Electric Century - If Heaven Will Have Me Lyrics

Someday I will die
It all depends on how you remember me
Someday I'll close my eyes
Feel the breeze outside climbing high
Someday, if heaven will have me

Can you lay upon my chest?
Help me through these feelings of unrest
Someday I will not get high
Passing through this world I will wave goodbye
Someday, if heaven will have me

Please, you can tell
Have shared loneliness as well
We've all stood in our own hell
Maybe someday, well, I'll be free
Someday, if heaven will have me
Someday, if heaven will have me

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Electric Century If Heaven Will Have Me Comments
  1. Xo Frankie

    Omg I have this ep but I cant play it on my record machine becasue of the size and it makes me sad

  2. frickshamer

    these comments make me wanna kms just saying

  3. Sheepy 16able

    Oh god this is sooo cute!! But can someone tell me where I can buy the Album in Germany?

    Gloom Forever

    +Sheepy16able The release this song is on is only available on vinyl. You'll either have to buy it off of eBay, or get it from Panic State Records limited run store. I would recommend getting the Electric Blue vinyl from the limited run store. Electric Blue is one of the best transparent colors you can get on vinyl, in my opinion.

  4. Chemical Kid From Yesterday Mama We All Go To Hell

    is this him singing?

    Patricia Davies

    No, it's David Debiak

  5. felisya

    i started crying from the first fcking line help

  6. BretticusRex

    This song is great, and was great when David Debiak first released it in 2002 on "Runaway Elba-1," the Sleep Station album. The only connection to Mikey Way this has was Sleep Station and MCR were both signed to Eyeball Records at the time, but this is all Debiak. Respect.

  7. Xiomara Victoria

    Mcrying by the Way.

  8. Kyle Reid

    Why does Israel Kamakawiwo'ole pop into my head when I listen to this? Sounds like something he'd play on a Ukulele!

  9. Jennifer R.

    some people really amaze me while others make me ask WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ian Thomas

    "Some day i will not get high" You did it Mikey! One day you woke up a sober man and will for the rest of your life

  11. Sophie Laming

    I can't believe people would dislike this, its so beautiful!!

  12. punkie

    four people were crafting too hard to see that they had actually pressed the dislike button

    Mady Pave

    +Ice Ray The Fabulous Killjoy This comment made me craft

    Leila P

    +Ice Ray The Fabulous Killjoy I am crafting

    Oliver Mcpants

    +Ice Ray The Fabulous Killjoy im always crafting

  13. Helena Way

    This is a nice cool song but it makes me want to cry a lot.

  14. queserasierra

    This is so cute! I like the country-ish sound to it :)

  15. James Lewis

    What is this "crafting" nonsense? Ain't nobody going to infect this epic Mikey-ness with your lame-ass cancerous Minecraft nonsense (if that's what youre implykng, if not than OK.)...


    +James Lewis it's on danandphilcrafts (i think) a channel they made for an april fools prank

    James Lewis

    Huh, it must have more than 1 video then, because I went to the video on that channel where they were making the squareflakes and the song wasn't in there, so I assume it's in another video?

    Charlie Cantley

    crafting has become equal to crying because they said something along the lines of "don't cry, craft"

    Ciara Doherty

    I must apologise on behalf of the phandom for ruining the internet but I must educate you as I am just a fucking emo-ass, fangirl teenager who is too well informed on the subject. Dan and Phil are two, well known British vloggers (often referred to as "internet cult leaders"). As an April Fools prank last year, they made a spoof channel called "Dan and Phil Crafts" after referencing it in their first gaming video on a separate channel, "Dan and Phil Games". The first and only video on the channel, "Square Flakes", was a joke. They over-acted and basically took the piss the entire video. They developed a slogan on the channel, "Don't cry, craft" so now, as the phandom are EVERYWHERE, everybody is saying "I'm crafting so hard right now" in place of crying. The prank actually back-fired on Dan and Phil, though, as they got 100,000 subscribers on the spoof channel and YouTube had to send them a 100,000 subscribers plaque. I don't know why you would even care anymore but at least now you know

    Oliver Mcpants


  16. Kalam33t

    Why is this so short :(((

  17. Roxanne Torres

    who's voice is this??

    Peter Alexander

    +Rocky “Torchy” Delos Reyes David Debiak

  18. salty king


  19. salty king


  20. rachel houser

    I'm crafting my eyes out

  21. rachel houser

    I'm actually crafting rn

  22. Romilus

    Thank you very much for the upload! Unfortunately I was too late to listen to the EP in the record store, so I'm very happy that I can hear it here :D

  23. Kitty Biersack

    i have chills

  24. FueledByRamenProductions

    brb crafting

    нефть матушка

    On my 100th squareflake TT__TT