Eilish, Billie - Bad Lyrics

Your butt is mine, I'm gonna tell you right
Just show your face in broad daylight
I'm telling you on how I feel
Gonna hurt your mind, don't shoot to kill
I'm giving you on count of three
To show your stuff or let it be
'Cause I'm telling you just watch your mouth
I know your game what you're about

But they say the sky's the limit
And to me that's really true
But my friend you've seen nothing
So just wait till I get through

Because I'm bad, I'm bad, c'mon
You know I'm big, I'm bad, you know
You know I'm big, I'm bad, I'm really really bad
And the whole world's got has to answer right now
Just to tell you once again
Who's bad?

The word is out, you're doing wrong
Gonna lock you up before too long
Your lying eyes gonna tell you right
So listen up, don't make a fight
Your talk is cheap, you're not a man
You're throwing stones to hide your hands

But they say the sky's the limit
And to me that's really true
But my friend you have seen nothing
So just wait till I get through

Because I'm big, I'm bad, c'mon
You know I'm big, I'm bad, you know
You know I'm big, I'm bad, I'm really really bad
And the whole world's got to answer right now
Just to tell you once again
Who's bad?

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Eilish, Billie Bad Comments
  1. Thanasis Ballas

    Less dark next time

  2. Zick Zack

    Bald gay

  3. Diego SP

    To and I forget that I am from Argentina and I speak Spanish

  4. Diego SP

    Hello Billie Eilish since I saw you in bad guy I fell in love with you and I know that you do not know that I exist and I like you very much the same. I hope you read it because I dreamed about you one day

  5. Sol Blanco

    Hola soy fan pero no hablo ingles

  6. Navtez Singh

    Me when i have a sore throat: 1:10

  7. Tomás Caminos

    love su música

  8. Aliza Ali

    this song was released on my birthday 29 march...

  9. Бедный Задрот

    Ху из фром раша параша?

  10. Idalis Llorente

    Billie catas hermoso ojala y algún día pudiera conocerte en persona soy tu fan numero 1 claro soy una niña de 10 años

  11. Mundo-SAD-

    Plis si puedes as un vídeo musical q se trate de xxtentacion

  12. juanlatortuga

    Aguante guns and roses

  13. Gabriel Rodrigues

    i'm not the bald guy

  14. C_U_T M_E

    Billie can you come to romania for all those kids here

  15. amarpaath/আমারপাঠ

    A funny video and a good video

  16. Lockwoods

    I only came here to like SethEverman's comment.
    Wouldn't it be funny if it got more likes than the video itself?

  17. CretinTV

    No word of a lie this has to be hands down the single worst song I have ever heard. JJ Ice fish, Gangnam Style and Baby fucking Shark are way better than this trash and they’re all cancerous.

  18. القلب العزيز 505

    You king

  19. Fatma Sena KEÇECİ

    Türkler nerdeğ yaw o kadar konuşuluyor Billie ellish Türkiye’de yorum yapan yok :D

  20. Marvin González

    You My sang favorite like he's You

  21. The Frustrated Boy

    After hearing the song I don't want to be a Bad Guy😅🙄

  22. Ayush Spooke

    I've taken out my invisilan and this is the Album.
    Me - Hush !

  23. Mohammad Omar

    540k likes but still bad guy got 2.1 likes

  24. YellowSX

    No I'm the original baddy guy

  25. Alaa Hamdy

    I'm the bald guy

  26. prettythug2731

    WhaTs ThE deFiniTion oF a Man *

    We SpoKe abouT This aLready guYs !

    OuT • Side

    I StiLL Wonder [ . ] ———> Wink 😉

  27. Aaromal K . J

    “It's actually because of the one comment, this song became famous ”
    - future fools

  28. Marko J

    I don't know !!!! Whyy??????
    Because billie is the kids with most likes on YouTube.... ok! But why is she so creepy.. she has talent [BAD GUY]🖤

  29. Asen Jamir

    24.7M subscribers... Lol the least I saw 😁😁😁

  30. FPSGamer48

    You know why I’m here. Same reason as you. His comment is at 2.1 million when I’m writing this.

  31. Richard

    I am reading all the comments and ask myself why I didn‘t write that 😂😅😂

  32. pizzais good


    Aaromal K . J

    Still a buster.

