Eels - My Descent Into Madness Lyrics

Springfield's looking pretty dusty today
I see their dreams coming undone
The view from inside ward nine affords this much
A town teeming with the unloved
Close the window and lock it so it's good and tight

La la la la la la la la
La la la la la

Turning eighteen and trying not to look too lost
Have a not so nice day
The jacket makes me straight so i can just sit back and bake
You know i think i'm gonna stay
Talking very loud but no one hears a word i say

La la la la la la la la
La la la la la
La la la la la la la la
La la la la la

Come visit me tonight at eight o'clock
And then you'll see how i am not the crazy one
Voices tell me i'm the shit

Twenty days go by and every day looks the same

La la la la la la la la
La la la la la
La la la la la la la la
La la la la la

I'm the shit

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Eels My Descent Into Madness Comments
  1. Mike Bradt

    Mark writes the most honest lyrics and damn if they don't cut to the bone. through his pain though, you hear his humor, empathy, forgiveness and his genius. check out "somebody loves you" and try to hold back the tears

  2. swish007

    'voices tell me i'm the shit' that part cracked me up the first time i heard it

    Ojo Jones

    Then later in the song you can hear, "I'm the shit."

  3. Diesel

    i remember smoking out at this indie party and my hippie friend was dj. He was playing wilco, beck, radiohead, raconteurs and of course these bad ass mofos right here!

    Everyone paused at the perfect time when "voices tell me i'm the shit" played. Had everyone vibing!

  4. sockmo

    See this watch you gave me, it still ticks away.

  5. KillerBEAT360

    i dont understand how Eels haven't found huge success.

    Anny JaDí

    Mitchell Coole I read "Things the grandchildren should know", Mark's autobiography, and I came to the conclusion that since E is so honest with himself and what he considers is his music and his art, he has made some tough decisions along his career that costed him his image at the music industry as a "difficult person" as he says in this book.

    He's always working on something new and different, he says sometimes people who contract his band for concerts feel let down when they don't give a show like the one they did before, even their fans can feel disappointed when a new album's style is different from the others.

    But as he has said too: his music is his life, he fights for what he believes, and I personally admire his bravery to trust in himself and not letting them win when they told him "this music's too sad", "it's not commercial enough to play on the radio"... And just kept going.

    His music is literally all that he has, it saved his life. I think he has pretty clear that his art isn't for everyone, but he also knows that there's people out there who really appreciate it.

    So yeah, E never dreamed of being famous, E just wanted to make music because that's his passion, and maybe he has been avoiding that huge success, especially if it meant doing something he wouldn't feel comfortable with... But I understand you, I sometimes wish his music could be more popular because that would give me the chance to go to one of his concerts... He means a lot to me.


    ...not to mention giving them the material compensations they surely deserve for making such brilliant work. Yes, it's very cool to be in the club & know the secrets all the stupid masses don't -- but you know, the artists are the ones paying the price for your specialness.

    L Larson

    Also depends on how you measure success. ;)

    James PW

    Anny JaDí, this is my fave eels album, I really like the styles that was used. Also, this song makes me extremely nostalgic, cause it reminds me off a production I was part off... I love Eels and listening to this song makes me happy and sad. It's a beautiful song


    Diogo Segovia keep the ticket prices low! Haha

  6. paul elliott

    This is the shit
    Simply awesome and such a wonderful blend of instruments
    Pure brilliance

  7. Katrina Fitzgerald

    Whoever disliked this is an idiot. This is the shit.

  8. Grrrl

    That deep feeling of hopelessness played on this pretty little happy and innocent tune... This perfect song describes my teenage life.


    "That deep feeling of hopelessness played on this pretty little happy and innocent tune"
    U nailed it perfectly; that seems to be their USP ("unique selling proposition" in corporate-speak).
    Took it to its apotheosis in "Last Stop This Town," my own personal fave of theirs.
    If it helps, that "deep hopelessness"? "It gets better" is not just a cliché; it's really true. Hope it already has for you.

  9. Duagnir.

    Anyone know from what music the sample of violin at 0:41 is it? (sorry for my bad english)


    i don't know it. i was thinking about that today.

  10. russ117044

    WE are all $ hit.

  11. LocalTourist

    come at me bro (hug)

  12. nimnim nimer

    who can possibly not like this?

  13. L3dtube

    havent heard this in weeks AAAHHH xD

  14. BWFSabian

    Difficult second album......

    James PW

    Idk, I think the first 3 Eels album have the same style to them. This is my fave out of Beautiful Freak and Daisies of The Galaxy though. Both beautiful records, it's a shame this one gets overlooked.

    paul elliott

    James PW
    This album is a true masterpiece, as is Daisies of the Galaxy
    Couldn't love this song more ... the strings/the organ/the drums ... and E .... such a brilliant song

  15. LuaBloe

    This song is just perfect...:D

  16. Paul De Leon

    electro shock blues used to be my lullabye circa '98-2000

  17. MrSausagess

    I heard that E smiled last Thursday nite.

  18. Simon0

    @FriedAnt29 do you love me too?