Eels - Cancer For The Cure Lyrics

The kids are diggin' up a brand new hole
Where to put the deadbeat mom
Grandpa's happy watching video porn
With the closed-caption on
And father knows best
About suicide and smack
Well, hee hee hee

Cancer for the cure
Cancer for the cure
Buckle up and endure now baby
Cancer for the cure

Ol' blue eyes is back again
But he was never here in the first place
A heart attack may be something to fear
But take a look out back
'cause courtney needs love
And so do i
Well, hee hee hee

Cancer for the cure
Cancer for the cure
Buckle up and endure now sweet thing
The cancer for the cure

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Eels Cancer For The Cure Comments
  1. Sebas Molina

    This could be a song of Beck, his voice in this song sound so similar!

  2. Drozy coder

    I absolutely love this song and I want to share my interpretation of the lyrics to see what other people think.

    The kids are diggin' up a brand new hole
    Where to put the deadbeat mom
    Grandpa's happy watching video porn
    With the close-caption on
    -children are preparing for another funeral, as the grandpa is happy watching porn id suggest the grandmother died recently. Their mother was disliked and called a "deadbeat" and the grandpa is watching porn during this sad time showing a dysfunctional family. The closed captions are just funny and poke fun at his poor hearing and juxtaposition with his age, seeing the funny side being a recurring attitude from the writer.

    And father knows best
    About suicide and smack
    Well, hee hee hee
    -The father has a troubled past with drugs and possibly a suicide attempt. Further dysfunction in the family. But the writer sees no better reaction than to laugh about it. The father knows about dealing with challenges from his own challenge with drugs so he can deal with the challenge of his wifes death, suggesting the message that negative and challenging events can make us stronger when we survive them.

    Cancer for the cure
    Cancer for the cure
    Buckle-up and endure now baby
    Cancer for the cure
    -the mothers death is possibly from cancer. While this is sad it has brought the family together, something the drug addict father and porn addict grandpa without his wife rarely do. The happy feel of the song with the "buckle up and endure" suggests that the writer is used to enduring challenges in life with his father and grandpa. The "baby" referred to may be the Courtney refered to later in the song.

    'Ol blue eyes is back again
    But he was never here in the first place
    -old blue eyes makes me think blue eyed boy, a successful brother in the family who disappeared and severed ties to his dysfunctional family and came back for his mothers death.

    A heart attack may be something to fear
    But take a look out back
    'Cause Courtney needs love
    And so do I
    Well, hee hee hee
    -the heart attack could be an actual heart attack, something used by the brother as an excuse for his absence from the family and highlights his selfishness. Courtney here could be any family member. As it says to look out back it may be the mother, physically out back in a coffin or metaphorically because of her death and she needs love in death as she did in life while the rest of her family are inside (or metaphorically still able to live and enjoy life) and are continuing to ignore her. The funeral is not a success as while the family have come together for her death they continue to be dysfunctional. The writer is also being ignored and feels it is wrong for them not to talk about his mothers death. However, he shrugs off the situation and laughs, something he has learnt to use as a coping mechanism.

    Cancer for the cure
    Cancer for the
    Cure my baby
    Buckle-up and endure now sweet thing
    The cancer for the cure
    -the cancer again is seen by the writer as a way to try and realign his family by making them value each other's lives. The disjointed sounds in the song suggesting it ends in the way it started, with a dysfunctional family. A sobering end for a song that speaks of such hope.

    For me this song speaks of the importance of accepting your family, the writer showing us that even if his mother was a "deadbeat", he still wanted her to be loved. The joyful tone and optimistic lyrics show us that we should be optimistic and upbeat in life. The song coming to a sad conclusion with a mother dead from cancer and a family that continues to be unloving creates a beautiful mix of sadness and joy. A wonderful song.

  3. Daniela Jackson

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  4. Wendy Scheiman

    E done lost his mind. lol!

  5. Peter Sinton

    Simply love this video,just weird & dark but so fun...proper genius!!

  6. Jedi Exile

    Who is the third guy (bassist, I suppose)? That's not Tommy Walter

  7. Durand Simon

    When EELS used to be good.

    T Morales

    There always got to be at least one of you everywhere..

  8. Frantzen79

    One of the first tracks that opened my eyes to this great band.

  9. Paul Mc C

    Great band but never really the same after Butch left though as they clearly lost an assured grooviness when he got the chop alas.

  10. Maud Jull

    A Question of C...

  11. g1g2g3g4g5gt

    Am I the only one that hears a little bit of Nirvana on this song?

    Caitlin Sloan

    g1g2g3g4g5gt I'm sure there was some influence

  12. Definitely not Joseph's channel.

    I can't be the only one who cracks up at E's expression at 2:30, can I?

