Elbow - The Loneliness Of A Tower Crane Driver Lyrics

Got to get out of TV
Just pick a point and go
The ticker tape tangles my feet
As I search for a face that I know

Come on, tower crane driver
There's not so far to go

I must have been working the ropes
When your hand slipped from mine
Now I live off the mirrors and smoke
It's a joke, a fix, a lie

Come on, tower crane driver
Oh so far to fall

Send up a prayer in my name
Just the same
They say I'm on top of my game
Gentle gentle love
Send up a prayer in my name

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Elbow The Loneliness Of A Tower Crane Driver Comments
  1. Andy Stevenson

    Gotta get out of TV
    Just pick a point and go
    The ticker-tape tangles my feet
    As I search for a face that I know
    Come on, tower crane driver
    There's not so far to go

    I must have been working the ropes
    When your hand slipped from mine
    Now I live off the mirrors and smoke
    It's a joke, a fix, a lie
    Come on, tower crane driver
    Oh, so far to fall

    Send up a prayer in my name
    Just the same
    They say I'm on top of my game
    Dwindle gentle rose
    Send up a prayer in my name

  2. A Hackett

    I used to take my autistic son from Birmingham to Burton upon Trent to his school because the authorities wouldn't. I played this album every Monday morning and again every Friday afternoon. He was so calm. He signed 'calm' . Thank you Elbow I hope you get to read this. ❤

  3. Marklar

    2:35: Trumpet lady bro at Guy's right Elbow getting the pre-chills. She knows what's up.

  4. neil robinson

    If carlsberg did songs.....

  5. Aphidlion

    Wow...that's how that song was meant to be done.

  6. Biko Bleifrei

    this song is me

  7. Sander Mom

    I was inspired by this song! It touched me so deep, I made a cover. Still one of my favorites! https://youtu.be/JzbqhrDjk7Y

  8. Melanie Hall

    It moves me to tears every bloody time I watch this recording.

    L L

    Melanie Hall me too!!

  9. BringMe Knitting

    This is one of the songs from the album that most benefit from the full orchestra treatment. It is just staggering powerful and beautiful. That "send up a prayer in my name" moment might be one of my favourite moments in any music I've heard, period.

    L L

    BringMe Knitting I always cry at that point

  10. PlaneManShip

    This has got to be in the top #100 "Fuck off" moments in musical history? It's astonishing! SO much pressure as well. Jesus.....

  11. Nic & Andrea Hills

    Guy is perhaps the greatest voice in music today... such power and emotion... amazing

  12. Jason Hensel

    Why would I taint my life with politics, when I can just immerse myself in music like this all the time

  13. Christopher Solley

    Never mind a crane I’m on a roller coaster listening to this absolutely stunning spine tingling yet again


    Put this one in the space capsule. Holy god this is a masterpiece.

  15. BaileysMariner


  16. SS L

    i love it

  17. Peter Kirk


  18. Allan Butt


  19. Drek Picken

    Only great bands can play with a full orchestra!

  20. solipsist001

    Makes me want to celebrate humanity, about whom I was previously indifferent at best.

  21. Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen

    2019 and still coming back to listen to this masterpiece 11 years later. If possible, it resonates even more today than it did back then.

  22. GRACE D

    Amazing!! 😍

  23. gjh

    Out of all the songs of theirs that I adore, this is the one that sticks in my mind. The actual music is such an emotional ride

  24. JohnnyHellzapoppin

    Chills, every fucking time, unbelievable

  25. Paul James

    This is one of my go to songs when I am on the sauce or just feeling emotional. Saw them in London last year and this was the highlight for me! A truly fantastic British band.

  26. Steve Hawkins

    Goose bumps every single time from the first 'send up a prayer'. Amazing.

  27. Steve Hawkins

    Wow. Just wow. In my top 5 fave songs of all time. Just wish my wife could appreciate the beauty of this kind of music instead of the tripe in the charts!

  28. Broomehall

    Wow ..... that still brings a tear to my eye in all it's magnificence, it has huge meaning for me, and got me through many a harsh night, say no more ......

  29. dave jones

    This is what music is all about. It stirs the emotions and warms your soul. Me and my wife saw elbow last year and they were truly magnificent.

  30. Sean McHugh

    Where’s a LOVE button when you need one?
    Incredible, I’m not a man prone to tears, but every time I watch/listen to this I’m moved.
    Every time.

