Eels - Manchild Lyrics

And every time you crave for me i'm here
And anything you hunger for i'll share
And i will be quietly standing by
While slowly i am dying inside

Hold me in your arms
And let me be the one
Who can feel like i am a child in love

Every time i talk to you you're down
And every time you need a laugh i'm around
And when you forget i'm here i'm not
It isn't really me that you forgot

Hold me in your arms
And let me be the one
Who can feel like i am a child in love

Whisper now and tell me how
You'll watch me and tell me
Somehow i'm gonna be alright

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Eels Manchild Comments
  1. Hugo Ruela

    Funny enough they have one of my favourite Shrek songs aswell: I need to sleep. This song here is really sad but beautiful at the same time.

    Hi There

    Shrek also uses Eels' "My Beloved Monster" in the first movie

    Hugo Ruela

    Oh damn, need to check that. Thanks for the info!

  2. ramya kathal

    My ex boyfriend used to listen to this song for his ex girlfriend , and now I am listening this song for him ..... I don't know how to feel about this , it's just so emotional .

  3. Antoni Asto


  4. barack says

    I'm not having any fun.

  5. dumb head

    Now that I've been broken up, this song is so bittersweet

  6. Suvan Pubalan

    Anyone here because they like eels?

  7. beowulf916

    I had a very real moment, similar to the Futurama one everyone on here is talking about.

    I was thousands of miles away from home when the first dog I ever owned passed away. I felt like I couldn't grieve properly because I hadn't gotten to see him one last time like the rest of my family did.

    About two months ago now, I had a dream that I still remember every single detail of. It was set in a dimly lit tunnel that echoed lightly with the footsteps I took as I went deeper and deeper in. I heard something skittering toward me, but it was a familiar skitter, like claws trying to run on a slippery wooden floor, and I knew what it was then. I knelt down and held my arms out, and there was my dog, jumping into them. I had a good thirty seconds where I got to hold him, and it was like he was alive again; every single little detail about him was there.

    Of course I woke up and was sad that he wasn't there. But he came back to say goodbye; and that's more than I could have ever asked for.

  8. Jeff Claterbaugh

    Thank you Mom… I miss you

  9. Chase Jenks

    Futurama and Scrubs were probably the best two shows ever made. Futurama would probably be number 1. I think outside of these shows only certain anime have given me feels close to what these shows produce. But, have characters that I feel like I’ve walked in the same shoes. Even if I’m not a doctor or living in the year 3,000. I’m probably more Fry than I am JD though. I guess that gives it an extra layer of specialness or relatability. I watch Futurama and can see a reflection. Trying to fit into in a world where your clearly out of place. Unrequited love... till later seasons. I’ve been a deliver boy. I could go on.

  10. Kenneth Walker

    Yea futurama.. but i do love the eels

  11. XimengLOL

    Am I going crazy because I swear there were more lyrics in this song, I checked the other videos and the lyrics were missing, too, is it just me or am I not hearing it?

  12. Underground Hip Hop Paradise

    Afrer this listening i had to reconsider the concept of words like "music" and "song" becouse now the 99.9 % of those cannot more be called so.... never more.... never . . .

  13. HD Pictures

    I listen to this song when I can’t sleep

  14. barack says

    I'm not having any fun.

  15. thebadseed90

    I still have my mom. I’m sorry everyone who doesn’t.

  16. zhao ouyang

    I found it!!!

  17. steven munoz

    i wish i can call my dad again

  18. REplay Games

    Who else came here after Futurama?

  19. Mr Negativity

    Kinda sounds like R.E.M Everybody hurts

  20. Jerald Dean

    I tear up everytime I listen to this, especially right after the first run through the chorus, when the bass comes in.
    Ouch. . .I love the goosebumps, and the tears feel so strange, idc if I'm at the college, speed-eating, while I sob, surrounded by my peers! It hurts so good.

  21. Xx Knightmarexx

    Futurama anyone

  22. silas

    Im walking on sunhine

  23. TheFeloxPlay01

    2019? This song is very very sad :c

  24. Aco D

    Please somebody knows the author of the drawings? Great song, tho.

  25. Brian Pedroza

    I also found this song through one of my favorite shows ever (Futurama).. I was locked up for 8 years and on the day I was released I cried ridiculously hard in my mother's arms thankful that I was back alongside her. .. I'm sure Fry felt the same way.

  26. parz1

    4 years I've watched futurama pretty sure the show ended before I watched it but ive seen it over and over again damn I love that show never gets old always brings my memories and always brings strong emotions my mom thinks I'm a degenerate that I'm good for nothing but I'm just gonna live my life doing what I love.

  27. Esther Courson

    I wish that my relationship with my parents was better growing up. Dad was only concerned with alcohol and pills. Mom had to work to keep me supported. She worked 5 days a week sometimes 6, 12 hour days. She had to be a friend and a mother. It was very hard for her. I know i didnt turn out how they wanted but im trying. Even at 25 i wish i had that childish love that kids get from their parents who actually stay together. Ill never know a truely happy family.

