Electric Century - Let You Get Away Lyrics

I came on the radio on your porch
Playing songs that remind you of that time
When you got high
And stood around just talking to your girlfriends
Saying I was just a little more than something fine,
Well I've got mine.

I don't need you to call, wish there was something in me you saw,
Wish there was something about me I could find to change,
Because baby I was crazy to let you get away.

I could hear the radio in my car
Playing songs that remind me of the phase
When life was a game.
I could see there's nothing else around me
All the boys moved out and left me here to waste
Like I've been erased.

I don't need you to call, wish there was something in me you saw,
Wish there was something about me I could find to change,
Because baby I was crazy to let you get away.

I could see the shadows of my old street,
I remember days when I was not so lost
When did I go soft?
Now I pick my head up in the daylight,
Drive for miles until I hit the dead moonlight,
Until I am right.

I don't need you to call, wish there was something in me you saw,
Wish there was something about me I could find to change,
Because baby I was crazy to let you get away.
Because baby I was crazy to let you get away.

Come on, baby
Come on, baby
Come on, baby
Because baby I was crazy to let you get away.

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Electric Century Let You Get Away Comments
  1. LottiLizzi

    in all honesty, this is such a petekey song

  2. Freya Dandibar

    It's been a while but I'm back!!!


    this is the national anthem of looking through old pictures of you and your ex

  4. Renzo Pinto

    ❤ is amazing

  5. Anna

    The lyrics fit well with the tone of the song. The emotion isn't intense, and the music isn't overly energetic. It's calming but carries meaning, if that makes sense.

    I get the feeling that I'm going to listen to this for a week straight.

  6. Freya Dandibar

    i love this band!!!! i love mikey

    I love Mcr

    Do you know if there are any songs that just Mikey sings


    I feel like I heard a different version of this song before, was there an early version or is it just me?

  8. ZannyHatesU

    This made me cry...

  9. River Throat

    Good job.

  10. randomname

    It weirdly reminds me of an early video game, great song btw

  11. Trashy Trash

    I didnt like this band at first... im just now starting to obsess

  12. Таня Климентьева

    Мой брат это слушает

  13. Jordan

    I can just drift away to this whole album

  14. Loner Boi

    This deserves more attention

  15. Hey buddy, you in London?

    Mikey’s instrumental: 10/10
    David’s Voice: 10/10
    Lyrics: 10/10
    Mood: 1edgy3me

  16. Yummyremmy

    Also people need to shut the fuck up about mcr and just enjoy the music

  17. Yummyremmy

    I love this song sm it’s so beautiful ,David’s vocals are so relaxing that I could just drift away .

  18. superclaudiagamer1243

    Mikey and David are so awesome!

  19. Lonely Potato

    I'm actually mad at myself because I was so scared to listen to this. It was a really hard time for me, but this would have helped so much. Their music is so good. I honestly don't see MCR in this, they have their own sound and it's amazing. David's voice I swear. This song made me cry.

  20. joshua varey

    I really want to see these guys live

  21. kaleena loves criminal minds

    this is such a nice tune wtf im cryin

  22. emily cate

    these lyrics are so beautiful :')

  23. Olivia Sinkler

    Now that I've actually started listening to EC (which is fan-fucking-tastic by the way), it seems very familiar for some reason. It's like I've heard the band's music before.

  24. alien angel

    I'm so proud of mikey! he's got it. he got his life where he wants it ❤

  25. Abbey Rose

    Im so happy for mikey. I really love the music. Im just so happy right now.

  26. We can’t eat beefaroni without forks

    I always thought this was never my type of music but honestly its supper good and calming. I love it

  27. frankiero

    the meaning of the lyrics made me p sad

  28. Repressedemowhoisworshippingbands *fedoras*

    He has gotten so far

  29. Captain Renoir

    this was posted on my birthday

  30. My Twenty One Pilots Chemical Romance

    I hate it when some MCR fans say they "hate" or "dont like" the guys new stuff because MCR isnt a band anymore and im just like
    they couldve stopped making music all together

  31. weekes

    i just got into them yesterday and this song automatically my favorite of them. Everytime im listening to the whole album, when For You ends I just grin like crazy knowing this song about to play. I tried to listen this in the dark and it feels so calming. I'm so proud of Mikey and I'm happy this band exists!

