Electric Six - Rubber Rocket Lyrics

Remember when you walked into my life all dressed up in leather?
Remember when you whispered to me we should always be together?
But girls like you ruin the future
Girls like you ruin my life
Girls like you make guys like me make love to a computer

Every night's another nightmare
And I can't wake up
I go bananas
And every time I see your face
I self destruct

Remember when you told me that you wanna ride the rubber rocket?
Remember when you told me that you want to
Plug my plug into your socket?
But girls like you turn into witches
Girls like you turn into beasts
Girls like you find guys like me and eat our vital organs

Every night you're the monster
Living underneath my bed
I go bananas
And every time I see your face
I'm better off dead

This is what I turn into when I get really hungry
Man become machine and machine becometh monkey
This is what I turn into when I get close to you
When I get close to you

Every night's another nightmare
And I can't wake up
I go bananas
And every time I see your face
I self destruct

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Electric Six Rubber Rocket Comments
  1. blackmeinu

    "This is what I turn into when I get really hungry
    Man become machine and machine becometh monkey
    This is what I turn into when I get close to you,
    When I get close to you"

  2. Bron Zantilium

    2006: good times and great music

  3. JenDar! BeastStar!

    Do you love this DeadRabbit, Fur Baby, Baby.

  4. JenDar! BeastStar!

    Then We Pulled Down The Slim Shady, And Said Won't The Real Slim Shady Rise it up.

  5. JenDar! BeastStar!

    Then We Tied The Slipknot, And Put in In My Cosmic Pocket.

  6. JenDar! BeastStar!

    Hell Bent For Leather.

  7. George George

    one of the best bands of all time!

  8. Dan O'Leary

    Couple buddies said, "Hey, Electric Six is shooting a video up at our pool hall."
    I said, "Who the fuck is Electric Six? No thanks."
    So later I met Dick Valentine at a solo show and told him that story, and what an ass I am. He said, "No, you're alright."
    My buddy is in the video. He's the one shooting video of them shooting video. At :49.

  9. Arnhemse Jongen

    I need that coat

  10. Moist-Mike

    The production values in this video are amazing? I reckon it cost around $78.32 to make.

  11. andrew hall


  12. Maxime Boileau

    Culture jamming at its best <3

  13. v ii

    girls like you ruin the future

  14. highmantis

    fuck yeah!

  15. The Man Machine

    The Woodward corridor is fucking awesome - All of the best fun can be had on M-1!

  16. Rainy Sand

    The Russians are coming.

  17. Luis Padron

    This video makes America great again all by itself.

  18. Guy Heaton

    In a world of kanye wests electric 6 keep us sane. or maybe insane. either way.

  19. Joey Woodpieces

    Fuckin' greatest thing I seen in years! How did I not find this sooner?!

  20. crunchypickles99

    So awesome. LMAO!

  21. Mech Torfowiec

    This gal must be fun at parties. I like her already.

  22. Morgan Scorpion

    Nobody does it like Dick.

    Nicola Douglas

    Yep I tell my husband the same thing!!!!

  23. михаил кривцов

    кто от maddysona ?


    Я от него узнал об этой охренительной группе

    михаил кривцов

    @D1MA16 я тоже)

  24. Jonathan Shin

    the videos ruin the song

  25. AR-Sith F.Austin

    just great stuff... p.s. the chick at 3:24 has a cock! haha!

    David Duthie

    +Aaron Sanders sounds like you found out the "hard" way.

    AR-Sith F.Austin

    It's a belt, it just looks like a buldge. Would of not surprised me coming from these guys. Funny either way.

  26. Tod Keener

    Come on ladys! You've got to love the rubber rocket!

  27. MsDuncey

    Is that the same bass line as The Model?

  28. Vaag

    i must say, this is really good for 240p.

    Van Z

    @00vaag didn't have much else in 2006

  29. Anne Williams

    I wanna dance with the hype man in the white coat so bad.

  30. Sabbatic Productions

    shot from the hip, https://youtu.be/2vB_bTEdZTQ

  31. james smith

    mr valentine definitly favors bonomassa in this video lol

  32. Andrew Snowden

    Best version of Electric Six - Gar Bar live (click link) - http://youtu.be/GwO6-3l-g2k

  33. weltschmerz100

    Fuck yeah!

  34. Drscottyjones

    I can't believe I'm just finding this gem now,and also, I still wanna know how they keep startin fires, It's my desire


    I just found out about them last week. No one I know knows them either. How is it possible?

  35. RikoTakahashi

    This is like Depeche Mode's "It's no good" video, only done right.

  36. Leeanne Evans

    ... they aren't a 'gay group' and it wouldn't matter if they were, check your facts, wikipedia is free. Moron

  37. Schwartzhund

    I have one thing to say to Verdandeify. FUCK YEAH!

