Electric Six - I Wish This Song Was Louder Lyrics

The need to turn it up is overwhelming
I just can't sit still anymore
I wanna break things with my hammer
I wanna start a little war

Isn't that what this little red button here is for?


I wish this song was louder!

I wish this song was louder!

Evil policeman patrol the city
They look for somebody to kill
They've done a little damage
They wanna do some more now
And they probably will
And they probably will

I wish this song was louder!

I wish this song was louder!

One night I had a vision
That the world was taken over
By a race of dirty filthy birds
I dropped to my knees
And I begged for mercy
But they never understand a word
No I was never heard

Hey now cheeky monkey!

Take a ride on the dirty donkey!

I wish this song was louder!

I wish this song was louder!

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Electric Six I Wish This Song Was Louder Comments
  1. Apo Ked

    The riff reminds me of song that is sung by female singer. Has anyone any idea what song I'm thinking?

  2. Mike Frimwire

    "I wish this song was louder by electric six but every time he says he wishes the song was louder it gets louder"

  3. MySerpentine

    Nice title this song has

  4. T dav

    These guys are the best live!!

  5. David Roberts

    cash sirois brought me here

    Kevin Faulkenberry

    Sirois, you’ve ruined everything

    Justin Bailey

    "Caint pan"


    @Justin Bailey wheez laugh snort

    Courtland Canterbury

    That was a drop..



  6. Macky

    Electric six would vote for Bernie Sanders 2016. Js..

  7. james smith

    this band is like warren zevon on angel dust.

    Cameron Clarke

    funny you'd say that watch?v=7sjCI-KsBAM

  8. Austin L.

    Evil policeman, patrol the city, they look for somebody to kill...

    Relevant as ever.

    The Babadook

    And they probably will~

  9. chickenbot1

    It's funny because every time i listen to this I feel I have to turn the song up :/

  10. inuit2winit

    I saw them in november [or maybe early december]

  11. Sacha Slade

    when is their 10th anniv tour? is it over i hope not i thought danger high voltage wuz howls omg i have just watched like 40 of their videos they are frikin dope!

  12. Macky

    This shows how shitty the music industry is. Too few know who Electric six is. They are true artist.

  13. Roelien van Neck

    Realistic song, I really want that it is louder!!!
    Also one of my favorites!

  14. shootupyourschool

    i have my speakers and sub up "dirty" high, but i wish this song was louder. i don't know what was satisfy me in terms of volume.. probably seeing these fuckers live would do me. i nearly went once but it was snowing. ghey.

  15. weezerman2002

    I wish this soup was chowder!

    Jessica Jones

    weezerman2002 Same, fam 😂

  16. ilsantomembro

    I wish this song was louder...

  17. Willzibob

    I'm not sure I want to ride his dirty donkey

  18. strigi

    Holy shit, this song is so good, how come its not on the radio?

  19. Liam Grey

    0 Dislikes, fuck yeah.


    -Best lyric ever

  21. gurt1337

    This track was one of the reasons for buying myself a 6kg hammer.

  22. MadMonsterMansion

    i wish you all shut the fuck up

  23. ready0khafka

    i wish this fish was flounder.

  24. shootupyourschool

    i wish my dad was prouder


    that one got me off guard XDD

  25. flip9

    i wish this coke was powder

  26. xnonsuchx

    @geniusiknowit - I wish this bong was rounder

  27. EmpLaun

    ....I wanna break things with my hammer!....

  28. Tom williams

    @tayw9333 Its also great to see that no one has pressed the little red button on this vid yet :)

  29. Tom williams

    I dunno about louder, but i so wish this song was longer :P.
    its too good.

  30. RexVergstrong

    I like the demo better, honestly.

  31. arcadestooge

    I SHALL exterminate all who prevent me from becoming as one with Electric Six!

  32. Taylor Wood

    isn't that what this little red button here is for awesome

  33. Will Renton

    this song seems so unpopular but its one of my favorites

  34. k man