank You for always being on time.

  43. Marcel Schmidt

    Wow first of all the songs sounds nice. But looking closer its really evil. I CAN'T BELIEVE. Words and thaughts have so much power. They manifest in your reality.

    somewhere stuck in L.A.

    I believe it is probably a language barrier. As Christians we have heard it so often that sometimes we take it for granted. This song really makes me think about Jesus dying on the cross and the sacrifice he made. You should try their song called Jesus I come, the acoustic version the one with the 586k views (there are two different ones and I prefer this one). You may also want to try Pat Barrett, Good Good Father, and Pat Barrett with Cory Asbury @ Bethel, song called Yes and Amen and one by Jenn Johnson , In over my head (from Bethel Church). Haben sie einen guten tag.

  44. Luis Richardson

    Powerful 🔥🔥🔥

  45. Lukas Kennedy

    Eu Não Consigo Acreditar

    Na queda Tu estavas lá
    A graça começou antes que eu tivesse consciência
    Uma vergonha tão grande para eu me esconder
    Coberta agora por causa de Jesus Cristo

    Eu não consigo acreditar
    O preço que Tu pagaste por mim
    O que Tu não tinhas obrigação de pagar
    Para que eu pudesse Te conhecer
    Como pode ser?
    Tu escolheste alguém como eu
    Para declarar Teu louvor
    Para a glória de Teu nome?

    Para Aquele que deu tudo
    Eu pertenço com todo meu coração e alma
    E cada ganho eu conto como perda
    Quando eu analiso a maravilha da cruz

    Eu não consigo acreditar
    O preço que Tu pagaste por mim
    O que Tu não tinhas obrigação de pagar
    Para que eu pudesse Te conhecer
    Como pode ser?
    Tu escolheste alguém como eu
    Para declarar Teu louvor
    Para a glória de Teu nome?

    Tu deste a Tua vida na cruz
    Para fazer Tua casa dentro do meu coração
    Oh, que Deus fiel que você Tu És
    Teu louvor, para sempre, em meu coração

    Eu não consigo acreditar
    O preço que Tu pagaste por mim
    O que Tu não tinhas obrigação de pagar
    Para que eu pudesse Te conhecer
    Como pode ser?
    Tu escolheste alguém como eu
    Para declarar Teu louvor
    Para a glória de Teu nome?

    Tu deste a Tua vida na cruz
    Para fazer Tua casa dentro do meu coração
    Oh, que Deus fiel que você Tu És
    Teu louvor, para sempre, em meu coração

  46. Catalina Pallares


  47. Jason Stockman

    I Can't Believe - yet I do

  48. The Tiger Legionnaire

    I love this song by elevation, why do you have to make my playlist longer?

  49. nomfundo ntuli

    Who's still in awe in 2018...How can it be , You chose someone like me, to declare Your Praise, for the Glory of Your Name!!!??
    We're forever thankful to You Our King!

  50. Bea


  51. oO Roady Oo

    Here as in Heaven .... Daily two to four Time...... Thats what i need.. God save this Guys,...... So nice .. Always goose pimples and Tears in my eyes.... Thanks Lord for this Music ... AMEN

  52. viv b

    6.21 got me so bad

  53. John Knox

    Praise the Triune God! God is Awesome

  54. Diing Michael

    Man this song 😭😭 I can't stop the burst everytime I play it. God is love ya'll

  55. pizzagirl

    Was Chris crying too at the beginning or was he just wiping his nose? lol. What a powerful song though! Easily one of my favorites from them!

  56. K Karoung

    This song touch me. Makes me realise the things I do , my weaknesses, my dirtyness .... I m not a worthy in the sight of God but thank you Jesus for always giving me chance, how great is your love Jesus.

  57. i Barker

    This is the BEST SONG EVERRRRRRRRRR! Please make a spontaneous version that's longer so we can really get our praise and worship on! Thanks y'all!

  58. Veronica Serrano

    Glory to god

  59. TheBibleWithTina

    You paid the price you did not owe (sob). Thank you Lord.