  38. Master Beef

    Fucking brilliant. The fact that E6 isn't the next big thing is proof that society is bankrupt. They deserve to be the next big thing.

  39. Caerroil

    love the part when he says: "girls like you make guys like me make love to computers... " XDD

  40. infection3344

    Илья Мэддисон - главный популяризатор группы Electric Six в России. Слава ему! Слава всем нам в общем-то!

  41. 3517 23

    мэд спиздил шубу у вокалиста

  42. Sam Stone

    Lol. No.

  43. kell durb

    the chicks in red would any of them happen to be in a porn?

  44. Edward Ross

    The guy in the white fur coat is my brother. He didn't even know they were a gay group until after they shot the video LOL I tease him all the time about it

    jade theriault

    They are not a gay group though.

  45. Cruiser Capri

    Fuck yeah!

  46. Buttouchious

    2:45 - ME GUSTA
    2:48 - DAMNIT!!!

  47. mpabiik

    Набијем вас ја на курац :) фак јеа

  48. callum ewing

    has dick valentines career went of the rails abit



  50. Red Soviet

    Electric six = epic win every time

  51. falconwind00

    Cyrillic is dope yo.

  52. Lukas Hamm

    @Metteloid :20 as well.

  53. CorvonDoesAThing


  54. Секретно

    @samaxuyang, это понятно. но песня и группа иностранная, как и пользователь заливший видео, и они вправе оставлять комменты.
    мы же пишем комменты к иностранным клипам, фильмам, нам никто не запрещает.

  55. BobZemekis

    Я американцев на хую вертел!

  56. 24MumbaKB

    клип хуйня! мэд тащит!

  57. Виталик Аферист

    посмотрел старые комментарии и понял армия Мэда просто огромно)
    В атаку братья закоменнтим это видео)!!

  58. Виталик Аферист

    Матерь ВАСЕЛИСА ЧТО ЭТО!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111

  59. Rost Truster

    Мне одному Медисссссон не скинул эту ссылку в лс?(

  60. Секретно

    @samaxuyang ты расист?

  61. Snowy Owly

    @proxid5 иди убейся

  62. Евгений Аббакумов

    автор видео сегодня прихуеет от наплыва просмотров и непонятный комментов

  63. Ivan Tikhomirov

    палец вверх кого разозлил блендамед!!!

  64. TheFreekills

    палец вверх, если вы не гей !

  65. Ivan Tikhomirov

    палец вверх если перешли по ссылке от мэддиссона

  66. mrOREKS

    палец вверх если во смотрите это видео в 2011 году

  67. Vl1imir

    @proxid5 иди нахуй

  68. WaDDe

    Я понял от куда мэд взял стиль одеваться для роликов.... - шуба, очки и кандибобер -_-

  69. p0ezdaty

    Обычно же негры поют в шубах!

  70. Psychomaster

    а почему он должен быть негром?

  71. p0ezdaty

    Почему этот тип не негр?

  72. Максим Бабиков

    ебать,и че тут интересного?Гавно!

  73. deminidze

    Кто пишет на английском тот еблот!

  74. Дмитрий

    Я, судя по всему не один тут от Мэда?

  75. Chinaski

    Мэддисон убивает американский ютуб.

  76. Chinaski

    Кто любит комменты "хто ат меда палец верх", палец себе в жопу засуньте.

  77. Larens

    Илюха раскрывает тайны

  78. Никита Изотов

    Кто от мэда палец верх!

  79. Spiritwolf

    @zhizneradostnyj Оу,и троль тут))))

  80. MantikorRUS

    Рекламу выпилите бляяядь

  81. wondercheg

    @zhizneradostnyj ты чо такой грубый та =D

  82. Spiritwolf

    Мэд мы уже тут :)

  83. wondercheg

    мы тут!!

  84. danilomania1995

    Кто от Maddysona?))

  85. Balora


  86. Darth Ingvar

    спасибо Мэду за это!

  87. GerikRus

    кто от Меддисона-палец вверх

  88. Pashka282

    Кто от Мэда?

  89. chicking_bricking

    кто от Мэддисона, палец вверх!!!

  90. ryannosaurus

    fuck yeah!

  91. geoblueGR

    they look like Russian pimp's with those furbs....

  92. Dom Coote

    the dude in the back dancing at 1.14 to about 1.17 so funny

  93. Aaron Callaghan

    19 people missed the like button

  94. Peter Hardy

    Girl's dance at 1:36

  95. icthruyounow

    @PyroProductions51 You don't know shit about metal,not to mention rock.AROWsmith?Really??...80's children were born in the 80s.You're just an angsty brat.Scram now,shoo

  96. DetectiveDeckard

    @icthruyounow "Be Dick or die tryin'!" should be on a t-shirt :P