Eilish, Billie - When I Was Older Lyrics

When I was older
I was a sailor
On an open sea
But now I'm underwater
And my skin is paler
Than it should ever be

I'm on my back again
Dreaming of a time and place
Where you and I remain the best of friends
Even after all this ends
Can we pretend?
I'm on my, I'm on my back again
It's seeming more and more
Like all we ever do is see
How far it bends
Before it breaks in half and then
We bend it back again

Guess I got caught in the middle of it
Yes I've been taught, got a little of it
In my blood, in my blood
Memories burn like a forest fire
Heavy rain turns any funeral pyre to mud
In the flood

When I was older
I was a sailor
On an open sea
But now I'm underwater
And my skin is paler
Than it should ever be

I'm watching movies back to back
In black and white, I never
Seen anybody do it like I do it any better
Been going over you, I'm overdue for new endeavors
Nobody lonely like I'm lonely and I don't know whether
You'd really like it in the limelight
You'd sympathize with all the bad guys
I'm still a victim in my own right
But I'm the villain in my own eyes

When I was older
I was a sailor
On an open sea

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Eilish, Billie When I Was Older Comments
  1. Keren


    Coloured parents :When I was your age...

  2. Babadee

    i can't stop listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. GiovannaMelrose


  4. D_epressed Drake


    ( 3:32 )

  5. Mia Atherton

    this is my third favorite song in the world. please like my comment if you love billie please and thx.

  6. sharon cruz

    dec 2019???

  7. _Basiic ‘

    Ok how much bass do you want in this song?

    Billie: yes

  8. Laura Ks

    Absolutely Beautiful! Billie💙🖤💙

  9. Lans

    This reminds me of that horror movie about the oil rig

  10. Veronica Malik

    Play it on 1.25x it's creepy af

  11. Skippy Bean

    This is my fave song of hers

  12. meow_meow

    This is so different from the other songs

  13. Avacodo Avacodo

    Who actually watched the movie this song was based on (Roma)?

  14. Erick Clayton

    1:27 and on hits the best for me😁

  15. cloudiistars

    i remember before i read the lyrics of this song, i thought they were "when i was older, i was a sinner, (dont remember what i thought in the third line).
    but now im younger, (and the rest of the song is the same from what i thought)"
    so... ye

  16. deku factorymysou

    under she sing, I wanna die.

  17. Billie Eilish Saved The Avacado's

    Billie singing with autotune:

    The comments: ShE dOeS nOt NeEd AuToTuNe

  18. Jay Aye Y

    The excessive auto tune makes it sound so unnatural and I love it so fuckin much.

  19. Mythy :D

    Auto tune or no auto tune she still makes bangers

  20. Daphne Izaguirre

    When you get a Billie Eilish ad before the vid 🥺😍❤️

  21. Marsia Dimou

    Billie i love you

  22. Joko Gutman

    Just listen to the music.. shes an artist

  23. Oliver Phillips

    I never thought a song could make a flute sound badass

  24. Caden Wollslair

    Face palm

  25. Taha Imran

    Get aids bitchhhh

  26. Chloe

    So many people still sleep on this song. What are you doing???

  27. Assbutt Cassbutt

    I can’t stop listening

  28. Lavender _squid

    Billie: "You'd sympathize with all the bad guys"
    Also Billie: "Im the bad guy"
    Me: *always the bad guys*

  29. billie eyelash lyrics

    I forgot this song even existed, and for a second I thought it was a cover- like it's that fucking underrated omg

  30. Lucretia Bagley

    Billie came in my commercial with the headphones❤👑

  31. løvεlү løηεя

    Is this ganna be in her album?

  32. Billie Love

    This is where us stans can hide from the locals😂😂

  33. ASMR CUCUMBER this is a joke

    First time ive heard the autotune in her voice

  34. finn !

    it’s a combination of a vocoder and auto tune. which is sick as fuck

  35. Anaya Boyd

    I’m a Billie fan but bro like bro y’all Billie fans need to chill like is sounds like auto tune

  36. Chely Melo

    I LOVE THIS SONG! 💞🎶 The music, the beat, the lyrics and specially how they used important elements from the movie ROMA. Such as: Borras the dog barking, the fire hissing, the ocean water, the yells of the karate practicing students, and the music of the Mexican street organ player playing. Love it!! My admiration to Billie and her brother for coming up with this beautiful song and for implementing all of these sound effects from this amazing movie ROMA into it. A dignified Masterpiece of a song to match an Oscar winning Mexican movie, to soon to become a classic. ✨

  37. Esther Eso

    To be honest I don't like the effect if I she was drowning she wouldn't be able to speak

  38. Melissa Moosesea

    Now I see that the song has bad guys in it AHHAH

  39. Loxa

    2:27 ..............

