Eels - Bone Dry Lyrics

In my dream I see you there
Your eyes fixed in a vacant stare
A little laugh, a crooked smile
Don't lift a finger while I lay dying

Bone dry
You drank all the blood
My heart is bone dry
Can't give you more
'Cause you took all of it

Was a day when I did believe
The things you say are what you mean
Dear sweet, innocent me
How much it took for me to finally see

Bone dry
You drank all the blood
My heart is bone dry
Can't give you more
'Cause you took all of it

Shoo-bee-doo bee-doo bee-doo
Shoo-bee-doo bee
Shoo-bee-doo bee-doo bee-doo

What becomes of men like me
Drifting off, lost at sea
I set a fire, look up for it
Looking for me, I'm a pink sunset

Bone dry (Sha-la-la)
You drank all the blood
My heart is bone dry (Sha-la-la)
Can't give you more
'Cause you took all of it

Bone dry
Bone dry
You took all of it

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Eels Bone Dry Comments
  1. Una Luna Elvish Witch Fae


  2. kim abbott

    my favorite thing today

  3. Robert Bidochon

    c'est très bien dit-moi

  4. MigueliusTV

    Tim Burton was here


    i gotta bone 2 pic with ewe lol

  6. Luna Volva Forest Witch

    This is one of my fave songs ever so beautiful and magical 🎃💞🌞🌛🔮🙏💀🌄🌅🍃😘

  7. Luna Volva Forest Witch


  8. Nico Mourits

    Who does not love this band? It is still amazing after all this years!

  9. Bilaavl Singh

    What software did You use to create this, just wondering

    Sofia Astrom

    It's stop motion, we used dragon frame

    Bilaavl Singh

    Sofia Astrom thanks
    Looks absolutely brilliant

  10. Martina Mittermeier

    Kitchen Impossible hat mich hierher gebracht :D

  11. Logan McCarthy

    2:02 The new FIFA Halloween update looks pretty good. Great music as always!

  12. Gak- Man

    Fresh Blood. Peach Blossom. Bone Dry. - Does anybody else feel a narrative when listening to these singles. Goddamn they are GOOD!



  14. dynamictom2409

    notr a Brilliant video for this awesome song

  15. tDennis Gallagher

    I knew it!It was all bone under that beard!

  16. Morgan Thomas

    What a delight

  17. Zomb01

    thanos skeleton

  18. M R

    This is halloween. ❤

  19. Author Productions

    Is that Skele Thanos?

  20. Meibeon

    Brilliant and a happy ending

  21. The Changamire

    He has a bone to pick with everyone

  22. Yozz 0

    How many came from the 2018 spooky scary skeletons remix?

  23. Minecraft Overlord PE

    1:41 I love this art style.

  24. Gaso line

    Anyone one else here from three ply chord

  25. King Seigne

    Spooky scary skeletons​ works better with this video

  26. Bozmo

    The fact this doesn’t have millions of views is mind blowing.

  27. rubie ulloa

    Well that ending was depressing

  28. Dirt Boi

    Three Ply Cord sent me here

  29. sona kerimova

    сool song great video! Super! thank you !

  30. legasiguy

    I liked this band in 1990's but Steve Perry brought me back! (Very cool vid and tune!)

  31. Edel Hert

    I love this one!!! The song and the video!! Thank u, u are greater then u know.<3 <3 <3 Here i give u a new heart: <3 Again just like home this one!!! :-D SJALALALA!!!! My bones are not dry yet. X Big blue eyes, Anne (I did see EELS long long time ago @ Rock Werchter Belgie). :-)X

  32. Enes Talha

    And he has never had his heart again.

  33. Antony Gallagher

    Fuck off US scum.

  34. Mike CorLeoné

    I’m very confused


    Skeletor is he man. And Ned Flanders and thanos. And everyone is hush hush.

  35. Cinepifisis

    Excelente trabajo de animación, ya quiero conocer más de Tony Candelaria.

  36. Maria Huszar

    I love you, MrE, in Christ Jesus!

  37. Bartholomew

    EELS, very cool music video.

  38. Nayelli Borges

    Esta mamon!

  39. Pepi Fabregat Sarget

    Gran video y gran tema... Bone dry, sha la la ... (Singing)

  40. Trần Lê Hà Anh

    This song should have of getting more recognition:(

  41. gregory clewell

    never heard or seen. it's still danker & more metal then friggin ghost...

  42. Haquihana Wolf

    Stephen Colbert brought me here

  43. Antonio Pigafetta

    fuckin A Mr E

  44. Pablo García

    Huesos mojados!!!!