  60. John Teyie

    I cant believe ....you chose someone like me

  61. pizzagirl

    WOW! The guy in the audience at 6:04 is surely evidence of how strong the Holy Spirit's presence is in that place!

  62. Praise the Lord!

    PRAISE JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVIOR! stay in his word! Bless you all

  63. Mose Toala

    I love this song so much
    Makes my heart ♥ blessed

  64. Ronit Singh


  65. Nattharika Khaononkok

    I believe Jesus but my David Polley Dave believe Mari I can not together for him my Jesus love

  66. Jenny

    Jesus! xoxox

  67. Guitar playing Squirell

    0:01-1:14.....That is what I picture heaven sounding like when the Pearly Gates are opened.

  68. Musubika Babra

    I love you Jesus and no one will ever take your place, your love for me is unending no matter how far i fall you always there to catch me and bring me back i will never stop loving you king of my heart.

  69. derek nyau

    This is wonderful ....

  70. Florence Murwira

    My God reigns forever. Elevation worship is full of annointing. May God continue to bless and shield His children.

  71. ScubaDis81

    i want to worship with you Elevation!! Please come to Canada west coast

  72. Bethel Menil

    love this song!!!!!!!!! Thank You, Jesus, for Your unending love

  73. Linda Robins

    So grateful to the Lord that he died for me

  74. Милена Игнатюк

    Перевод - Давида Кругляка

    Elevation Worship - I Can't Believe

    Как может быть?

    Куплет 1:
    Мое паденье видел Ты,
    Но Ты простил, задолго до того.
    Мои ошибки и позор,
    Покрыл собой мой Иисус Христос.

    Ну кто же Он,
    Кто цену заплатил?
    Знаю я теперь - это мой Спаситель.
    Как может быть?
    Что выбрал Ты меня,
    Возвещать хвалу
    Славу имя Твоего.

    Куплет 2:
    За меня Он все отдал,
    И я Его, всем сердцем и душой.
    И меркнет все когда смотрю
    Я на Христа в величии Своем.

    Ты дал нам жизнь ценой креста,
    Теперь живешь внутри меня.
    О, как Ты верен мой Господь,
    Всем сердцем славлю я Тебя.

  75. grace solis

    what key is this in?

  76. Awesome! Wow!

    Song starts at 1:49

  77. Daniela María maldonado bentura

    I can't believe the price he paid for me, oh lord. How can it be, he chose someone like me. I love how they worship to the almighty god. God bless you.

  78. Cardiackid Jones

    At 6:03.....praise God for blessing this man .....so moving !

  79. Omy Villarama

    Prais the Lord

  80. Preston Kazhinga

    Thank you Jesus, i don't have to live with my shame and guilt any more. he took it all away.

  81. Tim Ebert

    I'm not crying, my eyes are leaking.

  82. Jack Kibui

    The price Christ paid...you don't need to do anything but Believe...Awesome track

  83. New Anomaly Productions

    One of my strongest moments of worship happened while I played this on stage for a youth camp. It's an amazing feeling to be in front of a couple thousand people and not feel them there anymore; just being alone with Christ in gratitude.

  84. Kent Williams

    Incredible, Amazing, and super anointed!

  85. Grace Forrai

    Such an incredible song. So powerful
    Hear this for the first time a few weeks ago and I was blown away with the power of this song.

    Thank you Jesus

  86. Victoria Strab

    Yeah, I can't believe it either

  87. Peter Sim

    This song just hit me so badly with these lyrics. My new Favorite song!!

  88. Amabella Marwein

    i love a lot thankyou for such a wonderful song that help me

  89. Vavian Ndo

    Great full song and touch able

  90. Ali Ahmed

    Arab here😍


    you are loved brother

  91. Bainomugisha Bernadatte

    How can it be you chose someone like me........................I can not believe the Price you paid

  92. Dop eSkiis

    the part @4:00-4:40, that has me so, wow! Idont even know how to explain it. Praise God. Praise God, and Praise God.

  93. Barbara Njoroge

    Thank you Jesus setting me free ❤

  94. junaid shah

    this song lets me tearsssss

  95. Richard Adhik

    Father thank you for revealing your deeper worship to your servants