Eels - Hospital Food Lyrics

Coming through the alley
Trying to walk without a sound
It doesn't really matter
'cause there ain't no one around
Tip toe through the alley and
Tip toe through your life
You still got it coming
Be it gun be it knife
Next thing you know
You're eating hospital food

Karaoke castration
Take the wasp alive
He's gonna sting you anyway
And take you to the hive
Yesterday was suckin' and
Tomorrow's looking bad
Who knew that today
Was the only thing I had

Hospital food
Want some hospital food
Hospital food
Delicious hospital food

In your tribute album to the world
You must never forget
To sing the one about the cat
Who's always getting wet
He's always got a problem
He's a very bitter dude
And now he is complaining
'bout his hospital food

Hospital food
It's gonna help the medicine go down
Want some hospital food
Gonna take a walk without a sound
A little hospital food
Helps the spoonful of sugar come up
I want some hospital food
In your blender and in my cup

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Eels Hospital Food Comments
  1. Todesengel

    Ari shafir sent me here

  2. Je Biga

    Sounds a lot like Morphine! Love this song

    Giancarlo Pacelli

    i think the same

  3. WarHammerPH

    They sound here on this track a bit of "BECK"

  4. Daniel Daniels

    Ah yeah... My favorite Eels song that no one else seems to know. Thanks.


    +Daniel Daniels My mother knows it. I played it to her once and she asked: "Hey, is that Morphine?" I have rarely felt more proud of her :)


    i know, it's so great.. idk why it's not as popular.

  5. Barbara Lasagna