Electric Six - There's Something Very Wrong With Us, So Let's Go Out Tonight Lyrics

Policeman watching you
I see everything the policeman sees
City's on fire, it's a billion degrees
Oh oh

The policeman he waves me through
That's the difference between me and you
We're watching hot tits on ice 'til we freeze
Oh oh

White DJ in Detroit
Black MC in Tokyo
White girl in a black Blockbuster Video
Oh oh

(Something wrong with us)
There's something very wrong with us tonight
(Something wrong with us)
There's something very wrong with us tonight
So let's go out tonight

Subway passenger
I see everything that the passenger sees
One hundred buildings for every five trees
Oh oh

And I will ride 'til the ride is through
That's what the passenger's expected to do
Looking to pick up a Japanese
Venereal disease

Dutch hip-hop in Atlanta
Tight new R&B in Estonia
Just another sick American at Yoshinoya
Oh oh

(Something wrong with us)
There's something very wrong with us tonight
(Something wrong with us)
There's something very wrong with us tonight
So let's go out tonight

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Electric Six There's Something Very Wrong With Us, So Let's Go Out Tonight Comments
  1. Red Hunteur

    One of the greatest bands which almost nobody knows of. Sad. These guys deserve to be HUUUUUGE!

  2. gil wood

    I'm still finding out about this band ... SHIT , I MISSED OUT

  3. madeleine usher

    this was my favorite song off switzerland.

  4. Bikewithlove

    I wish I had a group of friends who were all Electric Six fans, and we got coffee together to talk about art and projects we want to work on together.


    Quite the idea!

    Ballsdeep bear

    I wish I had more electric six fans as friends. I recently converted 2 and we went to see them live 3 weeks ago.
    F'ing awesome. Highly recommend seeing them live I've given the chance

    felipe salazar

    Let's be friends!!

  5. PinaritasiStudios

    haha shiiit i am from Estonia

  6. tricky dick

    Dedicated to mr. And mrs. snitch whomever Wherever You Are.

  7. J.D. Winger

    I've really only been familiar with E6 through their "fun" songs (which I enjoy greatly...clever stuff)
    But this just boosted into another level for me.

    I think I'll be ordering some albums

    John Fred

    Dudes a lot more thoughtful than he seems at 1st

  8. Nicola Douglas

    super boner! and I'm a woman lol

    Jupiter Soup

    This track gives me pingers and I'm a man. Solidarity.

  9. Byron Larson

    song and video are so great .

  10. Beyond & Co

    Hypnotizing cynicism.

  11. mike humm


  12. OMightyBeard

    Being the reaper is just Dick's part time job.

  13. Apple Safari

    That was fucking awesome.

  14. frontline

    Great song and fucking amazing video! First time watching it and holy shit what a twist haha, brilliant. 
    Honestly puts these hip hop fucks to shame. ^_^


    @BlaqueCzar You're a homeless hill bllly child entertainer.  


    @frontline you're bill cosby in an old folks home serving the nurses Kool aid and jello.


    @BlaqueCzar You're the carer cleaning my ass.. complaining about how my shit got all over your fingers. 
    Go back to entertaining children you mcdonalds happy meal toy collector.. 


    @frontline you're the impotent, dimwitted hermaphrodite spawn of an 80 year old crackwhore, with a side job fluffing the participants in a gay orgy on camera merely because you like the taste of man seed. it's spelled "career" moron.

    Biff Tannen, Esq.

    It's really a shame you two stopped when you did.

  15. Amzin Barclay

    Dick Valentine.. I love your music and all but you need to pull over for emergency services. 

    John Gwinner

    Ah, but that's the best part ...

  16. Zac Hartmann

    Just let the ambulance go by!!! Oh wait... I see what you did there.

  17. xxx xxx

    Just when I thought I'd seen all of E6's videos. Got this song stuck in my head for a week already, best new favourite band since last summer, w00t. W00t my bros.


    xxx xxx Right?! 😮 It's like a drug. Freakin' hypnotizing 😎

  18. logan Solomon

    Grim Reaper 

  19. Paisley Tom

    Wicked Fun

  20. Rebelman10001

    The ambulance is a 1995 ford 350. I souuld know I owned it

  21. Auto 1077

    Danger Danger...High Voltage, when you touch, when you kiss Jesus Christ at the Gay Bar!

  22. TPrtn

    Jesus Christ is God, this is the truth. In HIM was life, and that life was the light of all people. Get saved, ask JESUS CHRIST to save you !

    Brian Crawford

    Objection! Asked and answered.

  23. LibertyOrTyrannyCPC

    songs about nothing.... I think anyone with ears and a brain can tell that atleast the hits have a mostly clear message or emphasis,usually better depicted with the help of video

  24. Onibi

    well Dick Valentine has been quoted as saying that more than 90% of their songs are about absolutely nothing, so it's up to you to determine if this is one of those rare pointed ones

  25. MobiusBlack

    I get commercials on iPhone but not on pc...don't you have adblock?

  26. Retrograyed

    Millie and Brittany? I thought it was Millie and Vanille ;-;

  27. Thomas

    Both the tone of the song and the video have a much more dark and sad feeling than the usual E6 stuff. But I love it.
    They should do some more stuff like this too.

  28. oiyabastard

    cause thats the illuminati tv

  29. Rebelman10001

    I ownd the ambulance In the vid and I seen the vid being made I seen the bar and everything it was wicked I also have the grim reaper uniform that I got from them

  30. CaptainFuture

    That is no apostrophe.

