Elephante - Shooting Stars Lyrics

Gave my love to a shooting star
But she moves so fast
That I can't keep up, I'm chasing
I'm in love with a shooting star
But she moves so fast
When she falls then I'll be waiting

It's late and I'm awake
Staring at the wall
Open up my window
Head floats out the door

No one else around
The shimmer takes my eye
I lift my head
Blinded by the sky

I know there's more to come
Jump back to my feet
Now I only see ahead of me
Chasing down the street

Gave my love to a shooting star
But she moves so fast
That I can't keep up, I'm chasing
I'm in love with a shooting star
But she moves so fast
When she falls then I'll be waiting

Then I'll be waiting...then I'll be waiting...
When she falls then I'll be waiting

Gave my love to a shooting star
But she moves so fast
That I can't keep up, I'm chasing
I'm in love with a shooting star
But she moves so fast
When she falls then I'll be waiting

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Elephante Shooting Stars Comments

    Fucking insane remix!!

  2. Chrissy Mania

    shooting stars

  3. JoJoGirl (Nanana) (JoJogyrl on insta)

    When I believed in Proximity and respected their tasteful choices. I love this song and it's remix.

  4. [BLANK]

    My Doctor: You have Five minutes and 3 seconds to live


  5. M.Farz_ Tousa

    I like this song because the sound is look cool!

  6. Faizah Firdaus

    I like this song!

  7. 7 Fishy

    1:17 here comes the meme

  8. Guido Mista

    This meme literally ascended

  9. Noob Queen

    What ia goblok

  10. Elijah Zimmerman

    1:16 When you beat Minecraft

  11. Wahab Story

    Nice Goo'd AWesome

  12. FlappOfficial

    One of my favourite song-remixes.
    I am kind of thinking of using this as a song for a new intro :/
    Should I..?

  13. Ahmed Semira

    put a 10 hour

  14. Diego De la Macorra

    They said that this meme is dead, but we all know that memes never die.
    On the contrary, they will just get better by OVER 9000!!!


    Two undead meme now.

  15. 겜돌이


  16. A Fox Called Rhey

    You hear that? That's prehistoric meme material, baby.

  17. ꧁Tiger꧂ ۰۪۫C۪۫۰۪۫۰-137


  18. normsusta

    they should mad a roblox id for this

  19. Andrea Favors

    ¥~£¥¥T for

  20. Khi Mations

    If this was in 8D audio. This would be literally a concert!

  21. Omri Waisman

    This is da best remix :)

  22. allan Daniel

    Ira pues
    -el ded


    Tem como melhorar o que já e melhorado??

  24. Hammel Jane


  25. Elementic

    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu hehe

  26. ano niem

    Proximity mine

  27. The V Brothers

    We did it at my concert

  28. Karl Tan

    sept 2019 anyone?

  29. Aveilzy

    Global Anthem for 2020

  30. #441

    Her: What are we gonna listen to for 5 minutes?


  31. CHAII //ExplosiveFunGameBash

    im still here

  32. XxmelloXDXx XD


  33. Everton Duarte

    Gostei muito dessa mixagem!

  34. The Greeny Guinea Piggy

    accent kinda ruined it :(

    also the memes crawled behind my back

  35. XxyassdoggoxX :3

    Yass ^w^

  36. Chase Tube 2

    Wait wait, where’s de memes?

  37. powerstick

    O remix ficou perfect

  38. JJ Jason CC

    I love FUTURE BASS!😇

  39. Kaue Almeida

    alguem ai e brasileiro

  40. Emmanuel Hernández


  41. Amanda Souza

    You haven't heard yet. Never

  42. Kenzie Maver

    Great sleep hellper surprisingly so yeah


    vim pelo HTMM

  44. TheGreenTenderEngine03

    So this is sang by an elephant? Ff.

  45. xXAsterixXx


  46. well hello there

    hey ...

  47. yeet

    in 1 : 1 you hear it but it is loud

  48. yeet

    when you typ proximity you will see this

  49. Elmaan Khandaker

    Release this version in Spotify

  50. Elemental Creep

    The last time something dropped as hard as the beats in this video it ended the dinosaurs

  51. Cinestesia Anime

    When the worlds collide.

  52. Craig Hills

    Yung general grevious

  53. Whiz Wayne

    Soooo cool

  54. Luke plays Games & Songs

    This is me it’s true I’m up at night right now staring at a electronic wall or a phone and I just opened my window for some fresh air

  55. Jacky Castillo

    Bts Facebook video brought me here aha um hooked😍🤩🌠🌟💫 🌌🌃

  56. Dannyel Ledger Alvarado Rodriguez

    A love it

  57. ツカキイスラ

    How to make remixed meme

    Whatever it's still good remix and good for meme

  58. Cynthia Ramoga

    i feel it

  59. Hyper_RFX 69

    BOI I II I

  60. Josiane Souza

    Cool music ☺☺

  61. Josiane Souza

    Cool ☺☺

  62. Stratos

    You ruined it.

  63. Giancarlo Barbieri

    I miss this meme so much... :(

  64. ღ ・HеαяτBяσκеn •【MιlκSнακe】・ღ

    I love it 🌈

  65. mini time

    I finally find it😁

  66. Norizawarni Bidin


  67. Motchitagamotchi

    Emagine you singing this song while in the rain

  68. Motchitagamotchi

    Echo echp

  69. Steve San

    EDC 2019... closing set of day 1...

  70. chargers705

    He sung this at EDC LV 2019 😆👌

  71. Lindinalva Aparecida Xavier De Melo

    Só eu que vim por que gosto da música mesmo?

    Felipe legends

    Nope, eu também curto 👌👍

    Internet Guy

    Eu vim porquê gostei desse remix lá em 2017.

  72. Jonathan Nilsson

    5 years later and Elephante releases an official version of this song under his name on Spotify. Pure nostalgia.

  73. grace Park


  74. OMMC姉貴【公式】

    I was deeply impressed.

  75. Mountain Seas

    OMG This Cooooool

  76. LarsonTV

    Woah! this music is great! even better when its over 5 minutes!

  77. ชลธาร นามบุตร

    Listen Song10% : make meme 90%

  78. Buzağı Za

    *But where are the memes?*

  79. ヾStuckOnAName

    It's been two years since I first found this remix. Still jamming out :)

  80. Rodas XD

    This song i cant stop

  81. Khalix Gamer

    *R E M I X 1 0 0*

  82. Marcelo LimaCRF

    Muito bom caraca

  83. Holly Compton

    Did anyone else read part of the title as "Elephant Cover" and hoped for elephants to fly across the screen?

    No? Just me then.

  84. E.P.A

    2010s kids: oh yeah, this beat is lit 🔥😂
    2000s kids: **starts having nostalgia**

  85. Gamer21 :D





  86. Samuel Martins florio

    You are the god of music, bro!!!!

  87. Lost Surfer

    Sir swag sent me

  88. sganime96

    Sir Swag

  89. Proximity

    Subscribe for more music, it's free! :)

    Stray _

    And that's a great price


    could u do this song without any words

    Region Xre

    Proximity no its not free