Eels - Going To Your Funeral, Pt. 1 Lyrics

Going to your funeral and feeling i could scream
Everything goes away
Driving down the highway through the perfect sunny dream
A perfect day for perfect pain

Look at all the people with the flowers in their hands
They put the flower on the box
That's holding all the sand that was
That was once
That was once

Honolulu hurricane
I knew that you were not insane
Living in the insane world
Smiling like it's no big deal
Scabby wounds that never heal
The woman was only a girl

Look at all the people with their heads down in their hands
When everything i'm feeling makes it hard to understand
That, uh,
What i need to miss
It's what i need to miss
Is you

Going to your funeral and i'm feeling like a fool
No one's gonna take the blame
Thinking about the days of hanging out behind the school
Everything goes away

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Eels Going To Your Funeral, Pt. 1 Comments
  1. RastaSaiyaman

    When my cousin died, part two was played at the funeral. I asked my other cousin who compiled the music why he didn't include part one.

    He said that it would have hit too hard.

  2. Dilligaf?

    This song reminds me of when my mother died last year- even to the extent that I had this song in my head while I was carrying her coffin to the family grave.

    Still an open wound and still confused as fuck. Not sure you ever make sense of people you love ceasing to exist.

  3. MinorCirrus

    This is the purest rendition of immediate, unfiltered grief I've ever encountered. This confusion, the disruption between the beauty of the world and that urge to disappear from it... A perfect day for perfect pain indeed.