Eels - Elizabeth On The Bathroom Floor Lyrics

Laying on the bathroom floor
Kitty licks my cheek once more
And i could try
But waking up is harder when you wanna die

Walter's on the telephone
Tell him i am not at home
'cause i think that i am going
To a place where i am always high

My name's elizabeth
My life is shit and piss

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Eels Elizabeth On The Bathroom Floor Comments
  1. RedYellow Blue

    This whole album is so good. Not just good, but unique, there's nothing else quite like it.

  2. Planet_Dawsey

    “But waking up is harder when you wanna die”

    It sounds a bit cringy but honestly this song speaks to me

  3. sharpeningtheaxe

    I used to listen to this all the time when I was suicidal. After throwing myself fully into therapy for the past few months, I don’t relate to it the same way anymore. It helps me see how far I’ve come, and it’s still a great song.

    unknown comment

    @blue nice pfp


    @unknown comment thanks! It's the cover art of The Lonesome Crowded West by Modest Mouse, it's a great album! You should give it a listen.

    unknown comment

    @blue cool, i will
    Thank you!


    @unknown comment no problem! Have a nice day :)

    unknown comment

    @blue same to you!

  4. Darryl Lenette

    I actually got something from this song yes those thoughts are back again!

  5. Keith Otis Edwards

    Nice song, but it's not as depressing as *Today Is Only Yesterday's Tomorrow* by Lothar & the Hand People, from 1968. Https:// That song is both depressing _and_ funny.

  6. DHanks Gaming

    A very deep and meaning full song straight from the heart.

    DHanks Gaming

    Also eels really deserve more attention nowadays. They make great songs and all the stuff E has gone through he needs some more good in his life

  7. naked king

    ekşi'den gelenler?

  8. Edison Trent

    I am NOT OK

  9. Bored

    I really want to say something, because this song really moved me and it's becoming the soundtrack of my depression... but I can't find the word, as always.....

  10. alex emanuelli

    I'm thinking about Mark Linkous now... don't know why

  11. paul elliott

    A painful but beautiful song
    Eels - E writes like no-one else

  12. The Endless Blue

    I'm here, because i love the song. and i want to die, i really do. I can't stop thinking about ending it, once and for all.


    Please don't do that. I know how everyone says "It's gon get better" and you feel like that's absolute horseshit but it isn't. I've 2 suicide attempts last year but now, I'm out of it and I feel amazing. So, tbh, it actually gets over.
    This was my favourite song during that time and I was at an absolute low. But, it gets better.

    The Endless Blue

    @Eliizabeth hello Elizabeth, I'm here 10 months later. I don't wanna die anymore. I don't know if that means it got better or not. But I think I knew how to deal with it, and hope for better. Thank you. I hope you're better too. Be safe and have a good life.

  13. Electro-Shock Blues 42

    Man... Poor guy.

  14. CheGumby

    it's fine that they are obscure, the edges matter

  15. mike malo

    never knew much about mark or the people in most bands. really like his music; some of his songs hit me emotionally, at times. hearing this about his sister, I am aware that i feel numb in a bad way. i wish i hadn't found out about this.

  16. uk fighting

    His sisters name was Elizabeth she commited suicide back in 1996.

    Liz Adams

    my name is elizabeth and i was born in 1996. weird

    Molly Landgraff

    this was apparently one of her last diary entries

  17. PASIV

    was getting high with my boyfriend and suddenly this song played randomly because i turned on auto play. then started crying, and he just hugged me for so long and wiped my tears with tissue. idk now it sounds more painful

  18. asb

    I don't think I've ever related to a song this much before. I'm depressed and I work 12 hour shifts in a nursing home. My job is about 80% cleaning up people's piss and shit. I never sleep and I just lay on the floor on my time off, and my cat doesn't even care about me. I just want to get out of this rut forever.

    Matt McCormick

    +asb Hang in there - quit the job - take a road trip - go off on an adventure - you can find a way to survive - make a radical change - but stay positive!


