Eels - Electro-Shock Blues Lyrics

Feeling scared today
Write down "i am ok"
A hundred times the doctors say
I am ok
I am ok
I'm not ok

Skin is crawling off
Mopping the sweaty drops
Sticking around for this shit
Another day
Another day
Not another day

Pink pill feels good
Finally understood
Take me in your warm embrace
I am trying
I am trying

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Eels Electro-Shock Blues Comments
  1. leo

    discover weekly finds

  2. thewho311

    R.I.P liz


    I am ok.
    I’m not ok.

  4. yung memories

    Scarecrow I guess so make me feel so horrible

    Scarecrow ft Zac Sample

  5. emm78929

    fuck armys

    im here for music

  6. Confused tangerine

    I've listened to this song out in the street under the heavy rain and locked in my dark bedroom on a sunny afternoon. At 2 am right after getting home from one of those rare good days, and in the early morning of what's sure to not be one of them. It feels different each time, it always tells me something new. Sometimes it's just what I need to hear but sometimes it's far from it. Anyway, still gets to me every time.

  7. middy ww

    Rest in peace, old friend.

  8. Jerald Dean

    I'm okay. . .
    I'm okay. . .
    I'm not okay.

  9. syd lolid

    Modern art

  10. Cube

    This guy is god

  11. Bungalow Bill

    pink pill, f-eels good.

  12. A.J

    What's this genre called

    Kinky Sex Makes The World Go 'Round

    Blues I think

  13. Alice M

    I can't take any more.

    X CD

    Are you okay?

  14. Oan V


  15. Jennifer Sorrentino

    Came here from my mad fat diary

  16. Paulo T

    The most heartbreaking piece of music I've ever heard.

  17. Matt H

    One of the greatest songs from one of the greatest albums ever: an album that takes you on a tour through the deepest trenches of depression before uplifting you with its hard-won message of hope.

    Every word of this beautiful, succinct, bittersweet song mirrors my experiences as a survivor of mental illness. Thank you, E.

  18. Edison Trent


  19. Cinder Has No Idea

    Category: education

  20. Peter Sinton

    My fave from this album,the missing master piece from the nineties! Two decades later it's still timeless.

  21. gloomy gloomy

    정국이가 추천한 곡들을 찾아 듣고 있는데 다 슬프거나 우울한 곡들이다..취향 확고하네..이곡은 특히 우울의 절정인듯..

  22. 가루녹차

    I like his songs♡.♡
    and who love owl city may become Eels's fan too.

  23. Join Us

    not another day

  24. Miriam Morgan


  25. Bill G

    finally found this after like a decade.

  26. jellycreamjimin

    Jungkook really likes these type of songs


    Who is this jungkook? Kpop artist?

    Alexa Sheeran

    SwedishMonk Yes, he is the member of a k-pop group called BTS. You can listen to some of their songs))


    Alexa Sheeran I'm glad he likes good music!

    fadu_ army

    @lllllllllloooooollllllhaaaakkkedd one year and no one replayed you OK, yes he is a kpop idol from the group BTS 👌

    Kinky Sex Makes The World Go 'Round

    Any more obscure songs like this? love it

  27. hiYram

    ARMY wave in 3..2..1

    Melissa E


    Coconut Head

    *Jimins voice*: Ayo, waddup.

    Fer Lightwood

    I'm from for My Mad Fat Diary 😂😂

  28. swift tuttle

    here bcs of jungkook


    +swift tuttle we are faithful army hahahaha

    Melissa E

    same mwuahaah


    Fuck off bts cancerous fans

  29. Philofthefuture

    I am okay.. I'm not okay.

  30. Junkhead in purpleland

    This is great and so powerful ..

  31. Ant (mrheavyhand)

    So gorgeous

  32. Le Berns


  33. Eelsdude

    Trying is so hard, respect for E !!!

  34. Azariah Annqiue Stinson

    Eels - Electric Shock Blues is the perfect song for me because the other kids at school, won't leave me alone..they push me, spit on me, take my lunch and money..tease me..called me all kinds of horrible names..saying i suck the male genitals..i told the one will listen to mom is crying for me..what do i do..everyone at school are so racist to me..saying i dont belong here..or wanna be asian..all i want to do is live in Tokyo and speak Japanese and meet an oriental exboyfriend..went around spreading rumors about us having sex..i did..but i took it as we made love to each other because we went out for a year straight..i'm starting to run away from home..i stopped cutting then i made a huge mark over my chest.. 2:08 "I'm trying, im trying.." ..

