Edwards, Kathleen - Lazy Eye Lyrics

I've got my heart in a box
Under the bed where it's cold and it's dark
And i've got my soul in my shoes
Walking on myself just to get to you
And i've got a lazy eye
But don't think I don't see you passing me by
And i've got some time on my hands
If you lived like I do, you would understand

I've got a lie in my mouth
A secret that I just can't talk about
I've got a thirsty lip
Pour me a drink of your sweetest kiss
And i've got a lonely ear
I wake up at night and pretend you were here
I've got a reason to hope
'Cause you haven't said yet that you don't

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Edwards, Kathleen Lazy Eye Comments
  1. Stephen Bufferd

    Everything she touches is outstanding...time for some new music, PLEASE!

  2. drownstar

    It's the B-side for The Cheapest Key single

  3. bobul2

    @bobul2 Opps, I meant the version with Bon Iver because of the added instruments and their marrying voices. In addition, with a second voice it brings added meaning and depth to the song.

  4. bobul2

    WOW, -----now this version would be a chart topper

  5. Live4Ever329

    the fact this video has so few views is a real shame. Stunning song!

  6. rossmorris

    Love this song after seeing Bon Iver and Kathleen Edwards sing it last week.
    Absolutely beautiful track :)

  7. gtrdrm1

    @shebeequeeme To be honest, I forgot where I got it from. I do remember it was one of these limited-time offers on an exclusive bonus track available as a download only. I uploaded it here because I thought such a good, obscure track deserved to have a wider audience. If I remember, I'll let you know.