Egypt Central - Over And Under Lyrics

I know you'll be there
To see the tables turning
Wake up tomorrow
And watch the bridges burning

I can see
I can see it in your eyes
I can feel
I can feel it in my mind
I don't care
I don't care if you realize
What you see
What you see in my eyes

I'm over me being under you
I'm breaking free I'm breaking through
I've overcome all I'm underneath
I can finally stand
I can finally breathe

Remember when we
First had the thought of living
A perfect picture
But I did all the giving
Gave up my passions
To try to make you happy
The joke is over
And I'll do all the laughing

I can see
I can see it in your eyes
I can feel
I can feel it in my mind
I don't care
I don't care if you realize
What you see
What you see in my eyes

I'm over me being under you
I'm breaking free I'm breaking through
I've overcome all I'm underneath
I can finally stand
I can finally breathe
I can breathe

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Egypt Central Over And Under Comments
  1. Jack Shephard

    Which scene this music played at Condemned? I cant find it

  2. Prince Of Darkness

    Yo bro love the name haha

  3. Oleg Krstitelj

    Thanks uberdanger, I guess?

  4. Keiran J

    Tony Hork and UberDaddy brought me here

  5. Nerf The Bush

    Anyone here from UberDanger?

  6. InvaderOfDarkness

    Glad these guys are back at it again.

  7. Brian M

    MAGA is over and under this fake impeachment stuff. Hello Melania from the Pacific Northwest USA. So sexy and beautiful

  8. TheGuitNewb87

    The whole Egypt Central album is top-notch. Got to see them live by chance once, great live show

  9. Elyse Moon

    Imma time travel and ask if anyone is listening in 2022? Also, do we have robut butlers yet?

  10. Noah Blain

    how many are here because of wwe smackdown vs raw 2009

  11. karimkopra

    omg !! who what ?! when !!
    2010 !! u kidding me !
    r they even from egypt !?

    antoine laveaut

    Idk if you're serious or not, anyway they're from memphis tennessee, wich of course is in america.

  12. Mikeyboy

    Mtw? 🤔

  13. Chris Plasmeijer

    2020 still here!


    No one cares!

    Random Guy

    No one fucking cares!

    Vladislavs Skirpanovs

    I do, Rock on bud.


    They have a few new songs fam :) they're back.

  14. Pongsarun Pornwiriyangkura

    This song will exist forever!!!!

  15. Jaqueb Dawson

    Roll up

  16. Tamer Jjeney

    I remember listening this in 2012 :)))))) and guess this was the last time dam love wolfteam time ~

  17. Oh Yeah Nahui

    What is this song actually abiut is there any hiddem meaning?

  18. حمد الرشودي

    Condemned any one?

  19. Jared Thibodaux

    From the first time I ever heard this song it was permanently stuck in my head. Still listening after all these years.

  20. Joseph Kennedy

    One of my favorite song I blast out loud 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. MightyGoodSteak

    play this at 1.25 Speed It's better

  22. Sidewayz L

    2020-2021 anyone ??

  23. Amenta013

    Just broke up with my abusive ex. This is what it feels like. I can finally breathe

  24. Miss Independent

    Can't stop listening to this song.

  25. game vibe a youtube host edited show

    Appearance i wear an impersanators outfit legally and live in space legally

  26. game vibe a youtube host edited show

    Combined with this one ill upload a picture of me as my birth given

  27. game vibe a youtube host edited show

    Im eternal your not

  28. game vibe a youtube host edited show

    Live you'll die

  29. game vibe a youtube host edited show

    Once in a

  30. game vibe a youtube host edited show

    Go and sing this

  31. game vibe a youtube host edited show

    And live and space

  32. game vibe a youtube host edited show

    Early in day im mix egyptian shapeshifter like legend

  33. MIMFX Enhance Your Stream

    Shroud led me here. Great Song!

  34. Joe Bart

    Badass song glad I found it

    Travis Morgan

    it is indeed a good song

    Joe Bart

    I would have to concur. Never heard it of b4. Must say its incredibly easy on the ears

  35. Kevin Haag

    Great song I relate to this song to much tho

    Xana Willam

    No such thing

  36. Serau999 Video

    2019 Boys!!!

    pinpointocean 95

    Hell yeah

  37. armvitosha

    I am pleb

  38. Daniel Bekker

    Heard Shroud playing this in a stream and here i am

  39. Hentai Senpai

    2019 NEAR 2020 ?






    always :)

    Jakože Filip

    Here 👍🏻

    Jorge Jimenez

    Into 2020 🤘

  40. Senritsu

    All: 2018? 2019? 2020?
    Me: today?

