Ekali - Blame Lyrics

You say that I'm not the reason
The reason for you to stay
Sometimes you got to believe it
Believe I'm not causing shame
Never thought I'd hear you say
I'd be replaced when you need your space
Every time I hear your name
It ain't the same you changed your ways

Not the reason for your pain
Not the one who should be blamed
Not the type to play these games

You say that I'm not the reason
The reason for you to stay
Sometimes you got to believe it
Believe I'm not causing shame

Not the reason for your pain
Not the one who should be blamed
Not the reason for your pain
Not the type to play these games

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Ekali Blame Comments
  1. Dru

    Copyright free??

  2. Rendy Krwn

    MVMT bring me here 😁

  3. marco fernandez

    Tengo 65 años y nunca he ido a un concierto de electrónica, ese es mi gran sueño.

    marco fernandez

    O yo también

  4. julian millss

    Heard this song on an ad on TV I’m happy now

    Anudeep CVS

    which one?


    A damned MVMTM watch commercial brought me here😉

  6. NinerMan 86

    Who's here from the watch commercial?

  7. Christian Alvarado

    WONDERFUL track.

  8. XX_Likeablealt_XX

    I had seizure after the flashing lights

  9. Waliul The 'Wall·E'

    Damn that visual!

  10. Eddi Sinan

    Nooooooooice^^, would be great if I hear it in Rocket League...

  11. Matheus Henrique B.B.

    O vídeo que buga o youtube

  12. Faisury Pena

    Hey I love the
    Music. Zhu ...

  13. Pradeep Singh

    This is masterpiece 💖💖

  14. Nik Inashvili

    'Ekali' means 'a thorn' in Georgian language

  15. Chante Blackmon

    My heart gets so happy hearing this :)

  16. Sajan shrestha

    Zhu ft Skrillex would be 🥰

  17. Naive

    I thought my right side headphone wasn't working 😤


    Wait, it's not

  18. Deliciously Harmful Productions

    This songs so chill, love tunes like this when I wanna just shut my mind off and vibe!

  19. Hugo Dimas

    do this is the song for apple product launch, didn't it?

  20. Ronov


  21. Elmo reno

    Why this song doesn't have 1 Million views

  22. Alex

    Driving to the airport during a rainy night in December

  23. respect appreciate and kill everyone

    Is that ekalis plant?

  24. mahwish khan

    This is art....

  25. HGR


  26. Nata Fisenko

    Кто с мини клипа концерта элджея?

  27. cadenswi

    I listened to this like a year ago and I forgot about it and now after that I remembered it I looked a long time and finally found and I'm so happy because it's just so good

  28. Car MusicCity nation


  29. Saksham Mahajan

    Totally natural talent!!!!!

  30. Immortal Piyush

    Make some noise for that plant!!

  31. MEL espetacular


  32. xxnayxx

    who came from eva's insta post? cuz me lol. THIS SONG Oof

  33. Plautes

    Already 1 year ago, 2019 people?

  34. Cam Manning

    Sounds like a classic flume track 😍

  35. Josema

    2:15 - 2:16 a little bug.

  36. Stevieonntv Music

    This is the kinda music apple play in iPhone commercials lol

  37. Hasmie Music

    599,666 views XD

  38. Duwee Dong

    I think of the 1995 Casper movie when I hear this song...

  39. • tanukii •


  40. T O X I N

    i remember listening to this for the first time in february and i was like nah.....now when i think of that moment i slap myself for being so foolish

  41. Evolutia

    Ekali is the kind of original thinking in EDM that's gonna bring it into a new direction. This is a very creative track, as was Blood Moon, and his whole new EP was such alien music, I can't wait to hear what he does next.

  42. Derek's Lab

    This is a wonderful song for montages or game clips

  43. Dorax241

    Es mejor la musica o remix de bubstepgutter proo

  44. Thomas Weinreich

    Flume inspired?

  45. PLUSH

    eh merci joyca

  46. HGR

    In love with this vocals, in love with the drop...in love with fucking all

  47. Martin Maidana

    is that real or just cgi?

    Alejandro Rodríguez

    This is real son.

  48. Mïğûęľ Våžqųėż

    Mi mas grande sueño es trabajar en su disquera!!!

  49. Olivia Hanley

    Dolan Twins anyone?

    Shayley Santry

    Olivia Hanley I came from them too I hope Ethan’s ok 😢

    Olivia Hanley

    @Shayley Santry I hope he's okay too❤️ he's in my thoughts and prayers ✝️

  50. Dafuq

    It used to be bout' the music.

  51. Belawulfㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ

    Orgasmo visual e sonoro 🌌

  52. vicente dinamarca

    Just here for the dolan twins ❤️

  53. Tara Stankovic

    who's here bc of Bryant's igtv lmao

  54. Tori Hanley

    In love with this song design💜

  55. Caty GRAY 85

    Came from 4th of july video (dolan twins ,emma and bryant ) 😂😁💝💖❤

    Kate Edejer

    Caty Dolans same

    Tara Stankovic

    Me too hahaha

  56. ale

    I just hear one time this song and I like it, that easy:)

  57. Rasyadan Ardinsyah

    that was spooky

  58. Florian Brioude

    Charly Jordan brought me here haha

  59. Cesar Sandoval

    Mondo Grosso

  60. JavierjoeK Official


  61. Perla Vazques


  62. plvnck.

    *Z H U*

  63. The All Seeing Eye

    Blame the pile of shit!

  64. Marcos Ferreira


  65. Pratik Bhalerao

    What plant is that?

  66. Jair alejandro

    se la mamaron con el drop


    . ∆ .

  68. Gustavo Carneiro


  69. Giovanni Queiroz


  70. prod by. TK

    this is insane

  71. mihir kumar

    Pure form of art

  72. prod. by Tesem

    Wow. Ekali is always great!

  73. Mike Peterson

    Very good song and very good beat.;)

  74. Pandu Evan K

    Impressed after quite a while

  75. Giel ter Steeg

    i liek the kiemplant

  76. Alex James

    I’m seeing him at Tomorrowland next year!

  77. Vanessa Vickery

    8=D (.Y.)

  78. Vanessa Vickery


  79. Pietro Barale


  80. Aubin Serres

    This drop is super dope :)

  81. Nabeel Qureshi

    Underrated ❤❤❤❤


    *Excelente* 0:40 ❤🔥😱 Ⓜ❌!!!✌

  83. raniedayze

    Omg I love it

  84. Yorberth ClubLife

    I love this music

  85. Pol


  86. Curtainstep

  87. Паня

    skrillex remix need

  88. Steven Jesus Zsmbrano Morales


  89. Sandritaa Hurtarte

    ME ENCANTA <3<3<3<3

  90. Lucifer Morningstar

    Is it just me or do you get the feeling while listening to this that you are one with it. Life is a complete shit hole and we are all here to fight to push off the evil and BS. What if we are the evil and BS and when we listen to this we can go to a place where we can be sane. Or maybe it is just me when i hear the voices tell me to chill and move one.

  91. - Vlad -

    Ушной оргазм