Electric Light Orchestra - New World Rising Lyrics

New Dawn, smiling down the old blue world
Can you feel it, like the first of Spring
The bells are ringing out a little tune for you

Daylight, everyone hears the sound
Hey, Goodmornin', how you doin', well I'm doin' fine
It's nearly nine I must be gone

I see no sorrow now
Nobody has a care

Hey there, why don't you join me I'll be glad to know you
Take some time out, would you like to work or play
Or wander slowly through this bright new day
Everyone laughs, can't believe what's goin' on round here
New World Risin', everybody kicked their blues away
Not for today but evermore

I see no sorrow now
Nobody has a care

New Day, smiling down on the world
Can you feel it, like the first of Spring
The bells are ringing out a little tune for you

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Electric Light Orchestra New World Rising Comments
  1. Missy V

    Five 🌟 song!

  2. Horizon 59


  3. Mark Glass

    @3’ 40 Mik’s solo awsome❤️👏

  4. Paul Outdoors

    Genius 😊

  5. Shakti Dart

    This is truly beautiful!! Jeff Lynne's compositions are truly a miracle, and it brings such pride and beauty as to his talent and powers of making the most beautifullest music❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Jeff Lynne's ELO 2020 Tour

    Very well said! Long live Jeff Lynne's ELO hope to see you again in concert in 2020.

  6. John Smith

    Blimey! Really does sound better on this re-master.

  7. perry derogatis

    Wow  love the early stuff  this is what got me started

  8. Jeff Lynne's ELO 2020 Tour

    Fantastic ELO!!!

  9. Jon Gowan

    This is the good old days of music and I mean good old days,Jeff Lynne’s looked like the Wolf man jack.

    Anita Huie

    😊😀😀😀😀😀😀😀thank you

  10. longoan

    This sounds awesome!!!!! love it. Great job!

  11. Theresa Ruble


  12. lulu castillo

    the stroll   :)

    Fancy Clown

    Long live madlib!

  13. Bernie22

    Great song! I was "Mr Blue Sky's" grandfather.

  14. Luiz

    I'm waiting for the discography in SACD multichannel, all the albums

  15. Larry Guyer

    love it

  16. Jeff Lynne's ELO 2020 Tour

    Genius! ELO the very best "ever". Jeff Lynne can do it all...The most versatile musician, singer, composer and producer of the last 5 decades. Long live Jeff Lynne's ELO!!!

  17. jcBurton2094

    Fascinating song - the untroubled peacefulness of the lyrics against the menacing intensity and drama of the music

  18. Хадисов Александр

    the more i listen this remasters the more i notice lack of low or lowends in tracks

  19. torben lyneborg eriksen

    Oh my god..this is old, but soooo genius. 

  20. James Parks

    December 2, 1974 Deep purple, Electric Light Orchestra, ELF Market Square Arena

    Another one from my remote past. I hate to say this because I like Deep Purple too, but the fact remains. ELO kicked Deep Purples ass that time. 

  21. Spud Mizera

    good lip synch

    Greg S.

    You realize that the audio here isn't from the original video, right?

    B W

    The OP did a good job with synching

  22. Donath Coolath

    I love early ELO. It's so ambitious and different. Have heard Jeff in interviews refer to it as pretentious. It so isn't. It's a genius talent in full flight.


    Donath Coolath I


    I always thought they were doing a better job integrating the string section into the overall sound in a better, more natural way in this period. FTM was, although Jeff's songs were getting better, the string arrangements (with some exceptions, like Tightrope or Shangri-La) turned into blocks that supported the sound, and weren't an integral part of it.


    ELO music evolves....

  23. LanceLinkSC

    Superb! Great job. ;-)

  24. jurr47

    Fantastic! this is what i call a well done song.
    Only a genius can make this.

  25. Sonja Volp Palma

    Great Joice,sounds great.Thanks for the sound.
    Sonja Palma

  26. wmschroeder

    That would truly be an amazing announcement! One can hope.......

  27. lulukul123

    nice 720p HD!

  28. uspscsx

    I feel that for ELOphiles this is so classic ELO and would rank in their top five singles. I just wish Jeff Lynne would announce the release of suddenly rediscovered unpublished early ELO material...Wouldn't that be great!

  29. Colin - STAPUFT

    WOW. Excellent job!

  30. Mark Vander Boegh

    Sounds great!

  31. Juraj Oravec

    Thanks, good job

  32. Nicholas Sadlier

    Pure magic: one of the very best pieces of music and footage I have ever seen and heard on youtube and an excellent audio treatment of one of my favourite ELO tracks. Yet another 'hidden' ELO masterpiece that should be in the public domain as an all-time classic.

  33. Ransom Langdon

    Wow! That was great. Thanks for sharing this classic from one of my all time favorite bands, ELO.

  34. swstryker

    Wow! Brought back to life! I have a renewed love for this old tune now! Thanks!!!