Edwards, Kathleen - National Steel Lyrics

What a surprise wearing your disguise on the telephone line
I know it pleased you to know I needed you and your time
You play the game not saying either way but you know
Could've made it real quick save me the guilt trip and just said no

Are you writing this all down?

This conversation the alienation in your tone
I've got no fucking clue from your point of view and your time zone
I wouldn't have asked saved you the task if I weren't for real
Trading a daughter and two thousand dollars
For a national steel

Are you writing this all down?

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Edwards, Kathleen National Steel Comments
  1. paul elliott

    Just bought this on Amazon
    Waiting for its arrival
    Awesome and Kathleen is mercurial
    Thanks for posting

  2. Stephan Batton

    This is the saddest happy song i know. love