  28. Maxime Théroux

    It is strange I've just learn my grandfather is done fighting. And the first thing I do is listening to this song.

  29. Richard Adams

    Time is depressing and ruins everything anyone?

    Richard Adams

    And it makes everything meaningless meaningful.

  30. Antonio Palella

    I love mamma

  31. james fry

    im here from Futurama i had to hear the whole piece of music i never realised how sad and beautiful this song was really was till now it almost feels like its a song about my life the sad times the happy times from one Fry to another thanks for making my life better

  32. Aster

    "I'm not happy" "I want to be happy, but I'm not happy" these words cut deeper than any though I've ever had

  33. Arcadia

    I subtitled this song to Spanish, its awesome

  34. TheCaptainG

    Coolest song ever to listen to with headphones

  35. Mikey P.

    I want to feel love again :-(

  36. Akaito San

    Futurama deserves another season

  37. andres rojass

    Todos aquí por el capítulo de futurama 😢😢😢😢

  38. Alien Martin

    Futurama brought me here

  39. Jared Harris

    I'm not having any fun

  40. _Aye .Mike_

    Futurama brought me here😥😥

  41. Kimberly Gonzalez

    Even though Futurama brought me here, this song has been healing for me.
    I've just began to deal with the trauma I endured when I was a child. It's hurting. But a good kind of hurt. Like a sword being pulled out of your leg. That...relief that it's over.
    This song makes me feel like it's wrapping its arms around me and telling me that one day, I'm going to be ok.

  42. Xin Cui

    Futurama brings me here.

  43. Xushi

    intro is creepy af

  44. James Beil

    Do you have any idea who the artist who you've used as the slideshow was?

  45. Max Frost

    This hits so hard to the heart

  46. Roy M

    I miss my mom and I just want to talk to her, just like Fry.

  47. Mr. P

    Elliot Smith Meets REM...

  48. CaptainClaymoar

    Wants to say so much... but decides the best and only thing that he wants is to hold her one last time

  49. Tatiana Rodriguez

    Im now just hearing this. Beautiful!

  50. Jeff Claterbaugh

    RIP Mrs Fry

  51. brokensoul8390

    Man, where do the producers find these songs? They're like hidden gems.

  52. Tlot Pwist

    Just rename the band Feels

  53. Bastian Martinez

    And every time you crave for me, 
    I'm here.

    And anything you hunger for,
    I'll share.

    And I will be quietly standing by,
    While slowly I am dying inside.

    Hold me in your arms,
    And let me be the one who can feel,
    Like I am a child in love.

    Every time I talk to you,
    You're down.

    And every time you need a laugh,
    I'm around.

    And when you forget I'm here,
    I'm not.
    It isn't really me that you forgot.

    Hold me in your arms,
    And let me be the one who can feel,
    Like I am a child in love.

    Whisper now,
    And tell me how,
    You watch and tell me,
    I'm gonna be alright.

  54. whitefangv

    Damn that Futurama episode got to me 😭!

  55. kissrrc

    Why isn’t this on Spotify?

    Westley Ward

    kissrrc its too good for spotify

  56. ReplayTSL

    Lucky for fry, my mom doesn’t give a rats ass about me

    K-pop is revolutionary

    Then she can go to hell.

  57. Mister Asian

    An excellent choice for the ending scene of 'Game of Tones.'

  58. Maggie Hall

    Futurama was one of my Son's favorite shows. He would watch it with his new bride and Manchild became "their song" - I think it is so beautiful... It wasn't until after he died that I looked up the episode Game of Tones and watched it. I've seen it now probably 7 or 8 times so far and not even close to being tired of it. I realized the episode reminded him of me and how we were apart and missing eachother. I cry so hard not knowing what it is he wanted to tell me. I miss him more than words can say... It is "Our song" now... I Love you, Son <3

    Zoe Wells

    That’s sad and all but why did you type the word ‘REPLY’ under your comment? Were you trying to type in the reply button or something?

    Mergie S

    +Zoe Wells
    Probably a copy+pasted comment.

  59. 서은재

    Useless comments...that make me sad


    Talk about the song! Not a futurama

  60. KG Games

    Seems there's almost noone who knew Eels before watching that Futurama episode, which is kinda sad, but at the same time I'm really glad they used this song so people would get to know how awesome Mark Everett is.

  61. andrew PSYCHO

    why did delete this video

  62. Scoot Playz

    Make it count my friend

  63. Zaal 79

    i was there

  64. Aimon Cabral

    I mean, the song is awesome, and we all love futurama
    But I don't see enough comments about the pictures of the video, they are nice

  65. Jacob Hall


  66. Rainbow Snake

    You know, something about this reminds me of the school of psychology that once thought that children who grow up without a particular form of affection, eventually grow up to crave it in their relationships.