    Definitely quit your job. Don't worry about what might happen, get another one, go back to school, go on a trip. Do whatever, just do something. I am trying to make a drastic change myself because I am unhappy with what I'm doing and it's just not worth it.

    Jessica Kratzert

    you aren't alone<3

  19. I'll go to hell for what my dirty mind is thinking

    I've been here for almost an hour trying to write a comment that portrays my emotions for this song, but it's useless. The song speaks for itself.

    unknown comment

    Your username reminds me of myself

    Barb DeSouza

    If you cant find words, let the song inspire you in another way. Paint or draw something that represents the mood of the song.

  20. Vlad The Implier

    I hope I go to a place where I'm always high

  21. Emily Bailey

    Lmao, one time I overdosed and had this song playing on repeat. My name is Elizabeth, and my initials actually spell EEL. So not only does this song have my name, but the band that wrote it have my initials.

    Emily Bailey

    @Jjcowgill  Yeah. Having my grandmother drive me to the hospital was a really awkward thirty minute ride.


    ''Lmao'' Bit inappropriate choice of words right..

    Emily Bailey

    I find it funny that this song is both by the EELS and about Elizabeth, that's why the lmao is there. Also, I can talk about my overdose in a funny manner now. It was a funny situation.

    Edward Chamberlin

    Out of curiosity, what'd you OD on?


    Jjcowgill it's not painful.

  22. Lya Benson

    I apparently can't reply to the comments below, but this song is about the first suicide attempt by Mark Everett's sister Elisabeth. She was a schizophrenic and succeeded in her attempts to end her life in 1996. Their father died of heart failure in 1982, and their mother died of lung cancer in 1998.


    Indeed; this song, as I understand it, is basically made up of excerpts directly from Elizatbeth's journal. I recall having read that she had spent some time in mental health institutions, and they may have been written then. The album, Electro-shock Blues, was written as a reaction to the entirety of Mr. E's immediate family having died, from what I've read.

  23. Ella Hope

    well that was depressing. Love this song, it gave me goosebumps, especially when you know the back story :'(

  24. Sol Captor

    When you hear "my life is shit and piss" you realize it's about the suicide of someone who has to clean out public toilets.

  25. sofea babby

    Did you know this song is about his sisters suicide? 


    It was during his mother's suicide and his sister had gotten cancer, some of the lyrics are from his sister's diary.... it's some dark stuff.

    sofea babby

    Thanks for the correction! :)


    @jayhernandez210 It's the other way around... It was his sister's suicide in 1996 and his mother died of cancer in 1998 


    @marr123n Thanks for the correction

  26. Peter G

    love this track
    very underrated band

    Sven Jansen

    How is a million selling and critically acclaimed act underrated? Urban Dance Squad is underrated.

  27. Laybunny

    Waking up is harder when you want to die.


    Mind forged manacles

  28. whereamianyway

    Every time I hear this it breaks my heart...again...

  29. Whyisyournameso longwhytellmenowwhy

    Its funny how songs without any meaning just about partying  get hits yet half of the world never even heard of eels


    +Whyisyournameso longwhytellmenowwhy When you realize the world doesn't have it's priorities straight.....


    When you realize you're a dumbass kid and that 1. people like to have fun and not be bummed out, 2. there's a time and place for everything, and 3. some of these pop songs are actually kinda deep if you bothered to listen to the words.

    j hu


    Cindy Garcia

    hey look its my old account from when I was a 12 year old emo kid LMFAO I'm so serious

    Cindy Garcia

    Viktor Vaughn. your fucking retarded. this is about his schizophrenic sister. but nowadays songs that make no sense get too much recoginition while songs like this one barely barely hear about. all you people replying are the stupid ones if you can't clearly understand what I'm speaking about. smh

  30. sorrowsuperstar10

    any more super depressing songs like this??


    The Antlers - "Kettering"
    Giles Corey - "I'm Going To Do It"
    Low - "Lullaby"
    Nine Inch Nails - "The Downward Spiral"

    all those songs are related to suicide and sound super depressing.

    alaric perez

    cat power "names"

  31. Gwynn Brewee

    I loved this song before, but I recently found out that E had a sister, called Elizabeth, who commited suicide. I can't stop getting goosebumps every time I hear it now.


    suicided after their mother died of cancer.biography tells that one of his cousines was a flight attendant on the plane that on 9/11 crashed into the Pentagon.


