Elbow - We're Away Lyrics

The headlines drip with horror
Beware, beware, beware!
The news says no tomorrow
But how can I be scared

In her arms?
World do your worst
She and I have closed our eyes
And lifted every curse
We're away
In-caving concave military light
Is merely rain against the glass

For lovers in the night

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Elbow We're Away Comments
  1. uwu vision

    It's so good. It's so good. It's just so amazing i love it.

  2. comreality

    I heard Grounds for Divorce on a show years and years ago. Then. What Time Do You Call This? A couple years ago.
    Only this year did I listen to the album.
    This song... makes me think of a couple- at a gala or something- they’re the only ones left, and they stay for a dance in a beautiful, empty room.

  3. Everything In Middle Earth

    Lyrical Genius

  4. Clem Pal

    Listen to the Krystle Warren version during the French "ONe Shot Not" show

  5. Jessica Ridge

    It was my sisters wedding yesterday and this was her first dance with her husband😁

    Romain Bougaran

    Not ground for divorce ?

    Fernando Quijada

    Lucky as fuck :)

  6. jefflh11237

    This song makes me cry
    It's so beautiful and simple

  7. John Tougas

    Y'know... having bought the album while we were in Ireland, I'd've hoped this would be on there. Nope. Dammit, gotta go find it to buy...

  8. Poussière d'étoiles

    Thanks ...!!!

  9. catguru10

    one of my favourite songs from this album

  10. Amelia Jones

    This is the most beautiful song.

  11. Ana Paola

    such a exquisite song...

  12. Poluxs123

    Glad i found this song. Didn't see it on Spotify tho

    uwu vision

    Poluxs123 It is on spotify, I have it! You might have to look through a bit to find it though...

    uwu vision

    Oh wait 6 years ago... probably found it now 😂

  13. Fergus Hall

    One of my favourite songs. Wish they preformed it live at their gigs

  14. Mark Baber

    This is so perfect, wedding song for sure.

  15. Sorcha Ryder

    perfect xxx <3

  16. Tadpole In A Jar

    I'm not sure if you can - it's UK exclusive. You could probably download it from a UK site.

  17. traumaqveen

    This will be my wedding song.

  18. Cap Jackson

    Needs violin.

  19. Joiner113

    @19ylime19 Or Youtube to MP3

  20. Joiner113

    @19ylime19 Itunes :D

  21. cocobolo girl

    absolute beauty. there are so many times in life when i've felt like this, really scared, and the person you love just makes it all go away. guy is the best. what an awesome guy. love him.

  22. greenbkny

    Beautiful Song, the whole album is a go!

  23. argeque

    Whyis this not on the album?

  24. NynnaBynna

    Oh, this song is just so gorgeous to listen to...

  25. konibah

    I absolutely adore this song!