Electric Six - Pink Flamingos Lyrics

When the time comes to documentary what we did here
The transcription won't really be that hard
'Cos i'm a woman eating monster
With a suitcase full of fire
And pink flamingos decorate my yard

Yeah! Pink flamingos decorate my yard!

Do you remember that young girl who did all those things with her body?
Yeah, I guess you could say it was me who gave her her start!
I hear she's working for President Clinton the way she used to work for me
But my pink flamingos keep pecking at her heart

My pink flamingos keep pecking at her heart!

And they never fly away
In my front yard they stay
And, you know, baby
I sometimes find it odd
You've got to climb the statue of the demon to get closer to God!



Now there's a crowd outside demanding my resignation
And a policeman about to draw his gun
Seems I've lost this battle
But the war has just begun
'Cos my pink flamingos will outlive everyone

Yeah my pink flamingos will outlive everyone!

And they never fly away
In my front yard they stay
And, you know, baby
I sometimes find it odd
You've got to climb the statue of the demon to get closer to God!

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Electric Six Pink Flamingos Comments
  1. TheWinterKnight

    "You got to climb the statue of the demon to get closer to god."

  2. J Hop

    I was told Pink Flamingos were used as a symbol back in the day for Swingers. People placed them in their yard as code. Looking into it more I did find reference to the same thing. Makes the song make more sense. I'm not saying anyone is gay.. or if anyone was that it would matter. Or that anyone who owns a pink flamingo is a perve lol.. just that this is a very clever song with symbology I didn't understand until recently :)

    Benjamin Voegele

    J Hop - ssssssymbolism. The word you're looking for is symbolism

  3. Ringo The Motherfuckin Flamingo

    best song

    Celery Man

    u wud like it

  4. Allex Klak

    video is not the video> so sucks absolutely

  5. Diobon Fulkmat




  6. iTooted8D

    Your pee-pee is pure garbage.

  7. Mike Frimwire

    sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense

  8. Anais Gschwind

    "she's working for president clinton the way she used to work for me" is referencing Monica Lewinski (the women caught giving clinton a blowjob)

  9. HildonNaturalWater

    i pissed myself laughing :'D

  10. NX3

    i also have a suitcase full of fire. bought it on eBay for 20 bucks along with my Lincoln top hat..

  11. weezerman2002

    Ronny Mund

  12. Oliver McIntosh

    whats your problem

    Biting Back

    Oliver McIntosh T.O.P.L.E.S.S! You'll do it when you get here.

  13. PHAT PAT

    Wasn't Pink Flamingos a John Waters film?

    Lucas Smith

    YES! For fucks sake that took WAAAY to long for someone to coment on.

    I remember the scene of the woman eating dogshit and then the prolapsed rectum. I was drunk as shit when I watched it. I think...sometimes, late at night, that I could have taken the budget of that movie and bought a moderate amount of drugs. Would anybody really miss it?

    Phil Greene

    Divine ❤️

  14. pl8

    @AK49Gunner I will be expecting u then...

  15. Graves

    Johnny Cash? Naw more like Johnny Cash meets Clutch but not even that since Electric Six is a genre all to themselves

  16. Lewis Bolland

    E6 Played this song at the concert on thursday ^_^

  17. selmerthegod

    @ezus4giveSdaLostDont I got caps...But if it ain't Quantum you can stick it.}{D

  18. Joseph B. Johnson

    "I hear she's working for President Clinton the way she used to work for me."

  19. KayoteThunder

    I want to make sweet love to this song.

  20. Evelyn Summers

    @dedlord I hope you don't mean herpes like this song does haha.

  21. ezus4giveSdaLostDont

    @koviack fallout reference

  22. ezus4giveSdaLostDont

    nuka cola anyone? got caps?

  23. Thank You Gintama

    I have no front yard since I live in a gated community. :(

  24. TransientMotion

    @YuCme93 oh please brother, i know that theres alot of shait music today, but not all is crap. I hate it when people say "crap nowdays" i like alot of that "crap" youre talkin about. Fleet foxes, raphael saadiq, mayer hawthorne, If you bother too search and look in the crap suddenly you find some flowers, and why not?
    The crap is the soil wich the flowers bloom from...........

  25. Nanatsuki Benio

    @ArknineYT Thank you so much! i appreciate your words
    p.s Electric Six Forever!!!

  26. 3DISEASE

    10 ppls pink flamingos flew away

  27. Nanatsuki Benio

    @kreeaytor Man i don't think they are Gays BUT even if theya re Gays

  28. Zurnagos

    8 people never been to a gaybar


  29. TJ Carlson

    @SASORI5140 they are awesome because they are gay.

  30. Sykoze

    @Jbrown953 Cash is bland and generic, most of his songs sound the same, and he's VERY monotone. Electric Six are awesome.

    And don't start going off about how I don't know much about music, it's my passion.

  31. Sykoze

    @MegaBughunter How the fuck do you BOTH manage to butcher the English language so bad?

  32. ian kline

    @ItsDorp You're just jealous u didn't think of it first. :P

  33. Gentlemander

    @SASORI5140 I didn't knew they were gay, but that esplains "Gay Bar". I fucking love that band since I listened to High Voltage. No matter if they are gay.

  34. ian kline

    You've got climb the statue of the demon...
    to get closer to God!

  35. account user

    Probably my favourite Electric Six song. If ever any one of their songs encapsulated the Electric Six experience, this one was it.

  36. Dethsquirrel


  37. Dethsquirrel


  38. AK49Gunner


    I think I better one would be: "7 people choked to death on their own poor taste and clicked dislike." lol

    DON'T thumb up my comment, if you do I will hunt you down and kill you.