    Slam Jam

    @INSPIRING UNIVERSE Holy fuckin shit dude that's heavy

  32. Super Liz

    How Ironic, my name is Elizabeth and it was released my birth year, and this song is basically my life.

    Whyisyournameso longwhytellmenowwhy

    I understand you


    Except that you're alive.

    Edward Chamberlin

    Super Liz Hope you're feeling better.


    Super Liz Well this song's a journal entry before suicide from a schizophrenic so I doubt it has anything to do with you

    Edward Chamberlin

    alize0623 If Liz is depressed, Liz is depressed. It’s a song about depression.

  33. JAMES

    Why'd I have to listen to this...

  34. Jesse Rondinelli

    there is nothing funny about this song. absolutely nothing funny about this song.

  35. CombustibleAndrew

    Jesus this album was so amazing.

  36. Jakob L

    You dont even know.

  37. Jordy Boothy

    Right, I'm sure you feel very superior because of it.

  38. UntitledKirk

    The "internet culture" he was referring to was from 4chan, not YouTube.

  39. Jakob L

    Now you get it.

  40. Jordy Boothy

    Er, sure. I don't even know what you're talking about now.

  41. Jakob L

    and yeah smartass I know... you're going to say that you werent critizing the comment in itself but the content ...but still you're wrong and I am right.

  42. Jakob L

    well comments under (youtube) videos is pretty much part of the "internet culture", isn't it? Commenting on Comments under (youtube)videos is even more part of it. And if you don't want to read so many "gross" comments...well why dont you visit other video-streaming platforms like dailymotion or vimeo.. this is youtube...what do you expect?

  43. Jordy Boothy

    Sorry, irony would suggest that I said something that contradicted the point I was making. Where's the "gross internet culture" in my comment? Also I do own the CD, I come here to link the song to other people.

  44. Jakob L

    oh the irony.... well then buy the cd smartass

  45. UntitledKirk

    This song was written for the lead singer's sister who committed suicide. The lyrics are from her personal journal. They were some of the last words she ever wrote down.

  46. Jordy Boothy

    Keep your gross internet culture away from my Eels.

  47. 0hazelnut00

    le funny meems xD

  48. sayroni

    I want to die.....

  49. Sarah Horton

    I dont want to die anymore, I want to see it work, and I want to see all people working toward something they actually believe in, or talking honestly about how they feel

  50. Rufi Oo

    Yes haha

  51. Madame Owl

    So do I. Litterally me. Litterally.

  52. hiimnick5

    omg life is so hard

  53. antiirony

    fuck zoosk

  54. nimnim nimer

    is this an official?

  55. nadavj

    Amaizing vid!

  56. Mr. Q's Channel of Random Ransom

    A nice song for Christmas, you know ♥~

  57. cycospasm

    This song is always there, in the back of my mind..

  58. Jordy Boothy

    Thank you very much. :)

  59. FastTrackChuck

    And it's been another year. I'm here to bring you back again.

  60. Libertine

    This is just so amazing.

  61. Elizabeth Trinidad

    i want this song to be plaid in my funeral

  62. SlymeGreen

    This song is concentrated despair. I can feel it heavy in my stomach like a physical sickness.

  63. Leia Hood

    how do you do that font?? that is soooooooo cool!!!!!

  64. BananaTaco12

    I couldn't watch all of this.

  65. doctorhiney

    I'm constantly punched in the gut by the bluntness of the last line. Pure, unleaded suicidal depression compressed into one two minute song.

    Edward Chamberlin

    doctorhiney The last line is the absolute best part of the song. Agreed.

  66. lyonslaforet

    When I was a teacher, one day I had a little breakdown and while waiting for the ambulance, I sang this gem to ease my pain.

  67. April Jaci

    What happened to this video???


    Years later and I'm still in love with this song. And this band. And with Mark Oliver Everett.

