Elbow - The Blanket Of Night Lyrics

Paper cup of the boat
Heaving chest of the sea
Carry both of us
Carry her, carry me

From the place we were born
To the land of the free
Carry both of us
Carry her, carry me

The ocean
That bears us from our home
Could save us
Or take us for its own
The danger
That life should lead us here
My angel
Could I have steered us clear?

Gone, the light from her eyes
With the lives that we made
Just the two of us
In the night on the waves

Moving silent her lips
By the moon's only light
Sowing silver prayers
In the blanket of night

The ocean
That bears us from our home
Could save us
Or take us for its own
The danger
That life should lead us here
My angel
Could I have steered us clear?

Paper cup of the boat
Heaving chest of the sea
Carry both of us
Or, swallow her, swallow me

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Elbow The Blanket Of Night Comments
  1. Yubi K.

    I heard this years ago. Nice song.

  2. Daniela Radulescu

    A bansky exposition brought me here 🎈

  3. Sprinkles 2005

    I absolutely love this song it's got such beautiful instrumental, too bad it isn't as popular

  4. loapsy

    sounds a bit like the big peter gabriel :)

  5. Jenny Watson

    Another person here from Limitless. Love that show!

  6. SpyC

    7 people that disliked have no soul

  7. Jazleny Sparkle

    Still sad they canceled Limitless

  8. Jokalari Gamer

    This song transmit *limitless* feelings

  9. Kay Kat

    Swallow me. . . .

  10. L. Edwards

    Heard this song on an episode of the TV show LIMITLESS. Had to look it up! Sounds so smooth and dark.

  11. nobodylse

    My friend who watches Limitless recommended the song... so it's still Limitless... just indirectly... yeah

  12. Hayley Jane

    Playing this at my art schools musical. Shows about Syrian backpackers it'll be good 👍

  13. John Hanson


  14. Antonio Boyd

    Limitless was amazing. Piper is bae.

  15. David Hanton


  16. Multiverseee98

    Sad brian
    I need a season two of limitless

  17. MYsequinedsky

    paper cup OF the boat - as in frail vessel

  18. Hellikitty Callaghan

    This. Another reason not to want to ever die.

    Hellikitty Callaghan

    Since all art is objective, I have decided that this song, for me at least, is dedicated to the lost souls of the sea who have tried to immigrate to a better place for themselves. I don't pray, but I pray for all

  19. John Sheehan


  20. Ryan Davidson

    Limitless 😂

  21. NicoMajor101


  22. Craat

    Sure has a good soundtrack.

  23. Sam Samson

    The singer sounds a lot like Peter Gabriel :)

  24. Myanimefreak

    I swear, limitless has one hell of a soundtrack

  25. ramses kat

    Limitless is the shit :D lol

  26. Nollie Baguio



    +Nollie Baguio my two favourite songs are when I was done dying and this song and I found them both from limitless. Brian knows whats up.

    Nollie Baguio

    Wow! When I Was Done Dying is awesome! Thanks @Killerkittie101!

  27. Sir Jacob

    I think That,you are on NZT !!

    Space Wanderer

    Hakou Abdelhak Of course I am :D

    Fausto Hernández

    2 Years later, I just have watched the episode yesterday and i loved this song <3

  28. VKINGZ1

    with this song i will now be able to achieve lucid dreaming......bon voyage (floats away)

  29. Neox Frost

    Limitless jaja

  30. Mekales D

    Poetry put to music. .. Beautiful.

  31. ApatheticEuphoria

    Limitless brought me here. xD

    Evelyn Blazz

    +ApatheticEuphoria Same here xD

    James Short

    ApatheticEuphoria same


    me too bro, me too
    I wish there tv series with dark genre full of song and atmosphere like this dark, cold, death, sad
    I fucking love the background music in this song [anyone know what it called] it give me existential crisis

    Conner Zanchi

    ApatheticEuphoria I went and watched the movie I really like Eddies character


    Same lol

  32. raltoni raltoni


  33. arshawiir

    Banksy used this song in the best way possible

    Oletram Ekaf

    +arshawiir Indeed.

  34. Janny Hilverts

    Thinking of all the victims who died at sea because they fled from the war in Syria......

  35. Zac Pagin

    It give me the feels every time I listen to this song. Like m going to die. Like dying is beautiful. Like its my funeral xo

  36. josephlister john illiff

    best song ever

  37. josephlister john illiff

    I listened on a 5 hour journey on a plane and didn't get bored at all

  38. ripeyellowjockuk

    Cheers Supersonic 1, great taste! Many thanks M x

  39. Pam Johnson

    This is up there with my favorite Elbow songs. Beautiful!

  40. Ahmad Oustwani


  41. Kitty Plaizier

    I fell in love with this song


    It´s a perfect song. I´m gonna publish more albums and songs, what would you like to upload?