Eighteen Visions - Of Pain Lyrics

I stare down your blood coated throat glancing back into what was daylight.
It shines on your dismembered body as vengeance drips from my hand.
Paint your walls with dead flesh.
Watch it rot. let it stain.
A whore to your project, they suffer in shackles of human exploitation.
Chain of blood see it sleep.
Rusty knife to apparatus.
Sweat glazed palms.
Eyes glisten with fear.
Bleed these scars you bear
And let me piss on your open wounds.
Slip struggle to your feet.
Choke on the wretched stench of a whorehouse and let the innocent cry.
No more excuses now its your time to die.

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Eighteen Visions Of Pain Comments
  1. Billy Alarie

    wow this shit is HARD

  2. Aldo Escobedo

    m shadows?? what the..?? are you serious??

  3. Efrain Towers

    Sounds like m shadows around 1:05

  4. beastofthestreest

    hey dude thanx for having most of 18v's music up on this sight sux they broke up but its nice to see there still some fans out there!