  39. zanderJDC

    7 people dont have pink flmingos

  40. Carl Evz13

    awsome just awsome gotto love this band

  41. Noah Dekel

    this song is amazing

  42. Darchus08

    7 people will be outlived by Pink Flamingoes

  43. maxcaviar

    sooooo true, i was listening to buckethead earlier and a coed from the local pansy university rushed into my house and demanded i discuss sexual orientation.

  44. Mike Crews

    And they Neveeeerrrrr Flyyyyyy Awaaaaaayyyyyyy! LOL


    @b0gster Hey, I wasn't knocking it; I just think maybe they have created a new genre with this one?
    I love all the songs on switzerland, I would love to know the idea behind this?

  46. Nash Knight

    @MYxLOVExOFxBEER It's music, ok? Good music.

  47. Trenchantgunner

    @Deifendorf pepridge farm remembers

  48. CYRUS X



    Is this 'Country Rock'?
    Or maybe Country Metal, Nasty Country Etc?


    am now downloading entire discography. AWWW YEEE.

  51. BlueMoonSaber

    I could swear it was "YOU" at the beginning and not "GIRL." Damn Rock Band...

  52. Marco Hernández

    @TheUzumakiAngel LOOOOOOOL

  53. Devonpenner

    @Deifendorf agreed haha lets all just listen to Electric Six and enjoy it >:D

  54. yamida

    gay bar, gay bar xD

  55. WildFungus

    oh mah god, I hope they play this and Jimmy Carter on Sunday

  56. WildFungus

    this song is about mysogyny

  57. f4u5tus

    amongst all the religious banter this is the best and most true comment

  58. Michał Kosiński

    As a faithful christian I think you all shouldn't be that serious. Nice song.

  59. Cade786

    Oh i'd agree Fungus about the Demon line at least but i have to imagine it's anti religious because "there is a god outside demanding my resignation and a policeman about to pull his gun.. i lost the battle but i think the war has just begun" I mean that could be interpreted as he's trying to be god and gods not cool with it i just feel as though he's be resentful towards religion by saying that as well as the only way to get close to god. is by doing wicked.. seems anti religious to me at least

  60. WildFungus

    I don't think it's anti religious at all.

    But uh, there is definitely a strong religious element to the theme.

    mostly the statue line, is any acts God is claimed to have committed in any testament, if you're going to do that sort of thing, if you are going to be godlike, that's generally pretty evil. iconography and all that. Also, demons are generally giant monsters, and god is all the way up in heaven.......

  61. ElGrandeJiP

    ralph pls go

  62. Cade786

    Gorn it's really hard to explain.. there are a lot of meanings in this song.. at the beginning "when the time comes to document what we've done here the transcriptions wont really be that hard" Means that we havn't accomplished much in this life and the things we have weren't so swell.. the deepest verse "you've got to climb the statue of the demon to get closer to go" is a religious reference to sometimes you've got to get your hands a lil dirty to do good.. and it's very anti religious.

  63. Maughtelhaus

    look for em at ULTIMATE GUITAR TABS

  64. chaplain327


  65. Mossman113

    Indeed, but.... Pink Flamingos.

  66. Nanatsuki Benio

    what you mean?
    my english is bad?
    haha maybe because i am not american and not english
    i am from russia and learn english by myself
    anyway thank you for replied message

  67. Gary Braun

    i love these guys

  68. Nanatsuki Benio

    i not care they are gays or not because their music is awesome and super talented!

  69. Pvt. Wanker

    I always thought that the pink flamingos was that he was living in a trailer, probly in florida, with pink flamingos in his yard.

  70. Obviously Jesus

    "woman-eating monster" and the the entire verse with the Bill Clinton joke are epic.

  71. iphu3niax

    Seconded. That's the REASON we love Electric Six, too! It's all random jokes!

  72. ThaWhistle

    its scary when people start taking these songs seriously and dont realize they are jokes.

  73. 01010100 01000010

    I agree.

  74. lomex666

    No i can't. So tell me what's your sexual orientation?

  75. Cid L Dearpine

    Remember that time that you could enjoy music without getting into a debate about sexual orientation?

    Yeah, let's get back to doing that.

  76. KinoHermesJourney

    It is possible that they are a mixture of gay/straight/bi, I think that Dick Valentine is straight, based on all the lines about fancying women and having sex with them, but these things are often more complicated than that, some folks who are straight have gay fantasies and vice versa, and some have had some sexual experiences with members of both sexes that they enjoyed while still considering themselves to be gay/straight instead of bi because they mostly like one sex/gender.

  77. Mox FcCloud

    I'm pretty sure "Pink Flamingos" is a movie involving a drag queen, which still isn't quite homosexual, but it's a step in that direction.

  78. JadKni

    Don't worry, you're not rude. Just stupid and homophobic.

  79. Jedhyr

    Since when were flamingos homosexual?

  80. karl0bar

    which is why i love them

  81. Wysthric

    Satriani is good, but so is Electric Six.

    Provide an argument rather than just an opinion and more people may be inclined to believe you.

    BTW, are you a homophobe?

  82. Wysthric

    No, they just like to probe subjects that otherwise go under the carpet :P

  83. Kervanat0r

    Doh! just noticed they were 9 days ago in my town...

  84. romster

    saw them live yesterday!

  85. TTOSWE

    Love this band

    Greetings from Sweden

  86. Booster Gold

    Love this song

  87. Mistertbones

    This song is hilarious!