Ekali - Forever Lyrics

There's this world that I'm living in
Stranger than the one before
I don't wanna fight it anymore
There's a meaning I've been looking for
I never had to go too far
Found you in my heart down on the floor

Take me back to the start
Before all the scars affected me
Take me back to the start
Before I was worried about everything

Take me, take me
I just wanna live in your arms
Where I'm safe forever
Keep me safe here forever
Keep me safe here forever

What's this feeling that I'm feeling?
All different than the times before
I can't even fake it anymore
I was shielded by my own mistakes
So scared to give my guard a break
Ready to let you love me now

Take me back to the start
Before all the scars affected me
Take me back to the start
Before I was worried about everything

Take me, take me
I just wanna live in your arms
Where I'm safe forever
Keep me safe here forever
Keep me safe here forever

Keep me safe here forever
Keep me safe here forever

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Ekali Forever Comments
  1. Toro Totoro

    this song makes me feel like im walking through an enchanted forest at night in an rpg <3

  2. Senpaito

    P A T R O X W A R E Z <3

  3. DAJ

    Calm song. 💙😢

  4. ZDedGe :v


  5. Adictivoh

    PatroxWarez? <3

    WiyGamer 14

    xd io :v


    @WiyGamer 14 Aguante hcf alv :v

    WiyGamer 14

    @Adictivoh awebo :v suscribete a mi chanel oc no xd

  6. Somanshu Agarwal

    1 Million!!! 🔥

  7. Ekali

    Thank you for the love 🍃❤️

  8. Amatareau

    Idk, but every time I hear this song I'm about to cry. I wonder why ...

  9. TheItaly !

    P A T R O X <3


    P A T R O X W A R E Z :D

    iZorrito_ YT

    @iThePixel P O R Q U E A B L A M O S A S I X D D D A L V L I K E P A R A Q U E P A R E

    iZorrito_ YT

    pocos entienden

  10. Sandhewa Beryl

    Is this what heaven sounds like?

  11. 4SakeN

    kinda similar to DROELOE style, like it!



  13. Zethay use pump

    PatroxWarez :v

  14. Matías Jesús Arancibia Rojas

    PatroxWarez :v


    Solito series o que??

  15. Stumpie

    Does anyone else find the similarities between this one and Everything We Touch by Say Lou Lou?

  16. El Tio Bat :v

    Like si viniste por el papa Patroxwarez y bendiciones para todos.

  17. Alisha Boyer

    I love Elohim so much. She has the most beautiful voice and she's such a loving person. I'm so glad she collabed with them 💚

  18. re co


  19. Heber Escobar

    pure Sugar!!

  20. Mattjacket

    Really makes me think of the first Tokyo Ghoul opening :o Great song! Keep up the good work.

  21. Alex Love

    Estás canciónes me encantan nuevo suscripción

  22. DeltaSceptile

    There's something kind of haunting about the beat drop section.

  23. Jetsin Patipatthanan

    I love this song!

  24. Burai

    so good ;-;

  25. Julian Sauceda

    The ending brings tears to my eyes on how beautiful it is.... :')


    Please tell me dude how these edm tracs are made


    It's not that hard if you are passionate towards it.
    100 of YouTube videos and Guidance will help you

  27. Don Repollito :v

    7u7r <3

  28. Aronu Wolf


  29. Husnain Naeem

    That's a beautiful song 😘😙😍

  30. Wolf Prince

    Anyone gonna talk about that background

  31. cecy star

    dobar si

  32. Derrickson Ymbon

    Beautiful....And those vocals!!

  33. Macklin McPhee

    i already know this is gunna be a banger, liked lol

  34. ッDaniel

    Elohim le da un toque genial! <3
    Muy buena canción :3

  35. Bluexenon

    Very nice synth

  36. Namitadey Hashi

    Its so hurt toching♡♡♡♡

  37. Young Uchiha Gamimg


  38. NahuelPlays

    Buena musica

  39. Prototype aka El Nino Fresco

    My days are way more productive and peaceful yet straight to the point jamming Proximity.