    Chaotic Neutral

    That's some next level thinking right there...

  41. PlusMinus1337


  42. Mohsen Abdelaziz

    1.25× thank me later

  43. M T Ullah Ammm

    wow.....this song brings back nostalgic

  44. BlankMaster000

    Thought this was a song about the revolution for a long time until i realised he said "bridges" instead of "british".

  45. Dom Salter

    thanks Shroud

  46. Yué Lî

    12 september 23:40

    i commented

  47. José Hernández

    Oh yeah, I like this

  48. NeverLuckyy

    Omg that beginning is too fking GOOOOOD

  49. Sniper And Scanty

    I love that song 😎

  50. Asura

    was listening to "punish you" by arion and thought, wait a minute you heard that melody before.. And so here I am. They have surprisingly similar sounding parts

  51. Ashadyr

    That's the weekly intro song of a fictional wrestling league I wrote for for a few years. Good memories, man... :/

  52. nick boelhouwer

    this song is so good

  53. Willy Augusto

    Mais New your

  54. Deliciously Harmful Productions

    awesome!!! good ole fashioned alternative punk, then again... i wouldn't say my genre specifications are analytically correct. sick track, who cares what it is!

  55. Thomas Davis

    Knew about this band a few years ago but just recently searched for them and fell in love with this song !!!!!

  56. Ryan Girouard

    Gonna listen to this song while storming Area 51

    K K

    Ryan Girouard fuck area 51

  57. Ruben dario Parra

    Nunka detengan éstos grupos es la salvación de esta cultura rockera no más musika de despecho y popular de mierda cómo la de med

  58. SAMER NA

    Wrestlemania 26

  59. Niklas Vilhelm

    Oh shit it's 9 years today!

  60. dusty smith

    dude loved my bbq at solarfest in tupelo ms.

  61. NeverLuckyy

    This beggining is so fking good

  62. Half Baked 420

    Who heard this from the condemmed?

    Mainak Basu

    Me. Heard it for the first time and got instantly hooked. But didn't have a smart phone or internet connection back then. Once I got a smartphone, I just typed in condemned soundtrack and found this.

  63. Gabo B

    llegué aquí por la reproduccion automática. Excelente :)

  64. drummer4hire

    Love this song

  65. Speedy

    6.6.2019 can't wait 2 more days :)

  66. sean balogun

    This song should've been in wwe svr 2009

  67. Vlad Kol

    Thanks Asmongold

  68. Tobias Sonntag

    Babel sprachen lernen

  69. Tobias Sonntag


  70. Tobias Sonntag


  71. Narke Bonkers

    I just found this band yesterday. They rock!

    Robert Mitchell

    Wow! Better late than never I guess. Listen to " You make me sick" and " White Rabbit". I have been a fan of these guys for many years now. Enjoy!

    Niklas Vilhelm

    Same 😂

    Niklas Vilhelm

    Or maybe a month or something

  72. Kerry Hettinger

    This song is so my life right now.. Awesome track

  73. John Bzn

    I like that

  74. Bart A

    workout music! 💪🔥

  75. •Team Exo•

    Too bad these guys arent together anymore

  76. Sawney Thomas

    This song would make a AMV for Resident Evil. :D

    Allessandra Baron-Gracie

    It really would.
    Watch The Condemned. It's at the end and it fit perfectly.

    Omnipotent Punch

    White rabbit went with resident evil so i dont see why this wouldnt lol is the condemned a movie?

  77. Jan Garža

    9 years old song and it´s still best <3

  78. Ayberk Eryılmaz

    coma derindarbe orospu çocuğu

  79. Lucas S

    Música dos deuses

  80. Szymon Dudziński


  81. Даниил Крылов

    Отличная песня.

  82. Devan

    I thought this song was underrated at 13 and think it’s still underrated at 23.

  83. original disciple

    does anyone know if they are ever going to do another album?

  84. Loe Loyola

    Can somebody explain why people comment the year?

    Niklas Vilhelm

    They are retards

  85. Mike

    Why it got only 1,3 million views ?

  86. Mirous

    Counter-Strike: Source times.. GOLD!

  87. Rodny Mulen

    Nice song i'm skater from morocco its really very nice song

  88. Edgar Solano

    1 million!!!!!!

  89. Justin Campbell

    I found this on a czw tournament of death highlight video.... FUCK THE WWE ;)