Elbow - Jesus Is A Rochdale Girl Lyrics

I have a drop-leaf window
With cats and broken yards
Sunflowers and paint cans
And stolen shopping carts

And nothing to be proud of
And nothing to regret
All of that to make as yet
All of that to make as yet

I have a single heartbreak
I celebrate and mourn
A single shining sister
And all the tricks of dawn

A single yellow duvet
A single switch to flick
But a thousand boxes yet to tick
A thousand boxes yet to tick

And Jesus is a Rochdale girl
And forty-five CDs
Got a house that you can smoke in
So all my friends found me

And they found me full of myself
And bloody-minded will
And as yet a box to fill
And as yet a box to fill

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Elbow Jesus Is A Rochdale Girl Comments
  1. Andy r

    Did you give back to a rochdale girl, or just take, lovely song but hey donate back to a town in the shit..... elbow, o sorry goodye america

  2. Lindsay Ambeault

    This is Lennon/McCartney level songwriting, absolutely amazing. paints a picture in your mind you can't deny.

  3. Gift Horse

    Seems to me like the keyboard streals the show 😊

  4. wayne flint


  5. PowerfulChicken

    So simple and understated. I have listened to this song frequently this year. Bloody love it!

  6. Charlotte Burrows

    I'm a Rochdale girl! I love Elbow :)


    +Charlotte Burrows Will you bring me food and money? :)


    Charlotte Burrows I’m a Liverpool lad! I love Elbow ;) let’s meet and you bring me some money and I’ll bring the food ( polo mints, spearmint)🤣

  7. Billy Bell

    I think it's pretty easy to overlook Elbow as a seriously "vanilla" band. But digging just a little into the simplicity of sentiment in their songs, and you find a band who are so precise and considered that their message speaks to us all. I'm 18, around the age Guy was when he wrote this, and it feels so right to me. So whether you're looking forward to it, remembering it or experiencing it, we all know this feeling. To me, jesus is a brighton girl. Perfect.

  8. Simon0

    their latest albumn is probably their weakest (In my opinion). Still has 5 or so great songs though including this one.

  9. Yeetboi Ace

    I'm a dubstep/electro sorta guy, and I love this!!! This music is really well made. It's amazing. Good Job guys. <3

  10. teak0h

    Check out dan and dan - requiem for a wardrobe for the original

  11. Simon0

    Custard cream. Yum.

  12. TheMattyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    i just love this song and am sorta proud of myself that i found it

  13. Georges Almond

    this is wonderful and under comment rated and the piano is delicious like a broken biscuit covered in jam. no, honey. marmalade. bittersweet.