  32. Julia

    im crying this is beautiful

  33. Worship the Emo Trinity

    I need to know the singers name he's good


    Twenty one cry baby's panicing at the black parade
    his name is david debiak

  34. Palm Meet Face

    I'm so proud of both of them!

  35. uneducated furry

    I don't know why but this reminds me of Summertime.

  36. Claudia 击 Castillo

    Yep... this is great. I mean this, THEY ARE GREAT. And maybe it's not my bussines but i'm so proud... :'3

  37. Jocelyn Yameli Jimenez


  38. Mélissa

    I love David's voice I find it really soothing

  39. whats poppin

    this is like a different version of summertime

  40. Bunny

    Summertime's brother

  41. Jasmine Rodriguez

    I'm starting to like this band, I'll miss mcr how ever Gerard way moved on so did Mikey, Frank and Ray

  42. odio todo


  43. emily vale

    this is such a beautiful song

  44. blue lemonade



    lil water pump

    a simple frog that happened to me with Craig Mabbit and The Dead Rabbits

    lil water pump

    a simple frog and Monte Money and Beyond Unbroken too

  45. blue lemonade

    A YouTube playlist had this on it so I clicked
    I'm so happy that I did

  46. Jish Joseph

    Esta canción me hizo levantar el volumen mas de lo que pudiese👌❤

  47. Madison Blue

    1:07 I though he said "when life was gaaaaaaaaay"

    but like


  48. winnie c.

    This is so petekey omg

    mikey way

    no it's about mikey's addiction problem and stuff, they both (david and mikey) said that they wrote this when mikey was in rehab

    hardboiled egg


  49. Valkyrie of the West

    is this song about pete

    mikey way

    no, it's about mikey's drug addiction (if I'm not wrong, david and mikey wrote this while david visits mikey in the rehab)

  50. ChéSnail The Abomination

    I was really stubborn when MCR broke up, and didn't want to listen to their other bands or solo careers. And I finally gotten over it (not really, but kind of), and listened to this and I Lied... and this is great music!

  51. erica tromba

    mikey is my favorite stringbean, always will be, BUT DAVID HOLY SHIT MAN

  52. Leah Rose

    😭😭 I'm not gonna lie. I don't really like Mikey or Gerards new stuff but I'm forcing my self to like it cuz it's Mikey and Gerard...

    Samuel yusim

    I don't like Hesitant Alien much but this song is really good. It's kinda like a slower more calm Dangers Days

  53. Daphne G

    can I just say how beautiful David's voice is

  54. ellie kat

    iS mOiKeY rEaLlY gUd On GuItAr Or WoT

  55. Gerard Way The Sassy Gay

    Miokey fukin way

  56. Kelly Willig

    This is actually really good. Is it just me that likes stomachaches way better than death spells

    Alex Kahle

    Nope. To me, Stomachaches is much better than anything from Death Spells. Love Frank and James, but, not my style of music

  57. Krystina Wood

    David's voice is so calming! This song definitely takes me back to teenage years

  58. Malløry

    This is "currently not available in US stores", so either Mikey (and David) are focusing on Europe like Gee is or somethings wrong with fucking iTunes.

  59. Sara Johnsen

    ...my opinions are mixed

  60. Bárbara Assis

    electric century is like danger days had a child................... not the same, but you can seeit has the mother's eyes

    Ava Gavaghan

    Thanks for the pain


    Just Look at all that pain ❤️

    Megan Murphy

    Thats Cherry 😭😭

    Yanice Vasquez

    i'm crying

    thank you

    Caitlin Khong

    tears were not something I needed right now thanks

  61. Valeriaa Paradaa

    Do I like it? Is it good? Idk. Mikey got me confused man.

  62. olivia claire

    I have just now decided to try and listen to everyone from my chem's new stuff I didn't really like Gerard's stuff Frank was good and oml this is amazing of all of them this is my favorite

  63. Sydney Louise

    I am in love with this. David's (that's his name right?) voice is so good! And Mikey's bass and all the other sounds sound so good in correlation with each other!

  64. FunkyMoonCake _

    oml so fuckin' good!