  31. Karl Padgett

    words cant say …

  32. Sebastiaan Messerschmidt

    That moment he modulates after 2.25 minutes until the choir sets in is in-credibly beautiful.

  33. John

    My favourite song of my favourite recording of my favourite album.
    Absolutely adore every moment of the brilliant piece.
    Goosebumps every time!

  34. Rogue Trooper

    Biblical. The hairs on arms are standing to attention.

  35. Huguette Champagne

    This is my favorite. Could listen to it all day.

  36. James Carpenter

    Send up a prayer in my name!!!!!!!!!!!🙏👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

  37. floataloft

    Ugh, god why do I cry every time

  38. daniel brand

    words.. no none can do justice

  39. Eugene Fraxby

    *wipes tear from eye*
    "Guys, this might sound weird, but can I get a hug?"

    Eugene Fraxby

    Amazingly, they understood.

  40. Lolly Lolita's Man

    Saffy Sassy Saffy , I Love You xox xox Happy Anniversary xox xox 51-67-78-18-118- I Love You xox

  41. mester Manchester

    Suicide is a difficult subject. Tears in my eyes

  42. No Name

    Elbow - Cast of Thousands [Deluxe Edition 2012] (Full Album) https://youtu.be/AhHddju5YBM

  43. MsMounen

    This song made me think very melancholy thoughts. Music is so emotive. It just presses all your buttons.

  44. Steve O

    That first orchestral swell at 2:00- wow!
    Then the big one at the end at 4:55- fantastic!

  45. Jake Patterson

    Where can I get this version of the song? Not the one on iTunes?

  46. Pete Perry

    Nice sell out all round, one minute, nowt, next minute full Phil, admirable, but roots? Soon forgotten...be ever so careful.

  47. Pete Perry

    So wtf is the sell out/trade off on the Charity sites?

  48. Craig Bunker

    gorgeous piece

  49. Rita Dougherty

    My lovely Kenny... I know you weren't a tower crane operator but you were the only crane operator I would ever trust with my life and I love you forever

  50. Christian Ruocco

    Man when that orchestra drops in after he sings 'Send up a prayer in my name'.. Intense... Amazing moment. Love Elbow!

  51. Karl Padgett

    Fuckin amazing..

  52. James Salinas

    If anybody is interested, there is a similar moment of a band going "wow that sounded good" on this live perfomance of the Scorpions "Still Loving You" with the Berlin Philarmonic Orchestra

  53. Rita Dougherty

    Has anyone here even experienced this work before commenting?

  54. DainaTron 2000

    He has such a beautiful voice

  55. Wayne Price

    Absolutely bloody awesome! Real music,real musicians stunning.

  56. Michael Peck

    This is just so good.

  57. Trixiepusscat88

    My dog was very ill and I said send up a prayer in her name she died next day

  58. Jason Bennett

    I fukkin luv ELBOW.

  59. Yoginat

    Perfection !

  60. Kevin Thomas

    Send up a prayer in my name

  61. joe bellic

    I agree Jamiehouse. Perfectly selected words released, forced from the unassuming crane driver.
    When he assumes a character it must engulf him relentlessly because it’s so honest. I wonder if his creative process is easier than that of D.D. Lewis, in approach, he seamlessly translates human frailties and inner drama in a uniquely beautiful and poetic manner that I know relates, and I’m the most cynical of all the buggers.
    I love the dark humour ‘say I’m on top of my game’.
    And the utter sadness of ‘when your hand slipped from mines’ is simply beautiful.

  62. michael reilly

    when the quire kicks in i go cold happy sad i love it

  63. Terry Barham

    Beauty is unbearable, drives us to despair, offering us for a minute the glimpse of an eternity that we should like to stretch out over the whole of time.
    Albert Camus

  64. Adam G

    watched this twice back to back and nearly went both times.

  65. Grumpy Old Woman

    Haven't listened to this for over a year and suddenly thought about it. I hadn't forgotten the part with the choir, but I had forgotten the immense intensity of it. I'd also forgotten the tears it always causes. What an amazingly powerful piece of music.

  66. Broomehall

    Those who know me and my comments will appreciate when I say.....I couldnt put it any better than jamiehouse 73.....in fact he probably sums it us for all who appreciate the .magnitude of this performance......simply epic and tear inducing .

  67. Futures


  68. Max Blinkhorn

    Looking at the likes-to-dislikes ratio, this matches the universal dickhead to soundperson ratio perfectly. 3000/48= 1.6%

  69. Ernestine85

    ...so big.... heard it in infinite loop.... my heart was touched...thank you!

