Electric Six - Be My Dark Angel Lyrics

You were walking down the street
You were just across the street
So I had to cross the street
To get to your side of the street

It's torture, it's torture
I need you so bad, girl
It's torturing me

You scortcher, you scortcher,
fry an egg on your face, girl
You're scorching me

Be my, be my,
Be my dark angel
Be my, be my
Capri sun
Be my, be my
Viscious and evil one

The question, the answer
The disco, the dancer
The places you'll never go
The faces you'll never know

It hurts me, it hurts me, believe me it hurts me
It's hurting me

The questions, the queries
The rhetoric, the theories
It hurts me, yeah!

Be my, be my,
Be my dark angel
Be my, be my
Blue sunshine
Be my, be my
American concubine

I am havin' a whirl
of canadian
go-go girls
Japanese karate girls
Black girls
White girls
China girls
Pan American girls

When bad girls start wrestling
Everyone wants to be
the next referee
including me

The record is skipping
The dance is disturbing
The Jacksons are reuniting
They're going on tour
And I can't take it anymore

Be my, be my,
Be my dark angel
Be my, be my
Blue sunshine
Be my, be my
Mrs. Dick Valentine

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Electric Six Be My Dark Angel Comments
  1. Jay Azathoth

    9 dislikes in 10 years, baby.

  2. Dragana Hansman

    fav 💕

  3. Sloakz

    If money talks, then I'm a mime
    If time is money, then I'm out of time

  4. Peter

    The First Legion approves

  5. Torrs

    This song inspired me to re-watch Blue Sunshine.

  6. PauldeMolay79


  7. Unit 265

    This is fuckin amazing

  8. Hugo Dunsany

    Do the Grammys have a category for "Best Pole-Dance Music?"

    Ludovic Leleu

    also best first 4 lines

  9. BlueSpyUSA

    Best opening lines in any songs of the humansishkind

    Doug Davis

    The kind of opening that lets you know you got somethin' comin'

  10. thatonedrewguy

    Found my Dark Angel this week. We're spending our first date playing NES games.

    Basileos Alexios

    Good on you mate!

    Jiminy Russels

    Good shit.

    adam palmer

    thatonedrewguy how'd the date go?

    James Arnett

    How did that first date go?? Is she still your dark angel??

    Барто Варто

    I dont think so 🤣

  11. Jérémie B

    Un, deux, trois, quatre !

  12. Bernard Hackett

    be careful what you wish for

  13. mario6sic6


    Henrique Galvane

    I Still can't take it.

  14. Alyx33

    0 dislikes, thats how its supposed to be

  15. harrisg293

    No matter what, I always air-drum to this song.

  16. AkridHunter

    it's (including me!)

  17. PsychoBillyNiki

    God I love this band

  18. Nick Luciano

    When bad girls start wrestling

    everybody wants to be the next referee (it could be me)

  19. Johnboydojo

    Be my Capri sun!!! Hahaha

  20. RepentanceChamber

    oh, shiz - i just broke the like button

  21. doobiescoo1

    @SlowChildren1000 Yeah, I dig that cool line too.

  22. Darren

    Get to see these for the 4th time in dec, can't bloody wait it's always a great show.

  23. SlowChildren1000

    I love Capri Sun.

  24. Emmet Greene


  25. Vexxa

    He counted to 'four' in French. ('-' ) nifty.

  26. iaberis

    be my angel dark!

  27. shelby21891

    My favorite song from Electric Six <3