Electric Six - Germans In Mexico Lyrics

Government man
Important man
Walking around at night
He's got his whiskey
He's got his briefcase
He's gonna be all right

Now when you hear those sirens
Don't you think it's just a drill
Cause when El Presidente pulls the trigger

There are Germans in Mexico
Germans in Mexico
Taking over tonight
Falling in love with your daughter

There's only so many rabbits
That you can pull out of your hat
There's only so much time now
You know we're running out of that

Ayudame American fighter jets!
For without you we shall not win
They come in the night and take our women
For sale in Berlin

There are Germans in Mexico
Germans in Mexico
Taking over tonight
Falling in love with your daughter

Sing everybody!
Deutsche! Deutsche!
Vaya con dios, amigo!

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Electric Six Germans In Mexico Comments
  1. Red Hunteur


  2. Виктор Распопов

    I don't german and don't mexican, i lust like the good music and all people in the world. German? Mexican? Russian? American? Thats no matter

  3. davidgilbertking

    anyone else waiting for the game?


    shit happens


    Koreans, unbelievable

  4. Stale Cracker Jack Box

    There's only so many rabbits you can pull out of your ass...

  5. Stale Cracker Jack Box

    the forgotten war...

  6. Nazinissa Joeredstar

    Stroheim sings this.

    Nerdy Nachos



    doitsu no ongaku wa sekai ichi

  7. GabrielWilsonCollins

    I went to see the Tennessee Williams play "The Night of the Iguana" last night. The comic relief of the play are a group of German tourists. This song popped into my head...

  8. Janik B

    I am one of those Germans that electric six is singing about

  9. basedrake

    all I can think about is German paratroopers dropping in Mexico

  10. simit lingden

    I've been studying how to understand German and found a fantastic resource at Landra language tactic (check it out on google)

  11. Tora Black

    this song is a threesome of Switzerland, Germany and Mexico

    frank riccardi

    If only we had some malaka-fied dumb Amerixan near the border with a crisis on it's hand it would be a four-way. And IV is A New Hope.


  12. parrish6696

    Uh is this a swiss band, singing a song about germans in Mexico?


    +parrish6696 No, it's actually an american band (from Detroit) singing about Germans in Mexico in an album whose cover refers to Switzerland.
    Not confusing at all.
    No sir.


    +Malthinae Dick Valentine has said he named the album switzerland because he had never been there and said he hoped that if they named the album this the band may be invited to play there.

    Jörg-Detlef Rockefeller

    +Livevil9912 interesting fact...did it work out?

  13. Spedding Car 4000

    La 2nda Cancion que me gusta de los Elctric Síx!!


    e que e la 1ra?

  14. TheCybersound

    I am german and married a beautiful mexican lady!! I love this song!! My sound track sort to say!! :-)


    TheCybersound You've not listened to the words then? Haha

  15. Crizpycow

    Can anyone suggest similar songs? From other artits or Electric Six, doesnt matter.
    Just want more of this :-)

    di rekt

    pulling the plug on the party, Eletric six

  16. Macky

    Because the music industry SUCKS... They shun substantial music. Thats why it is turning too shit. Share this great band via Email facebook, youtube etc.. Make the mainstream acknowledge them.. Its a crime the People dont know this band.

  17. pandemic7

    A German boned my great great grandmother.

    James Buckie

    He and I both

  18. MithranArkanere

    Sing, everybody!
    Deutsche, deutsche! ¡Vaya con dios amigo!

  19. All Omen

    because rock is completly thrown off the shelfs and is always being replaced by insignificant wannabe musicians while true musicians (with e6 among them) barely scrape by... it's unfair and sad but it's the world we live in m8...

  20. Joe Buckley

    Because most people don't like the idea of Germans taking over and falling in love with their daughter.

  21. robert nichols

    they where kinda popular a few years ago,gay bar was especially popular but like all artist the radio doesn't give a shit about people who aren't new

  22. AdmiralCNorton

    I'm not German and I'm not in Mexico. What's left for me then? Switzerland...

  23. olimpiacookiethrower

    I'm German and i approve your daughter.

  24. MrPedoBare

    Deutschland :D FUR DER KAISER, JA!!!

  25. Jason Fee

    @Naterzilla Do you know what a hipster is? Your comment is hilariously ironic.

    ...and now so is mine. >.<

  26. DerTiger

    that just means your daughter is not hot enough.

  27. Superassfire

    Ich bin Deutscher und nicht in Mexico.

  28. thegr8pulido

    The beer and cheese Mexicans enjoy is made by German descended Mexicans! There are more Germans in Mexico than most of the tribes that are still pure Native American and not part Spanish :[] scary stuff! No one is free from Spanish blood! No one is safe! No one has hair free [email protected][email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@@

  29. Lykaon01

    We're everywhere. hehehe :)

  30. Howard Hooey

    There is one german, and he did not fall in love with my daughter.

  31. themadassman

    evry comment is upthumbed here?

  32. saul ortiz

    vaya con dioss amigosss(8) love it!

  33. WoodRatGirl


    Blame Beiber and whoever else.

  34. Balderdashing

    Damn Germans, falling in love with my daughter.

  35. 000000AEA000000

    lol such a strange song, like it

  36. Tom williams

    love this song :D

  37. pappy

    Ah, love this song. Such a good album :)