Edwards, Kathleen - Oh, Canada Lyrics

Oh Canada
I stand on guard for a lot
But just last week a white girl was shot
Outside a shopping mall
Yeah, it's written in the press
That your sweet little town
Has lost its innocence

It's not the year of the gun
We don't say it out loud
There are no headlines
When a black girl dies
It's not the lack of a sense
It's called ambivalence

All still in their lanes
Under rush hour lights
There's one head to a car
But you act so surprised
When the snow don't come
You can't swim in the lakes
Now it's hotter than hell
In a bed you won't make

It's not the lack of a sense
It's called ambivalence

Up on the hill
Is the best real estate
Just to get in
You have to sell off your faith
'Cause in the valley below
There is crack and young girls
But you don't have to believe
What stays out of your world

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Edwards, Kathleen Oh, Canada Comments
  1. Madhu Soodan M

    Very talented singer but underated, we need more views for this good singer.

  2. Bulos Qoqish


    What a great song -- and a great singer. Neil Young -- your style is in good hands, man.

  3. arandall79

    she sounds Terrible!!!