    Kanna Kitsundere

    @Azariah Annqiue Stinson i have going through similar situation.

    i need to tell you something.

    don't let them to get on your adult life, it can get you in a very bad situation, just...try to handle it it's not enough, you need to fight your demons before the fear get stuck in your mind 24/7

    i don't know if you still having troubles, or even if you already get out, but i know how it's the post-traumatic.

    You need to live your life, don't get stuck in fear like me, ever.

    valerie rocha

    @Azariah Annqiue Stinson it's degrading to refer to an individual as "oriental" that word should be reserved for objects, such as rugs, and not people, and it’s antiquated—akin to using"Negro" to describe someone who is black.

    Muthia Dwi

    +Azariah Annqiue Stinson I will pray for your happiness


    You stand right up, scrape the dirt off your shoulders, learn to not give a fuck, be numb and you shall never be bothered ever again.

    Thomas Germain

    I hope things have gotten better for you since you wrote this. Life is hard but it's worth living. There are people who care. Things get better, but I know it's hard to wait.

  35. Ryne


  36. sun-txt

    love it

  37. brilleaben

    @Lassimusmaximus ja den er

  38. Willy Wu

    @nobody3223 yess, and he is a gift

  39. rocket1918

    @TheEmoSweetie142 what the fuck is wrong with you?

  40. amandaa

    this must have been a really bad time for E

  41. Nick Williams

    I know everyone thinks that this song is really sad, and in a way it is. But Mark once said that Electro-Shock Blues was the most uplifting album he ever created. Seems hard to believe at first, but if you look closer, you see that this album isn't all about death, it's about discovering life through loss.

    Emmanuella Morin

    Nick Williams that's beautiful :)


    Nick Williams now I want to cry even more ✨

  42. Olivier

    well, maybe you're right. but i do not like like lady gaga but i have a feeling i have heard it too much already... weird eh?

  43. Kaity Gardiner

    @wimtobe I read his book too. Before I knew of him as an artist and his songs were okay to me. Nothing special you know? I liked the beats and lyrics but after reading his book I've gained so much respect for the songs and it's nice to better understand what they are about. Made me move them so much more!
    And you're right I would not want to go through what he did either but he's such a strong person because of it and lived through everything.

  44. wim wilts

    @twig911 U'r right. I read his book. He did make it through a lot. It's just that I did'nt wan't to be in his shoes.

    The Clueless Uploader

    Who's this guy?

  45. Kaity Gardiner

    @wimtobe How could you not? The more someone has been through during their lifespan the more intelligent and broader outlook on life they will have. Mark is so incredibly talented and I give the man kudos for even sticking around after everything he has gone through. Music helped him survive and deal with his struggles and that is why I respect, envy and love him as a musician

  46. spectraljew

    This song makes me want to jump in a well.

  47. wim wilts

    @twig911 How could you ever envy a guy who's been through so much...

  48. Kaity Gardiner

    It was about his sister.. being in a mental hospital and writing down i am okay a hundred times, then wrote not okay. soon before she died. then he wrote an album in her memory. so sad. i love mark so much haha pretty much envy the guy

  49. Léa Coq

    The saddest song i've never heard and the most beautiful....

  50. anne sietsma

    @domig315 youtube converters work too. just google free youtube to mp3 converter, and download!

  51. Aubrey Schultz


  52. Jupiter Heart

    Okay, now I may sound desprite, but I am.
    I need to downlod this song for free, and I cant find it.
    Can someone please help me.?

  53. Luigiman555

    I used to listen to this song when I was suicidal. No song better describes what it feels like. (Luckily I didn't have to go through Electro shock therapy to get better)

  54. wim wilts

    At the first note..
    I'm speechless..

  55. Tom P

    take me in your warm embrace

  56. anne sietsma

    a beautiful song.
    it's a shame E had to be hurted so much to write this.

  57. dramaticafantastica

    who knew a song could affect your mood so dramatically :s
    i love it. I love E, he's amazing.

  58. Amber Crawford

    I really wish I could find "Efils God" on Youtube... It really SHOULD be shared with the world :(

  59. nickmason87

    thanks man