Edwards, Kathleen - Run Lyrics

Oh, my child 30 years today
You came into my life
And everything changed
If there's one thing I tried to teach you
Girl, don't you waste your time
Come this September
You'll be somebody's wife

I won't paint a picture
Of what you want to see
Love is the harder times
Take it from me

I would run down the lane
And into the night
Run so fast I swear my feet would fly
Run from my babies asleep in their beds
Run from my lover and my best friend
And back again

All of this courage
I've tried so hard to hold on to
Ever since that day
You and your brother left for school
They say just over that hill
The fog rolled in
Come quick doctor
We think somebody's been killed

I have been a healer
Of other people's pain
I know sometimes you don't like
The ways i've changed

But the smell of the world came into my lungs
The sound of the gravel when my legs went numb
And my heart nearly burst right out of my chest
And it felt so good to know I wasn't dead

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Edwards, Kathleen Run Comments
  1. Richard Sylvanus

    Love watching her performance.
    I have trouble tying my shoelaces

  2. ChipsterB

    This song/performance is hauntingly beautiful, just like Kathleen.

  3. paul elliott

    Kathleen is a marvel
    Sounds wonderful with her guitar and that awesome voice

  4. Jiří Valenta

    I love moment when she's whistling

  5. Rhonda Leigh Shelly

    Just discovered this gem 💎 thanks 💘 She reminds me of Patty Griffin.

  6. Edward Walshe

    Singers are a dime a dozen. Songwriters are a dime a dozen. Singer-songwriters like Kathleen Edwards are priceless. More talent in her little finger than other supposed artists have in their entourages. Anticipating her playing harmonica for first time was super-special. Dying for her to start recording again.

  7. dan lewis

    You're whistling is great. You are a very pretty, beautiful, lovely lady.

  8. dan lewis

    You Kathleen done a great job on singing, player guitar, and harmonica.

  9. Marla Erwin

    As of this writing, this video has 21k views and I would bet 2k are mine. ;) I cannot get enough of this performance — heads and shoulders above the studio version if you ask me. And what a beautiful song! I recently got to see her perform this live and it was life-changing.

  10. Phat-N-Sweaty SlowAssEddie

    Just WoWwwwWW !!!!!! great job Kathrine. also thanx for posting this... really a nice song... o/ i wish i could see her jam again or atleast grab a tea from her spot... but shes way up in canada and im over in western massachusetts 8{

  11. Fran Murphy

    As soulful as it is heart wrenching. Beautiful rendition masterfully executed.

  12. AmeeraA

    WHEN SHE WHISTLED! ! ! ! :::O :)

  13. shadakingofdarkness

    sweet baby!

  14. 1985OldSkool

    Her harmonica, guitar and her voice are so nice to listen too, even her whistling sounds sweet.

  15. Marc Dulberger

    Will run to see you perform tonight if you were in my town

  16. Superbuddha Buddha

    That's the thing with really great songs, you can take away the drums, the electric guitars and bass and all the electronic effects, they will still be moving and wonderful.
    Great singing too.

  17. philip anderson

    Sweet Mary mother of God......this is GREAT

  18. truebluefrog

    Love Kathleen Edwards music! Wow! what a vocal performance! Even better than the studio version!

  19. dvrsweet1

    Man, I can't even WHISTLE as good as her.

  20. drewm58

    Incredible song. What a great talent she is.