Edwards, Kathleen - I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory Lyrics

Blazing a trail to the southern cities
From the streets of our hometown
Basement bars we played from the heart
In the company of our friends

If I write down these memories
That I have saved away
Photographs of the years that passed
Inside my little brain

You're cool and cred like Fogerty
I'm Elvis Presley in the 70's
You're Chateauneuf, I'm Yellow Label
You're the buffet I'm just the table
I'm a Ford Tempo you're a Maserati
You're the Great One, I'm Marty McSorley
You're the Concorde, I'm economy
I make the dough but you get the glory

Big fish small pond and some cover songs
We sang along the way
We used to midnight run to the Vesta Lunch
Cheeseburgers and chocolate shakes
Once I got drunk with Jeff
I told him I was in love with you
But I love you like a brother
So at least half of it was true

You're cool and cred like Fogerty
I'm Elvis Presley in the seventies
You're Chateauneuf, I'm Yellow Label
You're the buffet I'm just the table
I'm a Dodge Fargo, you're a Lamborghini
You're the Great One, I'm Marty mcsorley
You're the Concorde, I'm economy
I make the dough, but you get the glory

If I write down these memories
That I have saved away
Photographs of the years that passed
Inside my little brain

I'm sure it's been said in the finer print
You make me look legitimate
Heavy rotation on the CBC
Whatever in hell that really means
You're cool and cred like Fogerty
I'm Elvis Presley in the 70's
You're the Concorde I'm economy
I make the dough, but you get the glory

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Edwards, Kathleen I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory Comments
  1. frothslosh

    Kathleen Ice dancing with Marty just makes this video.

  2. abcun17

    I miss Kathleen Edwards and her music. I wish she'd come back with new material and a tour! 😍😘👍👍

  3. info145

    Clever lyrics ♥

  4. John Ronayne

    funny , love the Mcsorley interaction

  5. Jason H

    heard this song once and wrote the name down and tracked it down 8 years later still as cuete and amazing today as back then

  6. TheCupcake7319


  7. Steph Baker

    Her voice is like silk.

  8. Joachim Kane

    Top 2% prettiest faces, top 2% hottest bods, she can write an awesome, seriously heart-felt song with chuckles in it... she can arrange an awesome song with great guitar work (writing a great song without great guitar work is a contradiction)… she's a redhead... Thus, she is the most beautiful girl in the world (besides my old lady). She fucked it all up with Bon Iver dude, but her comeback is gonna rock the world. This song is freakin' top shelf. Great

  9. fightinggoatpro

    This song is so sweet sounding....

  10. P.A.W.

    love THIS ~

  11. Chris

    Ha, did Dalgarno ever drop the gloves with Marty I wonder?

  12. stevieray56

    Metaphors are one of the most effective weapons that a songwriter can deploy. Anybody can come up with descriptive adjectives, but finding that perfect comparison really puts a fine point on it for the listener. Most songwriters are happy if they can manage just a single good one in a song. In “I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory,” Kathleen Edwards pretty much devotes the whole song to metaphors, and each one that she conjures is more evocative then the next.

    Edwards included “I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory” on her outstanding 2008 album Asking For Flowers. It was written in honor of fellow Canadian musician Jim Bryson, who made contributions to Edwards’ first two albums and also toured with him. Since Bryson is a singer-songwriter in his own right, Edwards seems to be self-deprecatingly suggesting in the song that her own success was obscuring her band mate’s talents.

    Singing on top of a mid-tempo alt-country lope, Edwards opines in the verses about life on the road. At the start, it’s all “Basement bars we played from the heart/In the company of our friends.” Eventually, the band progresses to “Big fish, small town, and some cover songs.” The narrator and her tribute subject even flirt with romance, if only briefly: “Once I got drunk with Jeff, I told him I was in love with you/But I love you like a brother, so at least half of it was true.”

    The verses in the song are little more than table-setters, however, for the elongated refrains. That is when Edwards dips into her deep well of metaphors to emphasize the coolness or her bandmate compared to what she considers her own more mundane charms. “You’re cool and cred like Fogerty/I’m Elvis Presley in the 70’s” is how she starts out this run, and it only gets cleverer and cheekier from there.

