Eilish, Billie - Everything I Wanted Lyrics

I had a dream
I got everything I wanted
Not what you'd think
And if I'm being honest

It might have been a nightmare
To anyone who might care

Thought I could fly
So I stepped off the golden
Nobody cried
Nobody even noticed

I saw them standing right there
Kinda thought they might care

I had a dream
I got everything I wanted
But when I wake up, I see
You with me

And you say
As long as I'm here
No one can hurt you
Don't wanna lie here
But you can learn to
If I could change the way that you see yourself
You wouldn't wonder why you hear
"They don't deserve you"

I tried to scream
But my head was under water
They called me weak
Like I'm not just somebody's daughter

Could've been a nightmare
But it felt like they were right there
And it feels like yesterday was a year ago
But I don't wanna let anybody know
'Cause everybody wants something from me now
And I don't wanna let 'em down

I had a dream
I got everything I wanted
But when I wake up, I see
You with me

And you say
As long as I'm here
No one can hurt you
Don't wanna lie here
But you can learn to
If I could change the way that you see yourself
You wouldn't wonder why you hear
"They don't deserve you"

If I knew it all then, would I do it again?
Would I do it again?
If they knew what they said would go straight to my head
What would they say instead?

If I knew it all then, would I do it again?
Would I do it again?
If they knew what they said would go straight to my head
What would they say instead?

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Eilish, Billie Everything I Wanted Comments
  1. Elexus Rakoia

    Anyone else get the headphone by dre ad with this music before it started?

  2. Javid Osanlu

    I really love the song but, when an 18 year old girl sings a song with the lyric " if I knew it all then, would I do it again"....it is really hard to imagine that at that age she has experienced enough to say if she knew it all then would she do it again......that is something people say at the middle of their lives or last of their lives...LOL

  3. ben işte ben

    i also once had a dream where i died, it's kinda hard for me to explain it and put it into words but to tell about it briefly, i was lying on my bed and it was just like as if i woke up but i realized i couldn't speak or move because i died during my sleep. nobody was around to find out i was dead and i never felt more alone, making me realize how ridiculously alone we actually are as human beings at the end of everything. but it was also very calming; no headaches, no hurries, nothing to disappoint you, nothing you have to run for anymore and i never felt more peaceful. i actually understand now why we say rest in peace to the people who are gone because that's what they do anyway if my experience was any closer to the reality

  4. Chelsea Simbolon

    1:20 is gud

  5. Dream Nightcore

    "If they knew it all then, would I do it again?"
    Simply means that, if she knew about society, would she still continue her career?

    "If they knew what they said would go straight to my head, what would they say instead?"
    Means that if they knew that you take things too deep, would they lie?

  6. 707 Work

    She is the kind of different that makes music take another step forward as all the collective movement gains momentum to embellish us all with the universal language and soothing feelings of good language couple with sound that stimulates all of our minds....hopefully to a better mood ! Personally i can listen to it over and over, but then again im nuts

    Like this one


  7. Sara of Isla

    *"so i stepped off the golden"* 
    *"nobody cried"*
    *“nobody even noticed“*

    ugh this song hits you right in the feels💔
    i made a cover of it, would love for you to check it out if you have a minute

  8. jante prangnell

    Definitely reminds me a bit of Lorde, is there a name for this style of singing/music?

  9. Alan Joseph

    I made an electronic dance music cover of No Time To Die. Please check it out. Thank you ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExACpfmvZM8

  10. EndWRX

    One of her best released songs

  11. Bent Che3b

    Billie eillish : like
    Billie ellish : Comment

  12. isaac curbelo

    Why she sound depressed

  13. •C a t y - t h e- s w e t t•

    OMG!.I love your song Billie 💕💞💗💖🤟👍💌❤️😍😻💅💯😍🤩😭😮🥴 i'm crying😭😭

  14. Pedro Javier Gonzalez

    i don't get billie eilish

  15. Monique Williams

    Amazing voice, I love her!!!

  16. Brandon

    i always say to my ex "they dont deserve you" turns out "she doesnt deserve me".

  17. RandomAwesomeism

    Billie wrote this song to her brother? So sweet!!

  18. Christian Jones

    I’m waiting for the Minecraft Parody of this

  19. D ALLEN

    Sort of depressing. Not for me

  20. Shut up, You're beautiful

    بيلي أحبك أحبك أحبك وأحب صوتك مره 🥺❣️

  21. Halim Yonas

    Happy family❤💯 wish u long life

  22. 「g l e e 」

    Billie can remember her dream and could sing about it

    *Me when I dream*

    Oh that was a nice dream!

    *5 seconds later*


  23. tom thewriter

    I'm here after hobi's vlive and I don't regret 😭💜

  24. Carlos Gerardo

    Amo tanto esta canción

  25. Beleza em dose dupla


  26. at3n3a hernandez

    Me encanta tu voz bebe me encanta este sonido !!

  27. darren hutton

    love this song i cant stop listening to it :)

  28. itzfandom

    Maeve Wiley entered the chat

  29. Oliwia A

    The only song i like from Billie

  30. Mimi Maus

    Billie, ich hoffe du liest es...... Jesus kann dir helfen. Hab nur acht auf ihn. Er liebt dich. Don't won't love from people's. Need love from Jesus, he can help you always and.......