  65. Gina Petruzziello

    before i listened to this i was like "y'know just because you liked mcr doesn't mean you'll like this!!" and then i listened to it and i was like hOOOoooO

  66. M Cook

    Holy Plastic Bags

  67. raelien

    I really enjoy the lyrics and the sound!
    It reminds me of a summer day and something that could be the Soundtrack of a Story.
    I feel really inspired, thank you!

  68. dhia zur'ain

    yo they actually have potential to be more recognized since their songs are really good?? i don't want to come across of being bias but they're seriously good, just need more promoting

  69. Tiffany Carlin

    I'm gonna cry

  70. The Smishy Life

    only here 4 mikey way

  71. Rhiannon Sapp

    is everyone in their random phase in these comments christ

  72. loser


  73. kathia sndvl

    don't hate me, but this lyrics sound an awful lot like petemikey to me...

  74. Ben Kiely

    This is probably the most MCR-esque song since the breakup, but you can tell where it isn't

  75. runrunbunnyrun !

    david's voice is so perfect for this song. this song easily becomes one of my favourite songs of all time, everything is perfect.

  76. pxstelIero

    DaVIds VoICe AndD MIkeYWaYYY I'M CryIN TOoOo HarD
    drOpP IT

  77. Holly Thomson

    When you don't actually know if you're actually into their new music or just forcing yourself to like it...


    yeah, "but im with you, you're never facing them alone again" makes me cry


    @Malløry Way Ya know what makes me cry? Action cat. All of it. I've found it while I've been into this really dark period of my life and it really helped me a (not completely though...).


    +24Karat Girl that one too, and brother makes me question myself in the middle of me making some bad decisions.

    Kati Casey

    I thought that for a while, but then after listening to it for a bit I knew that I actually liked it.

    american suiteheart.

    its all pretty good to be totally honest

  78. Joey’s Whore

    wow this sounds so amazing

  79. Emo Spawn

    Deadddd, this is so good

  80. Jake Burrows

    first time hearing Electric Century. *Mikeys voice* fuckin ready

    mikey way

    david sang this, not mikey (Mikey sang the backing vocals)

  81. Handy Joli

    The chorus just.. just amazing as fuck

  82. Holly Allen

    I've never fell in love with a band so quick....

  83. Nadine van der Jagt

    David's voice is AMAZING!!

  84. Kati Casey

    I fuckin love Mikey and he is my life, but David's singing is bomb af

  85. mikee llorens

    can we just enjoy the moment of david's voice

  86. Maahum Y

    awwww milky way

  87. Row Tour

    this is massive

  88. mitzy lopez


  89. Nobleninja700

    I miss MCR I don't like that Mikey is in this but he can do what ever he wants but all I have to say is that I miss MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE💀😭😭😱😵😨😤😩😢😕😭😨😱😭😩😢😔😑😶🔫🔪💀


    +polina shapira no I'm 14 but my brother that left that comment is ten he uses my account on youtube. which is very annoying for me.

  90. procrastination_savvy

    My first electric century song ever heard. I kinda like it

  91. Michaela Harris

    David's voice sounds fucking amazing. Mikey's bass sounds fucking amazing. This song sounds fucking amazing.

    Lexi Thomas

    Your icon is life.

    Jish Joseph

    Michaela Harris ✌✌✌👌❤

  92. sarah.

    i really like david's voice

    Katelyn Coxson

    same it's really calming he deserves more credit

    Megan Murphy

    MyChemicalWinchester I really like your name

    emily cate

    ikr its awesome

  93. Katerina Vasileva

    I FREAKING LOVE THIS i really think i would get a driver's licence just to listen to this music while i drive in 2/3 years, i'm so excited for the album to come out ^^

  94. gothiicsims

    dave voice needs to heard more OH WELL FUCK JUSTIN BEIBER

  95. Emili Rimar

    This almost gives me late-Danger Days vibes and I'm crying oh my gosh


    +Emili “Frank Iero” Rimar This reminds me of the "Summertime" vibe so much oh god

    Emili Rimar


  96. jet trash fuentes

    almost all the comments are about mikey and we're not really sorry. We're just a huge group of proud mothers.
    you go, microwave
    i mean milky way.

  97. Maria Falleti

    this really did make me sad because I started thinking about my chemical romance really being over, and Mikey's moving on. and there all doing there own thing now. But I'm happy for him. *sheds tear*

    Maria Falleti

    +Toxic Dream right