  31. dsf341

    finally 240
    I'm so tired of 720 HD

  32. kebab52

    Some hip-hop is amazing. Old school stuff. But I agree with you.

  33. harr77

    Just got this album today can't wait to listen to it next week.

  34. SymonDymond

    Best concert ever, kentish town London. Never had so much fun.

  35. nishru1000

    Electric Six ARE the DRUG

  36. powerofktulu

    i like the techno version of this song more

  37. Tom Bergman

    @JoeyPsych Not all dutch hiphop is good, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, The Opposites, Cmon n Kypski are all good, but we don't need kleine jay's bullshit

  38. mcb1947


    Preach it! It is definitely one of the biggest damn mysteries. All I can think, is that David Geffen must've done one of those things he's famous for-- where he whips it out-- if you know what I mean, and Dick laughed or cracked a joke or something. And *bang!* Blacklisted.

  39. mansen mans

    Its a shame i just discovered this band, their music is brilliant. Why didn't someone tell me about this band ages ago??

  40. Riven311

    There''s Something Very Wrong With Us, So Let's Go Out Tonight...shit this song go's thur my head when i get buzed.

  41. JoeyPsych

    @zapruulib how about Dutch hiphop, it's actualy better than the American hiphop, but still, they cannot beat the greatness of E6

  42. JoeyPsych

    @totenkray and you do too for giving away great albums ;)

  43. TREVIZ

    Sacré putain de grand groupe et chanson SUPERBE !!! Bravo à eux.

  44. Steve La Dedha

    Dick Valentine rules and I just don't get how one of the most musically inclined, entertaining and vivaciously fronted bands in the last 10 years is eeking out a below average existence and isn't being richly rewarded for there musical brilliance. I buy on average 2 Electric Six CD's and gift them on iTunes to just about everyone to spread the word. They just rock.

  45. Kano Sozaburo

    Is he mocking Steven Seagal?

  46. Karl Sagri

    fuck yea, i see that Estonia is mentioned here :) i find it supriseing that americans know where we are located :O

    Brian Crawford

    Yeah, some of us know where it is. My brother is even learning Estonian for fun.

  47. skyfighta

    This is simply a genial song!

    2 dislikes? some people are retards.

  48. Adrian Solomon

    i used to watch this on and on and on such an addictive sound. One of their best .

  49. dagoatpusha

    Just saw them live in Nelson last night. Soooooo DAMN GOOD!!

  50. Keith Casper

    When the hell are they coming back to Portland?

  51. Dimitris Koromilas

    One of my favorites, especially because of this Joy Division guitar rhythm.

  52. Chris Giese

    Dick Valentine is the best.

  53. Enthused Norseman

    Wow, I didn't get that he was death until the very end. MIND. BLOWN.

  54. legendaryfatcat

    they are most famous for songs like gay bar and danger (high voltage)... but they are definitely worth a closer look. I personally find this album and Kill to be my personal favorites. I haven't had a good chance to listen to Zodiac yet.

  55. Rachel Kitko

    Electric six needs more promo - s much better than anyone being piped into every fucking public space! At least they play in my head

  56. Gregor Grewers

    i wish theyd come to germany some day :D
    i envy all u guys who saw them live E6 HAS to get more attention
    all hype for them as much as u can noooow^^!


    Gregor Grewers Me too (the "envy")! 😀

  57. Thomas Guarino

    Reminds me of Wall of Voodoo's "Wrong Way To Hollywood" but with E6 panache, of course.

  58. Brett Moore

    This band is so brilliant...Dick Valentine is Detroit's Mozart.
    And, like everyone is saying here...why aren't they huge?
    They used to get airplay on Australian radio...

  59. akapower100

    Hello my name is Akke and I am an E6 addict...


    akapower100 (all together:) "HELLO, AKKE!!! 😀 😀

  60. trashhgoo

    Electric Six at Vigo (Galicia (Spain)) NOW!!!!!!!!
    I'll pay the beer!

  61. Tharpnado

    Electric Six are a VERY versatile and massively appealing band. EVERYBODY should like them. Even morons who like BAD music should enjoy their songs. I'd love to turn on the radio one day and hear them, but no. Never.

  62. CannibalisticKoala

    Of course they'd make this, with Detroit and all.

  63. Tom Sefton

    Who would have known that Death could have so much...y'know.... SEX


    Come on man, arguably gay army of Abe Lincolns was pretty gnarly.

  65. RioXavier

    These guys should be dominating VH1 and MTV but no, instead we get all that disney crap and hip-hop.

  66. supremeobliterator

    Electric Six is the best band of tadya period !!!
    Dick Valentine has way better vocal then any of today's artists period !!!
    The Band is a throwback to the 80s and back when bands were creative !!!

  67. Aknatsu67

    This song is quite amazing. It manages to capture Electric Six's signature not-giving-a-fuck attitude while creating a really tragic atmosphere. It's a surprisingly deep song.

  68. Andrea Lerda

    i think this is the best directed video of theirs! amazing!

  69. Steve La Dedha

    Perfect example that the music industry is corrupt, becase E6 is simply amazing. Please, more Fallout Boy, more Millie and Brittany.

  70. Lance Boone

    The guitars remind me of New Order on this one


    Why is this hilarious?

  72. Sebastian Andersson

    Kings of Leon, anyone? Fucking brilliant..

  73. Something from nothing

    Sweet ending!

  74. robbie czajka

    probably the most serious sounding electric six song,

  75. Toscadera

    this song is growing on me

  76. supremeobliterator

    Their the shit !!!!!!