  69. April Jaci

    Why does this not play on my electronic tablet? Damn it.

  70. Nicole Rose

    I love this song so much. There's so much.. emotion in it. It's heartbreaking the way he sings it. Absolute beauty.

  71. baddabingbaddaboompoopinashoe

    I am OK.
    I am OK.
    I'm not OK.

  72. KeyLimeCouging

    This song just makes me want to curl up and die.

  73. RX TV

    i left a secret in my library book

  74. Snappy

    Christ....this fucking song.

  75. Clanger311

    @TheSinbank Your comment was five months ago so i'm pretty sure people have replied telling you the same thing I am going to. These aren't his lyrics, they're his sisters suicide note. He memoralised her final thoughts in song, is that so wrong?

  76. ikeehw

    @joeotley 'cept while mostly true this is about one of his sister's last diary entries

  77. Marcio Rocha de Albuquerque

    This song must have been composed of the height of winter.

  78. Bao Chau Pham Nguyen

    Life is a beautiful struggle...

  79. michael rhodus

    @joeotley I believe this song is from a line in his sister's diary.

  80. lakejautman

    @TheSinbank awesome troll is very clever intelligent and all around better than everyone else

  81. Mental Set

    Who made this video?

  82. XerkDaniels

    @Lawliet103 She didn't just try. She succeeded.

  83. D Hale

    @TheSinbank It's from the point of view of his sister, who committed suicide on the bathroom floor. Some songs are like mirrors - if a blue assed baboon looks in, it won't see an angel looking back.

  84. zootier

    ha! that's a good animation. It motivates maybe others to start being creative though they might have not the proper knowledge to make a walkcycle or that hard stuff.

  85. TheSinbank

    Honestly I feel a deep sense of nothing from this song as it feels like every other song I've ever heard in this style. It is an oddity to me how this could evoke emotion in someone as to me it feels soulless there is no heart here it is made to sound this way for a certain audience and I know it is because I've heard the same themes done a thousand times in the same way. So no its not depressing or sad unless you realize how asinine it is.

  86. Owl Sensei

    10 people have disliked this song?!?!?? seriously? I am so offended by whoever clicked Dislike to this... they either have no idea of what this is about (which would make it understandable)... or they just felt like being heartless a** holes

  87. Jonnyfletchbob

    @helenHeller01 Geez, have some respect will you! (Sorry, I just wanted to follow the crowd)

  88. helenHeller01

    @Lawliet103 i didn't know. and i DIDN'T MEAN any disrespect.

  89. Lawliet103

    @helenHeller01 It's called Elizabeth on the bathroom floor because it's based on the first time his sister tried to kill herself. Please have some respect.

  90. Patachu

    wow. that's even shittier than FOTC and NMH combined.

  91. NightAvenger92

    It's amazing how you can really feel how genuine his pain is through the music. Highly underrated musician.

  92. Stezie Marie

    "'Cus I think that I am going to a place where I am always high."

  93. shhmellshlikeasshhhh

    Waking up is harder when you want to die.

  94. helenHeller01

    @zachbdude oh :(
    that's sad :(
    i never went through when i was on the bathroom floor.
    don't know why.

  95. zachbdude

    @helenHeller01 elizabeth was his sister who killed herself. as far as i know.

  96. helenHeller01

    he may as well have written Helen on the Bathroom Floor.
    same story.

  97. ThatWeirdKidAtSchool

    This is the saddest song ever. I really want to see something top this

    It's amazing how he tends to use alot of nice little high pitch melodysm (in a weird way are kind of pleasent to the ear) but still makes the song sound so damn sad.


  98. Andy 0

    @crescentfreshbret I read Things the Grand Children Should know about a week ago and I listen to his songs in a completely new light....Most of all "Last stop this town" once i heard the story behind that song it sends shivers down my spine any time i hear it .... E is an absolute genius

  99. Andy 0

    @crescentfreshbret I read Things the Grand Children Should know about a week ago and I listen to his songs in a completely new light....Most of all "Last stop this town" once i heard the story behind that song it sends shivers down my spine any time i hear it .... E is an absolute genius