  40. Owen Lee

    Coincidence that the merch is dropping the same day that the malaysia airlines story said the world would end?

  41. Angels & Cookies

    Different but I LOVE IT!!!!!


    thank you <3

  42. Arufureddo - Kun

    Proximity amazes me.

  43. MESKORAX & Jung Berg

    I love this track. The vocals and all the other things in this track is fantastic


    youre fantastic

    MESKORAX & Jung Berg

    Ekali thanks 😊

  44. 前科犯Criminals_Tw

    Trap city same XD

  45. Indranil

    Elohim's voice is so cute!


    Proximity forever 🎶🔝✔❤❤❤

  47. Wildest Minds


  48. IHIKD

    OMG Those chords 😍

  49. Daniel Hennell

    Why has there been no uploads on the Proximity Chill channel?

  50. xXDark ShadowXx

    The background and the music match together perfectly :D

  51. Joshua Chandra

    I love elohim's vocals. Such an underrated singer. Found out about her from alison wonderland's live set.

  52. Simon James

    It's so beautiful! That vocal is so pure.

    Alisha Boyer

    Simon James Elohim has the sweetest voice 💚

  53. Debdeep Ghosh

    Hey Blake how much will it cost?

  54. Shamblini _

    Where’s my Fortnite mobile squad at?

  55. Emily Hale

    This song showed up on my feed when I was jamming out.
    This song was meant to be found, love it! ❤🙌

  56. ohhroach

    EKALI <3

  57. Pegq

    Ekali Medasin and Elohim = Legendary

  58. Death Awaits

    Omg😭 this song is so me😢


    Nice video

  60. Ramdas karthik

    So nice.......

  61. D I V I N I T Y Official Page

    This song tho <3

  62. Sven De Graaf

    All music of proximity is so beautiful 😍

  63. Denda Šindy

    Great song

  64. Sean Howe

    Really amazing background (song too obviously but oooh its fancy)

  65. Ose

    Medasin with the saws

  66. OurDreams CA

    Cade os brasileirooos ???♥ likeee


    aqui hehe

  67. JOON lee


  68. Unique Vibes

    what a collab <3

  69. Trap Hut

    So gooddd!! <3

  70. reality isn't really reality

    the drop
    it's different 👌😂
    loooovvveee it 🙌

  71. rael Silva

    BR \¤>

  72. Vibratto

    Chill 😍💓

  73. Evan Kinzer

    been waitin for dis onee!

  74. Andrew

    Proximity merch? Shut up and take my money!!!

  75. LazloSon

    🔥 🔥 🔥 Damn this is gonna be on rotation all week 🙌🏽

  76. Future House Cloud

    like it!

  77. Car Music

    every time top music brothers are just ahead

  78. ARQUE

    ekali and medasin??? damn

  79. ShiroUzer

    Thanks ♡

  80. Chill Sensation

    If you see the name Medasin you know the song will be your 'Medicine'

  81. Jacob Seibers

    Elo Hell

  82. HardestSquadMusic

    This is Amazing!! 😍😍🔥🔥

  83. Toxic Music

    Beautiful vocals :o candy

  84. Kenna Bear

    😍 can'y stop listening to this song

  85. Spark

    Better than porn

  86. Tomer Avital

    איזה חי בסרט עאלק אלוהים

    Elad Shimoni

    Tomer Avital זה השם של הזמרת ואני לא חושב שהיא ישראלית או משהו


    I love this chill beats

  88. Nikolai

    eyy can i get a respond would really make my day ;-) awesome upload btw

  89. G4bi 01

    Chorei com essa música
    Muito tocante
    Mais top :')

  90. Parallel Fleee

    1.25x thank me later😏

  91. Joshua Um


  92. Proximity

    Proximity merchandise pre-order: www.prxmusic.com

    Daniel sousa

    Very good !!!

    Mega Tron

    Proximity fvkin amazing🔥🔥 bro keep it up 👌👌

    Kenna Bear