  33. josetomas villasecafigueroa

    Rewind for elrubius

  34. Diana Tascu-Stavre

    You are a wonderful man

  35. Marisol Celiz

    Soy la única que piensa que está canción perturba la mente? Esta chica parece satánica a propósito alguien sabe cuál es el vídeo en el que ella saca arañas por su boca?

  36. Stay positive 25

    Can you put a like? 🥺 💕💕💕
    10,000 Like ??? Please

  37. Rock Block

    I'm not a bald guy

  38. Fabian Maneiro

    Sos la mejor bille elish

  39. Diana Tascu-Stavre

    Follow pls

  40. Diana Tascu-Stavre

    My instagram @didi.tascu

  41. Diana Tascu-Stavre

    I love you

  42. XaviorPrime

    Can i get 2 likes

    N4ppy PVP

    Uhh no.. maybe

  43. vinay prasad

    when there is no internet
    Le me : 1:15

  44. Оловуддин Ахмедов

    l am the good guy


    SethEverman: uŁuuŁuułuUłU.
    Billie Eilish: Wtf fack 🤯.
    SethEverman: My Best clan.
    Billie Eilish: -_-.

  46. ToothyGlitter 74

    I LOVE YOU Billie Eilish

  47. prettythug2731

    *[[ here ....... —————> CurseS <—————

  48. Jaya Parmar

    Seth Everman is the bald guy.

  49. Moon on yt

    Setheverman are the bald guy lol 🤣🤣

  50. PauliN -_-

    Quem tá Aki por causa do Lucas ??

  51. Arthur Jensen

    i'm the bald guy

  52. Sobirjon Sharipov

    Who is seeing this vodeo 2020 December

  53. Abdimalik Hassan

    Im the black guy

  54. Больши сюда ни пиши Ат тибя гавной ваняет

    My grandfather: I'm the old guy

  55. Z1Z0140

    Thats a fuck bad song dude

  56. emranezeid khalid official

    When your mother didn't guve you to buy ps4

  57. Ezequiel Gomez

    Aflojale a la merca!

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    Вы что из США USA

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  60. 啼くに啼けないホトトギス


  61. يوسف محمد

    i'm the bald guy

  62. yassine louhmane

    Looool this song has the bossa nova rythm, or im just crazy?

  63. Leproso HD

    who else here after the yt comment update just to see the bald guy

  64. Boneless EXP

    I came here to see Seth bye

  65. Lisa B.

    Schrecklich 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    Verena Zimmer

    Sehe ich genauso 😂

  66. The Legend 27554

    i'm the glad guy

  67. LIMON4IK

    * Who doesn't like school?*
    Gow mutual dudes

  68. Natural

    Billie Talking: I’m the bad guy, Duh

    Billie singing: 𝐼’𝓂 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒷𝒶𝒹 𝑔𝓊𝓎, 𝒟𝓊𝒽

  69. флокер 619

    i'm the bald guy

  70. Gary Sims

    This is music everyone. The world isn't ending its over.

  71. Pongbura Pamz

    Billie ngentot yok

  72. Amina ???

    Im the Billie Eilish guy

  73. Martin Guevara camacho

    Vengo de xvideos xdxd

  74. Dániel Molnár

    Imagine Billie Eilish turn off comments on this video.

  75. Courtney McClure

    *crunches knees*

  76. Jerry Fernández

    Es el brayan

  77. Harsh Beniwal

    WHO IS here after HIS video

  78. ClavPer '

    Все пришли чтобы посмотреть на комментарий лысого

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  80. Mohamad Massalha

    i feel there is something strange with the amount of likes comments get in Billie Eilish videos...

  81. Cri conf

    This Is very strange

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  83. Negative

    *Here is your proof that u'll be here after 1Billion views.*


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    I'm the cat guy.

  85. ALGP Gamers

    Jajajaj una bosta esa música orrible

  86. Dragana Papovic

    I'm the bad guy duh!

  87. UnicornFischii

    Bro that bass is no joke

  88. TurtleO’Confusion

    Why is this song hurting my brain?

  89. Cen9 GG


  90. Владимир Беденко


    Cen9 GG

    Я русский

    Владимир Беденко

    @Cen9 GG красава

  91. Eric Postolachi

    Who's here before WW3 ?

  92. fire man

    Who is better?

    Like: *Billie Eilish*

    Comment: *Other girls*


    So sad that im the only one that doesn't ignores you