  67. El Guapo

    These comments are making me cry

  68. Elijah Fontanez

    My birth mother left me with my dads aunt because she couldn't take care of me and I like to think this is how she thinks of me but I have so much resentment for her that I can't bare to talk to her even after 19 years I don't know where she is how she is doing or if I even matter to her

  69. Chermander King

    futurama brought me here

  70. mysteryman111100

    Futurama brought me here

  71. Burt Sink

    Always get teary :(

  72. Jambi

    Were all just searching for a purpose everyday i wake up wanting for everything to just end and my existence to be erased but people are going for worse shit so i have to tread on


    coolkid2913 you gotta, man. I'm in the same place. Find something to look forward to and another and another.

  73. Colin Gray

    This song broke me.

  74. rude vegetarian

    i just finished Futurama completely through and ive realized how long this show has been with me, and how much of a crutch its been for the rough times of my life... super appreciative of the show and all the smiles it gave me when all i felt like doing was breaking down..

  75. Douglas Weiss

    Cat was run over 2 months ago as of the 18th of June. I had that cat since the moment he was born since the mom lived with us. He made me a cat person over a dog person and had the cutest little details in his fur. Named him Ringo and loved seeing him take my chair when I got home or meowing outside my room window (even if it woke me up and I had work the next day). Being around him was the best, he was my best friend. I learned this song 2 weeks before he died and he's been in my dreams on and off and I thought of the Futurama episode when I woke up and cried. I came home from Star Wars Con after being there for 3 days and in the last few minutes I saw him when I went to bed, I didn't treat him the way I should've, I even let him out. Had I not he'd still be there :/ I miss you so much Ringo <3 I'd do anything to get you back. He doesn't deserve to be dead, even if he's still conscious he deserves to be here physically.


    Douglas Weiss RIP Ringo.

  76. Kirsten Miller

    A boy told me everytime he hears this song he thinks of me. I haven't listened to the full thing yet. Idk what to think

    Cameron Jessup

    He loves you but fears it is unrequited love. If you care for him reach out to him, if not let him down gently as he is pretty keen on you if this is his go to!

  77. Gandalf TheBrown

    God dammit heart strings!!!!

  78. Parth Yagnik

    futurama rules

  79. Spotto Darumon

    Only annoying thing about this song. How it changes left to right in ears.

  80. Brandon HAYGOOD

    When you just like the song for the song and not because it was in an episode of Futurama

  81. greengeek562

    My mom passed 3 years ago, this episode and this song both make me wish even moreso that she were here for me to hug and talk to.


    greengeek562 I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you are doing well.

  82. zorminto el fllo

    Pobre Fry :_(

  83. SPRTN 1775

    Watching in spring of 2017?

  84. James Dunny

    I recently watched Game of tones and it hit me pretty hard. I have lost my grandfather 8 years ago, 2 days before my birthday. I recently lost my ex and lost a great paying job. This threw me into an emotional break down and I haven't cried like that in a very long time.

  85. Angel Gonzalez

    there's a lot of cool people on the comments section I found my people

  86. Kevin Manh

    I played this in the car one of the last days my girlfriend was here in America. I remember pulling over and hugging her tightly as this song played. I remember her crying on my shoulder and kissing her tears. I miss her everyday and can't wait to see her again.

  87. Already Used

    I dedicate this song to my dog, cat and bird.

  88. Nice A

    Stop crying!
    You all still have Zoidberg!

  89. Some Bloke

    Futurama really made me think about my life as a whole, I've watched every episode more than twice since 1999.
    The best example of true loneliness, all fry has is Leela, the one person that really loves him.

  90. James Stack

    Just like everyone else here, I have to have a story of Futurama. I never really watched the show until I fell into an almost crippling depression. I couldn't get out of bed for two weeks and I was struggling to find reasons to live. My girlfriend, who has always loved the show, put it on and, in some way, it helped bring me back around. Ever since then if I feel depressed I watch the show and remember to never stop fighting.

  91. J. Vega

    I teared up watching that end of Futurama. The only one that made me cry was the one with Seymour when Fry thought he forgot about him but never did and waited and waited for him until he died of old age waiting for Frys return...

  92. Danosauruscreck

    I miss my girlfriend so much this song crushes me the pictures don't help

    Melanin Fujoshi

    I'm sorry, would you like to talk about it?


    yaoi rabbit naw she cheated on me and I just should move on

  93. Bjarke Stærkind

    I need eels to make one more verse

  94. Julian Gonzi

    Don't remember if this is from futurama or gta v radio station hahaha


    "I'm not having any fun"

    Cancer Itself185

    “I’m not happy. Oh, god. Why am I tired?”

  96. LoriAnn Grilley-Jamroz

    its all too beautiful~