  31. Ithaca Skater

    I just want to die

  32. Caleb Green

    LOve you billie

  33. Aswan Abdullahع5555

    2020 February

  34. Aswan Abdullahع5555

    Who's in 2020 febuarg

  35. Aswan Abdullahع5555

    Omg Billie eilish I love you

  36. sajmon_1235

    *keep going*

  37. Sami Khorzom

    Reminds me of The XX

  38. S T

    L. Dre’s lo fi mix of this is AMAZZZIIINNNGGG

  39. soha ramteke

    2:50 is it her brother singing if you use earphones then you can hear his voice

  40. Faris Izzudin

    I want to drown in this song

  41. FanPage Billie Eilish

    Billie at 18: Wins 5 Grammys
    Me at 18: Playing hide and seek at my Granny's

  42. FanPage Billie Eilish

    billie in november: so i stepped of the golden
    billie in february: no time to die :D

    No No

    What the fuck is your profile pick. That's not even Billie

  43. Alfonso Valleza

    When people say music is dead in 2020 I will send them this video. :)

  44. Thrashers

    This song has a Dark Meaning


    Thats billies style boi

  45. Варвара Макарова

    January: step on the glass
    November: stepped off the golden

  46. Мария Черная

    My favorite song

  47. Ashleigh Yvette

    This song is the best song of 2019 this song makes me happy when i sing it or hear it

  48. Norbico

    te amo pero mas a la cata

  49. Huso

    https://youtu.be/spIyzp8XDn4 original

    Specialized Chemicals

    This barely even sounds like that. Lmao what are you on?

  50. Cassual MAIL

    By the way the artist that made the painting is Jason Anderson, and he is amazing.
    Just thought he deserved some credit

  51. Roman XD

    Is the Golden Gate Bridge?

  52. Camila Campos

    At 1:31 if you listen closely it sounds like her brother is also singing

  53. W. HaisenBerg

    Skills and passes of ziyech , brought me here ..so nice this song ...

  54. Dog Løver


  55. Notoriouslydevious

    whenever I see the pic it reminds me of the golden gate bridge.

  56. Sofija Jokovic

    Check our my cover of this song! ❤️



  58. Snrs

    Very nice cover!!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  59. Daily Trend

    when I heard this song I was sure that it's a new song of Lana Del Rey..I was happy to hear "her" new single without having any idea about existence of Billie Eilish..

    Specialized Chemicals

    How thoooo? Lana has such a uniquely different voice you can instantly tell that it's her if you hear a song. It's so soft and alluring. So does Billie as Billie's is also soft but it has a slight raspiness to it. Not to mention, it's a little higher than Lana's.

  60. Ali


  61. Brionna Neukomm

    Martin Luther King has entered the chat 💭

  62. Ivayla Gugleva

    I'm in love with this song 😍❤😭

  63. Carla Valeria Ferrari

    Billie: nobody cried
    Me: *cries*

  64. Snow Angel

    Made on my bday

  65. GamerKid Rivas


  66. Laura Cuell

    I like this song but her voice annoys me 😖 I wish she would sing louder instead of whispering

  67. オレイヌ_BBA

    love u …

  68. Sandra luz Villegas

    What pais billie eilish?
    I am love you

  69. Nancy Ditzenberger

    My family loves your songs

  70. cspaulding42

    Do you cuss all the time

  71. Mergen Studios

    Your like a philosophy genius

  72. taekook army

    It is very very veryyyyyyy coooooooollllll❤️❤️❤️🤩🤩

  73. Christian Jacques

    It speaks truth but in a lullaby way

  74. Ølæ čhãn


  75. E E T Z J O S H

    Ad before the video: Billie endorsing headphones with everything I wanted in the background. Video: Everything I wanted. Ad after the video: Billie endorsing headphones with everything I wanted in the background. It’s a sandwich but it’s just bread.

  76. 2PAC 96

    Me dream🤲

  77. SQUiiD CCO

    This song sounds awfully the same as the xx sunset .. interesting. When juice WRLD did that all hell broke loose. Billie does it shes an inspiration! Lmao what a fuckin joke this world is hahaha

  78. •Da4k Reverse •


  79. Bubblez INC

    I love this song

  80. Eva DEBUIGNE

    Omg 😍😍😍

  81. Sophia Lillis

    I love you Billie


    Woww very very very good ı love you billie

  83. Power Krümel

    Omg before the music video came her advertise for those Headphones while playing everything i wanted

    Sry for bad english (i'm german)

  84. Maxim Gerasimov

    SO DEEP (c) 13yo girls

  85. Nkazimulo Syanda

    Hey people who love house music check the Southern african remix of this song by kabza de small and Dj maphorisa it is awesome trust me only if u like house music especially Deep house

  86. Ela S

    Billie❤️❤️❤️you are the best singer i know i love to hear your music and your voice. stay as you are because you are unique. i dream so often that i see you and hope that this dream will come true because you are simply the best...I know my english is very bad because I’m from Germany but still i hope you see that❤️❤️I love you Billieeeeee

  87. Julia Nowacka

    Halo polska! Jesteście?

  88. shahina

    listening to this at 0.75x speed in a car ride while it’s raining really hits differently

  89. Kai Mohidin


  90. Черненький Анатолій

    Русских вообще нет в коментах )

  91. Miriam Chuc

    I Fucken Luv You Billie💗💗💗🌹🌹🌹😭😭😭

  92. Forz Ahh

    Really great song

  93. Exotic Butters

    this is one of those songs you want on Valentine's Day when you have no Valentine...can y'all relate, or not?

  94. oedalis

    What about crediting the thumbnail artwork?

  95. Tory C


  96. Emmanuella Deshaies

    Am I the only one to see that in the painting, there's the bridge, and a sunrise/sunset?? I hope not ;-;

  97. la yo :V

    Omg q hermoso