  40. Erik Adelgaard Nielsen

    The Music makes me think of the movie suspiria remake

  41. rxindropvs

    a masterpiece.


  42. Lofi_Queen

    I don't really like Billie Eilish that much, but this song will always be hauntingly beautiful

  43. dreamer y

    it makes me cry so hard...

  44. StellaR Animations

    I made a character who was a sailor who drowned herself and I just found this song and I’m like *bruh*

  45. *insert meme here*


    Smile, Eilish

    Lmfao yep

  46. Unihorns

    Autotune ?

  47. Amber134 Xo

    This sparse atmospheric track was inspired by the Alfonso Cuarón-directed Netflix movie Roma. The film, set in 1970s Mexico, follows the life of a live-in housekeeper for a middle-class family in Mexico City's Colonia Roma neighborhood. The song appears on an album titled Music Inspired by Roma, curated by Alfonso Cuarón.

    When I was older
    I was a sailor on an open sea
    But now I'm underwater
    And my skin is paler than it should ever be

    The chorus illustrates a scene from Roma set at Tuxpan beach. Two of the middle class children are swimming in the sea but get caught by the strong current. As one of them struggles underwater, he remembers his past lives.

    Eilish penned "When I Was Older" with her longtime collaborator and older brother, Finneas O'Connell. They set out to write a song about the strain of a relationship "from within the narrative" of Roma and the scenes that struck them most from the movie. The siblings used sound effects from the film in order to convey this.

    "Lines like 'memories burn like a forest fire' are accompanied by the sounds of the trees burning in the woods outside the house," explained the duo. "The chorus, has the ocean sounds overplayed on it. We were also able to take sounds like the student protest shouts and Borras barking and turn them into rhythmic percussive elements to help drive the song."

    So that’s the meaning and facts about this song

    From songfacts.com

  48. My Blohsh Is lonely

    I actually love this song it’s one of my favorites

  49. Potato

    1:23 the bass killed me 🤤😦😯♥️♥️♥️♥️

  50. harith asyraaf

    Good song. Next time no unnecessary effects

    One Squarey Boi

    When did you become her boss?

  51. Tanya Mansukhani

    This song is amazing💖 it lowkey has a Coldplay vibe to it 🤔 awesome job Billie we love you

  52. Emma McBeath

    This song feels like my life right now.

  53. Jazmin Adachi

    Some of these lyrics are wrong lol

    One Squarey Boi

    Which ones

    Jazmin Adachi

    @One Squarey Boi At 1:55, instead of "It seems more and more," it should be "It's seeming more and more." At 2:32, instead of "...tonight, in the flames," it should be "...to mud, in the flood."

  54. Claire Kileo

    This was published when it was my birthday


    I feel as if I am in another world while listening to this

  56. Stole Avocados At 3am

    you messed up the lyrics

  57. Damon Tafoya

    for her age, this shit is pretty fucking beautiful

  58. Maria Dragu

    Sun is came up copy

  59. Anita Naseer

    just gonna promote myself, I edit Peppa pig videos.

  60. Addy Lawrence

    Just watched her play this live at the show I went to tonight

  61. Jack Morton

    Why am I hearing dogs barking at 3:33

  62. Killing4Cookiez 152

    *75 percent of the comments* "she doesn't need the autotune, it's just for effect."

    *Me* searching the comments section for those who are saying that she needs autotune and shes a bad singer.😶

    I just want to killthem, that's all.

    Smile, Eilish

    Same here.

  63. lera S

    Why there 3:44 dogs?

  64. TheUglyWeirdo

    one of my favourite songs of Billie and just fav xD

  65. Reza Badei

    WOW!!! Brilliant on all levels... <3

  66. Belinda Amador

    “You’d sympathize with all the bad guys!” I guess that was hint.

