Elbow - This Blue World Lyrics

This blue world and her countless sisters
And all that came before that day
Our atoms straining to align
Was the universe in rehearsal for us

When all the world is sucking on its sleeve
You'll hear an urgent morse in the gentle rain
And if you plot your course on the window pane
You'll see the coldest star in the arms of the oldest tree
And you'll know to come to me

In the back of a broken car
When the blizzard blossom flew
Reading aloud with our fingers
What we both already knew
And the blizzard blossom flew

A sober midnight wish
Flies over the roofs and down through the years
Would that you and yours are sleeping
Safe and warm in size formation
While three chambers of my heart beat true and strong with love for another
The fourth is yours forever

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Elbow This Blue World Comments
  1. Kyle Lein

    This is a gorgeous song.

  2. Oil And James The Games Masters

    5:14 and 1:16 are my fav ret bits

  3. Justin Louis Rua

    Por primera vez empeze a escuchar esto un dia que fui con Justin, Dariel y Rayan, el dia se desarrollo bien y mi primo me compro unos headphones en lugar de un disco ya escuchado, porque asi quize.

    Cuando empeze a comer la mitad de arroz chino, me puse los audifonos y empeze a escuchar este artista que me intereso en una tipica tienda donde hay ciertos discos a la venta, se s

    Att: Kenneth Aquino
    Aka: Kenny Knows

    Octubre 6, 2018! San Patricio!

    Man de Gaturiss

    Amanecido y mocoso tratando de dormir, creo que me hare algo de comer para ver si eso me ayuda a dormir.

    Creo que perdi una melodia interesante por tener el telefono lleno de memoria, necesito un trabajo for real.

  4. Bill Mennitt

    One of the most beautiful songs of all time!!

    Daniel Efstathiou

    That's true.

  5. Nick Firth

    Peace and love. Peace and love.

  6. &LoveForAll

    Elbow are a tremendous band , Guy Garvey is a lyrical genius and a poet of the everyday man/woman. Truly magnificent.

  7. P.G. Reitsma

    This album has become a precious escape for me.


    Check out any Marillion album

  8. David Scott

    Beautiful - especially his voice when the instruments pick up after the 5:15 mark. This ones my favourite by them - then Lippy Kids and My Sad Captains. The lead singer is extremely talented - what a voice :)

  9. Dex Moo

    that instrumental from 4:28 to 5:14, I want that on a loop for hours! When I saw them for the first time when they were touring for this album, before they came onto stage they had that one part on loop for what seemed like an eternity, it was a a great buildup to a brilliant performance!

  10. Eloquent Monk

    anyone know what the hell a "blizzard blossom" is?, it sound real purrdy


    +Jedi Maneuvers It's a blizzard made out of blossoms instead of snow. Picture one of them cherry blossom parks in Japan plus the slightest wind.

    Eloquent Monk

    @Sesarrbg ahh I see, took the time to google it. so pretty.

  11. kevjards

    not sure why but this group remind me of early genesis.sheer poetry.

  12. taliesinization

    6666666666666^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ .

  13. Rachel Bellenoit

    Amazing band. No wonder it's great, coming out of Peter Gabriel's recording studio.  No small surprise  This has nuances of Gabriel and Sting. Superb production.

  14. Motheto Selepe

    "And if you plot your course on the windowpane
    You'll see the coldest star in the arms of the oldest tree
    You'll know to come to me" love this!

  15. Thomas La Follette


  16. Jean-François Nève de Mévergnies

    thanks for this album but for this song, you make a inversion : the tittle isn't "This world blue" but "This blue world"

    Marcus Bragg

    Jean-François Nève de Mévergnies

  17. Daniel Brewster

    *The* most amazing lyrics, even by Elbow standards. Who could be failed to be moved by the last two lines?

    Sergio Clavijo

    Hey man! Thanks a lot for it! I haven´t, but definitely I will. For now it´s just The Take off and Landing of Everything my first Elbow album but you know, I love it. I assume that song you mention is a top-notch too. I´ll hear it inmediately. Thanks again,

    Jim Herd

    @Sergio Clavijo I have seen this band maybe 8-9 times since 2001 and love them - Cast of Thousands is my fav album along with the debut - check out fugitive motel and Switching Off form Cast of Thousands though the whole album is wonderful.

    Sergio Clavijo

    Definitely I will, JIm. Bands like this are those who reach my very soul! I saw the Newborn video you recommended, an I´m flawless, I literally felt my skin get chilled on such a climax this song has. You hit on the spot on that!

    Joanne Tomlinson

    @Sergio Clavijo heartbreaking but true