  70. Kane Kelley

    Still come back to this video every now and then to watch this wonderful performance. Just wanted to post this so anyone else who does the same knows they're not alone. This is my favorite band of all time, and performances like this reaffirm that! I wish they had a bigger fan base in the U.S.. Cheers

  71. antonia turner

    I echo below comment. I got chills they're multiplying.

  72. Daniel Slatter

    Absolutely incredible. What a voice you see some of the orchestra looking at guy in awe. The part where the choir comes in sends chills down my spine every time I hear it

  73. Steve Ochs

    I'm new to this band, but saw them in Los Angeles last night (sans full orchestra) and was perfectly blown away. I think it's safe to say I'm a convert.

  74. RHCNYC

    It breaks my heart that such beautiful music exists, and so many have not had the pleasure of hearing it. With the orchestra, it has transcended beyond being able to aptly describe it. I just sit and listen in awe.

  75. EnosEverything

    As Jamiehouse73 said below - THE SELDOM SEEN KID album transcends ordinary music and takes you to places that many people these days have sadly lost...  The dumbed down plastic world in which we live these days has very little as profoundly beautiful as this album  -  Song after song of love, loss, hope, endeavour all intelligently  amalgamated - these songs are then allowed to breathe even further with the magnificent arrangements accorded them here...  I have the entire show on dvd and it's worth playing frequently just to tell yourself that you are alive.

  76. Derek Brady

    That is some piece of work...flawless

  77. Tony Mcgonagle

    I can remember getting this on DVD and listening to the audio commentary with guy saying the band never rehearsed with the choir and orchestra so this is the first time they heard the power of their music.

  78. Ramshackle Serenade

    A proper goosebumps moment

  79. Richard Britton

    Beautiful, send up a prayer in my name.

  80. Rich Hillyer

    the best

  81. Codename

    Gotta love Samwell Tarley on the keyboard.

  82. Alan Mclaughlan

    Beautiful song and music. I just heard an elbow song for first time last month, a beautiful day made me weep, thanks for lovely music and songs

  83. ianju chant

    love the timpani. salute to the drummer!

  84. Benjamin Hammondo

    Can do no wrong, so many beautiful songs have left this man's mind for us all to love

  85. Ben Wherlock

    38 people have no soul.

  86. Sebastiaan Messerschmidt

    That moment when he hits the higher notes from 2min27 before the choir sets in, magnificent!

  87. Jon Favell


  88. chriswr1

    A smile from Guy, a raised eyebrow from Richard and Craig. The subtle acknowledgement of perfection.


    chriswr1 nailed it 100%

    BringMe Knitting

    My favourite reaction is Jupp! Priceless! :D

  89. Paul Galley

    even time watch and listen gives me goose bumps. what a song and group these are.

  90. Lardinho Redbeard

    Astonishing. Just.... astonishing... That just beat everything ever.

  91. Oscarlinda Kruger

    Essa música me faz morrer. Linda! Linda!!!

  92. Paul Cole

    5.00 and 5.03 there was a little look of " Holy shit Guy that was good "... The key change and the "send up a prayer in my name" makes me punch the air with both fists clenched!

  93. Chris Grant

    An amazing track. Superb orchestration. Love the theme that runs through the track. IS THIS CONCERT AVAILABLE ON DVD OR BLURAY?

    Ian Stevenson


  94. Elliot Bevan

    Just that one moment towards the end of the song where you want to scream those lyrics and pour them all over the performance but listening is just pure

  95. Walter Sobchak

    it's a joke, a fix, a lie

    Ruth Fearn

    your a joke this is brilliant

  96. Jodi Paul

    an absolute masterpiece.

  97. Turpin Tolle

    See you in LA. I just don't know how it gets better than this. Just can't.

    Walter Sobchak

    Turpin Tolle they'll never match this performance again, no one will

    Turpin Tolle

    I tend to agree. I've never seen anything that comes close to it. Maybe Patrick Watson with The Cinematic Orchestra doing that one live version of To Build a Home.

  98. James Bolger

    This song is immense. The sense of space and height. Not that they sound similar. but Jim Webb gets the same space with Witchita Lineman

  99. Louise Dengerud

    love this sound and my own Elbow.

  100. Aston Villan

    My God this song is holy and i'm not religious, blown me away into joy and emotion WOW