  67. Jared Griffin

    I don't think we've had a girl this cool since Aaliyah

    Jared Griffin

    Ok maybe Rihanna tho ☝️

  68. NaddodyHaiifa Wehbe

    The melodies 😥❤
    Her voice 🔥❤😥

  69. inna belcijan

    perfect song for caroline movie DX

  70. Oğuzhan Sağlam

    She's using auto-tune 'cause she' s drowning

  71. Hilal Sena TÜRK

    Omg that was creepy

  72. inael .s

    I can’t decide if she’s creepin’ me out or Making me feel depressed

    catryce Thornton

    Well you can technically feel both because she is talking through the perspective of a ghost who is looking back on her life which is kinda creepy cause it's a ghost also depressing cause well its a ghost.
    It's based on the movie Roma

    inael .s

    catryce Thornton damn 🤯

  73. Ally Forester

    It's heavy rains turn a funeral pyre to mud, in the flood not tonight or flames.

  74. Kostas Dritsakos

    How can you dislike this song, even if you don't like Billie the song it's WTF the melody, the lyrics WTF my friend. Imagine Bjiork at this song will you dislike again you stupid smacks ???

  75. Nope.

    Gives me vocaloid vibes woah

  76. Aryanne Serra

    Thts really good song, something different music n melody , so cool❤

  77. bloco roblox

    Autotune is scared of her now

  78. Miryam Alush

    Beautiful song ever .

  79. Amanda Melvin

    I like how she used the auto tune as art

  80. Amanda Melvin

    It was made for a fucking movie that's why she has auto tune. Idiots

  81. _quartz_

    The lyrics give me sailor neptune vibes lmao

  82. Pretty Girl

    Billie: I don't use autotu-

    catryce Thornton

    It's for effects dumb ass she used it for the robotic sound so the song will have a eerie vibe

    Dolores, not Lolita

    It’s just for robotic effect, it’s not to hide her voice.

    One Squarey Boi

    @catryce Thornton
    No need to call them a dumbass. Jesus Christ it wasnt an insult

  83. billieslefteyebrow

    Why is everyone complaining that the effect is ruining it bc I can’t rlly notice the effect 😶🙄😕🤡😂

  84. Rezar Lleshi

    Billie : But now I'm underwater.

    Me: This is giving me nightmaress😱

    Also me: this song is good but so f* creepy I hope we don't have a creepy video clip if we do , Imma faint😣😣

  85. secretly_ whatching

    Finally autotune is used for the right reason

  86. LAI MING SEE CLEO 6C14-黎明思

    this song is super underrated tbh

  87. Yumi Yumo

    Best song hever 👂❤

  88. Lazario Clark

    This should be use in a fight scene

    One Squarey Boi

    Thats what I imagine every time I hear this

  89. cristian Acevedo

    nice rythim

  90. Yakub

    What is autotune?

    One Squarey Boi


  91. Eartha Bangalore

    this song is so hypnotizing. gosh

    I think i am listening to it for the 653474786th time

  92. Kyara Escalona

    when i was older i was a sailor on a open sea but now I’m under. water and my skin is palier ever been

  93. Kevin Elliott

    AJR sent me😎🙌

  94. Maggie the Gamer

    I watched it 30 times❤️❤️❤️❤️💕

  95. Kyara Escalona

    Is there a meaning behind this song? Lowkey feel like there’s this vibe going on

    catryce Thornton

    I think its she is singing through the perspective of a ghost

  96. mariana beltrao

    This song live hits diferent

    The Weird Berry

    mariana beltrao FR FR

  97. Alana Stover

    _-Song starts-_
    《My friend: this is spooky》
    ~Me: I know isn't it lovely~

    《~I love these songs but there so underrated~》

  98. rae of sunshine

    ok, so this is my first time hearing tho whole song. thoughts- at first i didn’t like the effect, but it’s growing on me. i love the chorus and production! (good job finn 💞) overall a good song!


    same. I think that's it for everyone

  99. Gerta Shala

    The more I listen to this the more I love it 🤩

  100. Billie is the best 5555

    i love this songggg