  45. zjoozjoo

    video reminds me of Tim Burton's 'A corpse Bride' animation movie, and the sound reminds me of Edwyn Collins' 'I never met a girl like you before'

  46. Richard Price Elliott


  47. Rocky Desert Flower

    Tim Burton style

  48. Markus B.

    Super Song. Und passt gerade richtig gut 😅😉🤘


    Sehr gut, MrE, ausgezeichnet mein herr.

  49. Rick Sánchez

    Will you try again more líes come down from tour corner

  50. attrito_viscoso

    Ah ma non è Elio E Le Storie Tese

  51. Вентиляция кондиционирование


  52. NewMexican66b

    This band is so underrated... Such an excellent song... \m/

  53. Andrej Shamin

    A cover of Tina and Tarantulas?

  54. Privacyishard

    Brilliant! He just knocks out brilliant songs like it's a piece of cake! Love x

  55. René Casaña

    Just like your ex gf.

  56. Glenn Callaghan

    Class video. Eels are awesome 👏

  57. Eweis

    Me encanta!!! Es un temazo y el video es brutal!!

  58. Bettina díaz


  59. Carolina van der Lande

    Heard this song on the radio at work today and wrote down the name of the band because it immediately caught my attention. It gives me a kind of dark Tom Waits feel. Until the shoobedoo’s and shalala’s, that are quite unexpected but somehow fit in perfectly. I have to excuse myself now because I need to discover more Eels music. Bye!!!

    Tord G.

    Shooby dooby doo. Bye!!

    Mathilde Chaudon

    I'm sure you will have a beautiful journey


    Enjoy the journey! what a band, I think their opus album is Blinking Lights & Other Revelations and also Electro-Shock Blues - classics galore!

    Suzi B

    My first was Mr E’s Beautiful Blues... still my favourite after soooo many years - I can feel “in my bones” that this one has become #2 ... shalala 💀

  60. ramjam3000

    freaking good

  61. Robert Walker

    Cool! Can't wait for the album. But was this video inspired by this one????

  62. He Who KILLS

    Eels have always been pretty unique and creative as hell

  63. R. Robertson

    Nightmare before EELS!!!

  64. Thomas Thomas

    Perfect tune! :)

  65. Lets Chill Page

    Although I have seen this video many times now, it makes me smile every time ... excellent skeletons ... Shalala!

  66. ArkofMystery

    Far out vibes!

  67. Rebecca De La Torre

    Awesome work here!!!

  68. _marie_

    this video is fucking fantastic :)

  69. Cavendish Lung-sukki

    i’ve got a boner

  70. TheMorpheus44


  71. Hellenic. H

    So Apt
    Visa versa:):):)).

  72. Morticia Addams

    Looks like "Remains of the Day" from Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

  73. Marjan Boskovski

    It was autoplay on, on youtube while i was smoking my joint on my window, this song totaly got my hype on!


    J'adore ♥

  75. M 3cinco

    Keep it coming plz

  76. Captn Crook

    She's a vamp 💕

  77. TheMate01

    Like a succubus

  78. Creepy Clown

    Lol, that "shooby dooby dooby doo" part reminds me to "Scooby dooby doo", probably the song would be a good soundtrack xD

    This is nice, yeah, the video is AWESOME. I love how the song matches with the video.

  79. Enrique Gonzalez

    This video is amazing, I love it.

  80. Ducati SupersportS

    Bone tingling rock....can’t wait to see Eels in Manchester in July, my 4th Eels gig !

  81. Shanae Player

    This video gave me major Corpse Bride vibes!

    Go Knighthawks Go

    SoSallyCanWait Me too

    Alex 666

    Awesome movie!

    Aug Dog

    Shanae Player exactly what I thought

  82. AvP MetalArt

    !!! !! !!!
    !!! !! !!!

  83. Vecchia delle Sottilette


  84. Mike Lebischak

    Bobby, Jr.!!!

  85. guteshoerenistwichtig

    Song Of The Day / Tageslied @guteshoerenistwichtig:

    like & follow:

  86. Shawn Hendricks

    They've ALMOST reached WEEN status.

    And this is coming from the guy that was literally on stage with Eels in Indy during their Shootenanny tour.

    Jaggy Fox

    Golden boy?

  87. Maximum Volume

    I bet a mashup could be made with this and Edwyn Collins, "Girl Like You."

  88. Star Bird

    Un operachi romantico

  89. Enes Talha

    *NEW SONG... YEASSSSS!!!!!!!*

  90. zimzimzalabim

    Looooooooove this! Welcome back Mark

  91. wondermint2

    Has a bit of psychobilly feel to it.

  92. Dirty_D

    Who are these 17 weirdoes who disliked this video?

  93. Frantzen79

    Eels never get old.. i´ll take it to the grave.

  94. Delio José