Ekali - Stay Hollow Lyrics

He's so unpredictive
I know he's so unpredictive
He's so unpredictive

You wouldn't like it out there
It wouldn't protect you

Go on
Just can't stop that
Go on
Just can't stop that

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Ekali Stay Hollow Comments
  1. Tripaloveski Travel

    Hey man can i use this music in my movies? Or how to gain copyrights to use? :)

  2. Zülal Dvrc

    Mixerlilere selam olsun💫

  3. Victum Gallardo

    I can listen to this forever!

  4. Riq808

    thats that producing goodness 🔥

  5. Busologo de Goiânia

    Ekali & Flume ft. Laura Brehm - perfect room

  6. B C

    This is the best song I've ever listened to

  7. Rob McCabe

    Where is the ‘you wouldn’t like it out there’ vocal sample from? Sounds like an old movie.

  8. plusaeng

    This is such a great bit of music, listening to it on repeat. Came across this on a random Spotify playlist, lucky me 🥰

  9. Michael Novelo

    So good. This one hits different.

  10. Vicente De Luca

    fuck I can hear this track 20x in a row and want it more. keep groovin Ekali!!!

  11. sarah celestiia

    Gosh hes so much like louis the child and flume I am liking this

  12. Adi Singh

    Omg, this track is crazy.. I absolutely loved it. Is it possible for me to use it for my travel video?

  13. Kiichi Sato


  14. 추파춥스

    Starting from now.... you are my role model

  15. Dream Windows Film

    MrBrynnorth's BANGLADESH

  16. Cripptus Exet

    one in a million!!!

  17. TheOnlyWayIsUp 777

    ekali go back to e forest now ok bye

  18. Sebastiaan Berk


  19. Alfa Alfandi

    got this from godly lamborgini liberty walk 😁

  20. Monax for Alp.


  21. Roman The Explorer


  22. Hassan Mjd

    Just awesome music as always 😍 can i please use this in my upcoming YouTube travel video ?

  23. Nico - LibertyWalk

    Wow number 1

  24. Eason Chen

    what kind of style is this music!!!!!!?

  25. D5 DanceLife

    🇱🇰 ❤

  26. Niloy Kabir

    more of this please ❤️

    Joanna mou

    hi sexy....i like the way u look...wanna friendship?

    Zahid Kabir

    @Joanna mou with a bombshell like you? yes definitely ❤️

    Joanna mou

    Oh my my😊😊u make me melt like a ice cream ❤️❤️

    Niloy Kabir

    I love licking melted ice cream 😊

    Joanna mou

    hot & flirty!!!i love spicy men😋😋😋would love to have some melted ice cream with a hot spice like u😊

  27. xposed life

    Is this non copyright music ?

    Jr Catipon

    Did you find out if it is?

  28. Fuad's Creations

    Who else is here from MrBrynnorth's BANGLADESH Raw Beauty video? 🇧🇩🇧🇩

    life of Mr bunny


    Mahathir Designs

    Ey Bhaya

    JR Shopon

    muio aschi re vau

    L Y R I L L

    i'm here from clozee

  29. Hridoy Mahmud

    Awesome track ❤🇧🇩

  30. Lucas Harper

    Great track... This is a creative commons track?

  31. benbasss

    The beat at 1:46 is the most badass thing I have heard in a while.

    Michael Lucas

    benbasss can say the same for 2:01 they are so soothing

  32. Al owo

    This is damn beautiful.

  33. Goth Doll

    Who’s here because of Tomorrowland Winter Collection?

  34. EnchGA Archive Channel

    2:01 i hear sans undertale

  35. Luxeon Alles

    magical☝( ◠‿◠ )☝

  36. brandi bumblebee

    Holy shit that was magical I was not expecting that

  37. Nathan Maggi

    This is fucking wonderfull

  38. Huskyy

    I feel like such a boss listening to this

  39. HD Føroyar

    Love this song. Is it okey if i use it in my travle vlog? I will for sure give you credits :)

  40. Google Rapduction


  41. rmjoliat

    Fucking love this style, makes me feel some type a way

  42. Jack Smokes

    This is perfect


    I cant describe how good this is im so amazed !!

  44. Axel Gilardino

    this should have way more views man

  45. Morpheus

    Dope as fuck..

  46. Synthra Official

    This reminds me so much of my own music. Gives me hope that there is a place in the industry for my style. Breathtaking!

  47. prxgy

    Idk why this doesn't have a million views

  48. Michele Brusemini

    What a snaaaaare

  49. Mirko Kondic

    This is an amazing song.

  50. Marcos Helguera


  51. Viinizaum_

    Ekali Best Song , this is need official video with skateboard

  52. Wunix


  53. Николаус

    This boi is talented. Keep it up dawg! ✊

  54. twin

    ❤️ ues

  55. Some Evil Shits

    1.25 speed is dope


    1,5 hahaha

  56. Trap Maniac

    Check out a great remix on our channel !
    Keep up Ekali & mossy <3

  57. artooie22

    haven't stopped listening to this EP yet and it keeps getting better 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  58. dichisito ideal

    so chill, so good, so impresive. i love the design that was applied on this EP

  59. J T

    Are you kidding with this one?! What an amazing production. The flow of the song is so amazing, as well as the sound design. Beautiful work.

  60. Juliette Kollmann

    Love everything bout this ...EvErYtHiNg

  61. Locke

    the first minute is just gorgeous

  62. ERROR xa50cc


  63. Wanbs

    Holy fuck

  64. RAY3451

    This sounds like sans.

  65. Stephen Bezuidenhout

    Must agree! Just brilliant! Subbed.

  66. Trap Maniac

    Huge remix coming soon in our channel!<3
    Love your track!

  67. Str8 FCRW

    beautiful track

  68. susboy

    Wish you would credit the 3d artist who made this video. Even if you paid him off. I find it fucking lame coming from a artist to still buy someone out but not credit them.

  69. Batman

    Stunning stuff, second best song on the EP behind Helios

  70. Still Rendering

    beautiful music, cool visuals!

  71. Captyvate

    Best song on the EP; not even up for discussion. More of this style please. No cheesy vocals, hella ambience, sick beat. Sometimes the most simple songs are the best.

    Tawk exe

    You'r right

    Rex Galilae

    Only after Forever (feat Elohim) :P

    Marco Biscuola

    UR ABSOLUTELY GODDAMNIT RIGHT! I must listen to this at least 1 time every day… :)

  72. Luis616

    One of the best tracks I ever heard. Who else agrees?

  73. artooie22

    🔥🔥 album opener on point 🔥🔥

  74. DaOneFame

    Wow wow 💙 💙

  75. K1ROX

    Cant believe ive seen him live and i cant wait to see the new album live again

  76. Alyssa Grace

    a whole album of this pleaaaase

  77. Molotov Koktel

    Malaysia Boleh

  78. Gambling Galaxies

    wow, love this <3

  79. Astrix

    This is so cool!! Good job.

  80. Ropedintoyour Tropes

    Absolute 🔥

  81. anestesiao 4veinte

    Me encanta <3

  82. Exavior Cortez

    0 dislikes, there’s faith in the world at last!!!

  83. skreamingskullron

    Entire album is beauty

  84. bae bae

    Boy, u make music w good vibes.🔥❣

  85. Just K


  86. Abel M

    Mate this is amazing your music is amazing

  87. Victor Muindi

    layer doz snaressss, love the song dude

  88. João Thonny

    Já amei nos primeiros segundos ♡ !! THIS IS DOPE 💚

  89. Artulous