    Edward Carnby

    - The 'REEEEEE' moment at 4:00
    - The 'wait, what have I been smoking?' moment at 4:20 (can't be a coincidence)


    The Dreamworks Face

  13. Edward Carnby

    I never noticed before but E has some wicked canines on him. Oh, and he can make some pretty awesome music, also.

  14. TheRollingBeachFloyd

    I like The Cure!

  15. Sick Religion

    thats about Courtney & Kurt

  16. louthewatcher

    American Beauty brought me here.

  17. Pedro Volga

    this album is great but both videos are awful, almost ruined the music for me.

  18. Jessica Crotti

    Nonsense power, maaaan!

  19. David Carter

    Brilliant stuff and what an awesome intro, love eels

  20. Ahmad Khairaldo

    Complete Madness

  21. stevebob240

    Does Clppng sample this for Work Work?

  22. Emmanuel Dunk

    American Beauty brought me here.

  23. Frantzen79

    Courtney needs love.... and so do i.

  24. lowlowseesee

    american beauty brought me here. hell yes

  25. RhythmGrizz

    wow. who knew Tommy was such a good dancer?

    Axel Gschaider

    That's not Tommy ;)
    That's Adam Siegel. Tommy left the band before Electro Shock Blues was recorded.
    But I am sure Tommy has some fresh funky moves too.

  26. paul elliott

    Brilliant and from an album of sheer awesomeness
    Eels man, they rule

    Levi Roberts

    what album is this from?

    Wendy Scheiman

    Electroshock Blues

  27. MrJimmyTide

    Butch looks like fat Hal Sparks.

  28. Oliver Kahn

    1:41 Hahaha, now i see... :D Chet fucks E's finger hahaha :DD legendary


    It's not Chet.  It's Adam.

  29. Sinan Cem Çetin

    I knew this song was weird but I wasn't expecting this at all.

  30. whereamianyway

    I feel the same way about bagpipes.

    DHanks Gaming

    I don’t blame you


    you made me laugh a lot. thanks.

  31. Masticina Akicta

    *shivers* So... good

  32. ThezealotBob

    It's always a pleasure to see the videos of a musical genius

  33. Vicky Ramadhan


  34. Daniel Andelt

    Best clip forever

  35. Xenotheosis

    God, I feel like I'm watching Eraserhead

  36. OilSlickEyes

    i spose in those days eels were a mainstram band with proper music vids

  37. Drew A

    at which point during American Beauty is this song played? Or is it only on the soundtrack album?

    Matt Mayhew

    Drew A ... Angela and Jane are watching this video when Jane's parents get home from the real estate party.

  38. zol valverde

    ♥ Eels!

  39. tweakradje

    Watching video porn with the closed caption on... Brilliant.

  40. Not Named

    Eels: The most interesting entertaining music vids with under 100K views.

  41. Oli TwoShirts

    I wish there was a way for me to send this back to my 15 year-old self...

  42. lyonslaforet

    Electro Shock Blues = one of the best albums released in 1998.

  43. Masticina Akicta

    You just feel the happyness streaming into you from this song. And then this video clip is ..ah.. like a day to the carnaval

  44. Ivan Ordaz

    THANX!! is just that im so fucked up... i miss the old youtube lets try Ad Block I already use chrme.

  45. Steven Morrin

    AdBlock on Google Chrome stops that.

  46. Ivan Ordaz

    fuck u youtube im sick of all your advertising!!! is nothing wrong with the banners but the fact of putting a video that im forced to see is insane...

  47. BelledelaGroove

    American Beauty.....

  48. yoursir100

    Amazing as this song is, i'm amazed this was a single when there were other amazing songs like The Medication Is Wearing Off.

  49. Zeldaaagirl

    e's such a genious 3

  50. CaptainCramer

    whole reason as to how I know this song :P

  51. XaviDeSagitario

    Gran canción!

  52. Masticina Akicta


    Such a happy happy song with such a happy happy video

  53. etoxic

    ...and me American Beauty ;)

  54. Bruce Horton

    good song.

  55. a baby


  56. reknae

    Eels = a bizarre version of brilliance:)

  57. Lrozzie

    @gibboj94 David Lynch and Eels .. there we got my favorite director and one of my favorite bands :)

  58. endthedisease

    You can actually help work towards a cure for cancer and many other diseases by watching the video on my channel. Your computer can actually be used as a scientific research tool.

  59. gibboj94

    This video completely reminds me of the film "Eraserhead".
    Sick tune, though :P

  60. x50ftQueenie

    The chaos in the video works so well with the madness of the song itself!

  61. Jeffery Bond

    1998. the fucking best year for music.

  62. Kit's Video's

    totally cool. It's it art yet?