Elbow - Fallen Angel Lyrics

All the fallen angels
Roostin' in this place
Count back the weeks on worried fingers
Virgin mother whatserface

You don't need to sleep alone
You bring the house down
Choose your favourite shoes
And put your blues on cruise control

All the gelded mongrels
Bare their teeth for you
Drag your feathers 'cross the dance floor
Throw your shapes electric blue

You don't need to sleep alone
You bring the house down
Choose your favourite shoes
And keep your blues on cruise control

Don't fall to pieces
Don't fall to pieces

You don't need to sleep alone
You bring the house down
Choose your favourite shoes
And keep your blues on cruise control

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Elbow Fallen Angel Comments
  1. FrontalBaldness••

    2018 still living with parents

  2. Yazmin Castro

    Amo esta canción

  3. Ivanyi Attila

    His voice nearly Peter Gabriel.

    Gift Horse

    Ivanyi Attila yes, sometimes. But not the same pitch. Maybe the way he use it, yes

  4. A Yudha W

    film 9 song mah ini wkwkkww

  5. Максим Степанов

    best song

  6. Keelan

    guy popping up like that made my day

  7. 薔薇薫麻美

    9 songs brought me here.great song

  8. Diana Sanchez Rodriguez

    I love this song!!

  9. Diana Sanchez Rodriguez

    I love this song!!

  10. bnk57


  11. rosie beattie

    Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow. I heard this on my car radio early this morning as I was driving to work. This track absolutely reeks of Pink Floyd and psychedelia I think. It is fantastic. Elbow at their absolute best.

  12. Kate Kraft

    Where is your muse now, Guy?

  13. star

    9 songs

    Amanda Barbosa

    +Rap Support my favorite movie.........

  14. No Nopus

    Love this track.This was the one that got me following Elbow. And they're from my neck of the woods! Guy Garvey, top lyricist. 

  15. lavenderhoneypot

    Elbow they just touch your heart and soul through your ears !

  16. Li Eshford


  17. Ian Brooks

    Tragic that Johnny-come-lately Elbow fans haven't got with this track. Remember it on the radio in a factory the year it came out, powerful enough to work over the noise of the industrial machinery around me going full pelt.


    With you brother!


    This is their best track by far - WELL SAID mate


    the other video on the single CD is better than this - shows them on the road in the states home movie like - not sure if its on utube?

  18. Tom T Richards

    The where he's trying to kill the guitarist doesn't make any sense, we can see it's a very shallow drop and he's obviously going to land on Guy's head, doing more damage to him than the guitarist.

    I understand I should stop looking too much into this and I possibly should just go fuck myself, shouldn't I?

    That Earthling

    I agree. To fuck yourself always enlightens the answer.

    Dave Tone

    maybe the imagery was meant to symbolize that hurting your friends = hurting yourself 


    This is the freedom of the imagenation. :)

  19. Jean Kelly

    love love

  20. David Oneill

    what a band bury should be proud of one of the best bands in the world

  21. Bouali Ramzi

    Indie rock is so underrated

  22. John Seman

    Best way to start off a song

  23. Dax Martinez-Vargas

    I watch this at least once a week

  24. Elaine Wright

    Don't now how anyone can slag this group off, they are a fantastic band, love all the songs they've done, and Guy Garvey is not a twat, your the twat who ever said he was!

  25. Victor Hugo

    parece o tufão da avenida brasil

  26. TeganxxxBobbyDazzler

    The drummer definitely had the worst death.

    Gift Horse

    TeganxxxBobbyDazzler lol

  27. keylee dizon

    9 songs :)

  28. squatdiddly3

    dis deserves more views!!

  29. Lorenzo Vicente

    9 songs!

  30. OutOfMySystem


  31. Juan Verde

    9 songs!

  32. Om3zii

    Mr. Garvey seems to be in a murderous mood today.
    Love it :D

  33. gnome1882

    love 0:55 to 1:20 class first chorus and video kill section! ;- ) lol

  34. Peter Collins

    Have always stayed true to their music - must be admired

  35. Sir Darth Lord Kieran of Scotland

    @snabadabadingdong thats how i wake up. suddenly standing and fully clothed looking at you scarily.

  36. KC1

    god i hate these stupid adverts

  37. RobtimusPrime09

    When my friends feel down, I've started telling them to 'choose your favourite shoes and put your blues on cruise control.' XD

  38. mischkabunny

    this seems like a song and video that I would have seen on the tv growing up in the 90s. good sign imo. love them :)

  39. Simon Oates

    Why do I need to see an advert by The fucking Wanted to hear this song - cunts!

  40. manchestermikec

    So glad this is back, such a good video. Saw it when Fallen Angel came out as a single but wasn't able to buy it, then it seemed to disappear

  41. torigate

    awesome song... heard it in "9 Songs" (great porno streamable on Netflix!!)

  42. martintoque

    hahahahahahahahha, funny!

  43. orcaan

    @teapsky how do you know when this song is written? artist don't mention that. a rush of blood to the head is from 2002 right? this album is from 2003

  44. Ryan Stubblefield

    @droogadict Learn to live with the fact, yes, the black guy does always gets bumped off first. However, as a counterpoint, it rarely matters much in the end if everyone else winds up taking the big dirt nap as well, no matter what race they are.

  45. TheBadgi

    @Eoinposse Elbow are the greatest band. ;)

  46. Samuel James

    This song just drives along.

  47. Toby Hunt

    I used to think music had ceased to produce any good new musicinas... then I found Elbow.

  48. Peadoughbear

    The guy on the piano looks like hedgehog

  49. Kevin Raw

    @infearantrem So much so you were compelled to waste time typing a comment. A pathetic attempt at ignorance!!

  50. bradleym1

    @infearantrem Its a Free World, your entitled to be wrong.

  51. bradleym1


    Enough about you now back to Elbow

  52. orangepatriot85

    still my fave elbow song!

  53. edward hughes

    Uninspiring, bland. mediocre- overhyped.

  54. Domydoor

    this may be my favourite album of all time

  55. Karkat Vantas

    This may be cheap and kinda kciking at the song but pressing 2 alot is funny =p

  56. Михаил Кшиштовский

    Хватит убивать своих одногруппников, Гай Гарви. Прекрати это.

  57. Kai Deschain

    OMG!!! this song is so addictive!!!

  58. Ollie Bree

    ...Why has this so little views?!
    Sooo underated

  59. cocobolo girl

    guy looks so sneaky throughout, brilliant vid

  60. Mole45

    Could that intro get any better?
    I think not :D

  61. TurqouiseTapioca


  62. Derek Edwards

    @JiruSinner10 i agree

  63. Gavin Callard

    And to all the fallen angels, I raise my glass.

  64. Mathew Bell

    Brilliant! Love it

  65. Mark

    Proof that there are still bands out there nowadays worth listening to amongst all the R'n'B and Hip Hop drivel which pollutes the radio waves. Elbow are a band without limits whilst still retaining their technical proficiency and brilliant live performances.

  66. neiltay2002

    Cheers for this. A most brilliant song from a fantastic band.

  67. SpartanM621

    Even though people say it way to much, I literally think one person missed the like button.

  68. Gilberto Mendoza

    They're fuckin' great!

  69. ashguy1370

    9 Songs!!!

  70. SpartanM621

    Ahh, I miss this song...

  71. Obvious Bambi

    Elbow are a great band.