Elan - Looking Back Now Lyrics

Looking back now
I got more than I did before
And I'm a little shady
But I got attitude
'Cause where I'm from
That's all you need

You gotta grab what's yours
And run, run, run
You gotta grab what's yours
For the fun, fun, fun

That's me on the TV
It's me on the news
I made all the papers
And made by the fakers
Loose ends
Close bends
I'm out of my cage
But alive on stage
Got a good life
But an empty soul

I'm gonna tear this place down
And all the walls
And all the fowns
'Cause I'm not your clown

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Elan Looking Back Now Comments
  1. Joe Santamaría

    good! is the best!

  2. erikajanet

    jajaja como q le quito la cabeza??? jajaja
    la emocion la emocion :P

  3. erikajanet

    ahhhhhh mi song!!! jajaja
    Esta la grabo diana vdd?? xq estaba al lado mio y ubico bien todo jajaja