    From there she uses wines (“You’re Chateauneuf, I’m yellow label”), cars (“I’m a Dodge Sparkle, you’re a Lamborghini”) and planes (“You’re the Concorde, I’m economy”) to explain the distinction. She also finds ways to imply that critical acclaim is far more important than commercial success in the grand scheme of things: “I’m sure it’s been said in the finer print/You make me look legitimate/Heavy rotation on the CBC/Whatever in hell that really means.”

    But the one metaphor that stands out above the rest requires at least a rudimentary knowledge of hockey history. “You’re the Great One, I’m Marty McSorley,” Edwards sings. “The Great One,” of course, is NHL legend Wayne Gretzky, the guy many consider the best to ever play the game, pure elegance and grace on the ice. Marty McSorley, meanwhile, enjoyed a distinguished career himself, but he was known more for his rough play and willingness to lay a nasty hit on an opposing skater, even if it meant he’d end up in the penalty box.

    Edwards told The Washington Post in the year of the song’s release that these lines truly arrived out of nowhere. “It kind of just fell out of my mouth,” she said. “I was writing the song and I was trying to think of a hockey reference. I was singing along and all of a sudden the words, ‘You’re the Great One, I’m Marty McSorley’ literally just fell out of my mouth. I laughed so hard when that happened that I figured I had to keep it.”

    Kathleen Edwards hasn’t released a new album since 2012’s Voyageur. Here’s hoping that she does return to recording sometime soon. She might insist in “I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory” that her talent is prosaic, but the overall excellence of the song, and that of her overall catalog, proves that is anything but.

    michael hermiston

    fabulous wee essay Mr Ray, although a Canadian, i hadn't heard this song or of Ms Edwards, but a recent playing on the local CBC afternoon show lit the radio up like crazy... the tenderness of the voice and the brilliance of the writing and wonderful arrangement lead me to catch this... bonus: brilliant video... and now bonus+ for the commentary on the video ( i didn't know who Marty McSorley was (my hockey interest ended shortly after the Boston/Montreal series on the early 70's) all best wishes!

    michael hermiston

    oh ya, i send you also a bilingual dixieland ode to Canadian autumn by yours truly... peace!

    michael hermiston


  13. paul elliott

    Couldn't love this tune more
    Kathleen is a true Canadian wonder and at the ice hockey rink the most beautiful person to grace the ice
    Great to see Marty (and Paul) in this video - Oilers forever and she 'owns' that Mc Sorley jersey
    Marty towers over her 😘

  14. Tubebrerry

    I'm an American living in the Deep South and this video makes me want to buy ice skates.

  15. Mighty Tiki

    O Canada 🇨🇦

  16. Richard Leonard

    Vesta lunch!

  17. Richard Leonard

    Great video , hot to boot.

  18. abcun17

    Love her!👍✌Such a great singer songwriter! I really wish she would come back with new music...😁👏❤

  19. alan4sure

    1:26 he'd be in trouble doing that these days. Accidentally touching a boob...

  20. Nelson Swanberg

    Probert proved McSorley had his helmet glued to his head.

  21. Jason Oickle

    I enjoy evil Jim Cuddy.

    Kees Kapteyn

    One of the dirtiest rec players ever!!

  22. T Leroi

    Something about this song...makes me want to lace up the skates, grab my stick, and get into an good old fashioned hockey brawl.

  23. Bubba Trump

    No shit. Just heard an owl. Who wants pics?

  24. Bubba Trump

    Wait. What. I know you!😳

    Bubba Trump

    That took awhile. Wow.

  25. Bubba Trump

    If you've ever waited in a line. Same.

  26. Jon Levesque

    I met McSorely in grade 6. I'm from Cayuga, his home town, one of my classmates was his cousin and got him to come speak to our class and we all got autographs. It was while he played for Edmonton just a year or so before his career ended.

  27. Jaime O'Leary

    Best. Video. Ever.

  28. Bear H

    Love her music.... but it makes me sick that she has to seduce hockey players in her videos.... come back county girl..PLEASE

  29. socoonrocks

    Just heard this for the first time when it was featured on Rogers Hometown Hockey. The lyrics are really good. Wish this video had the line you used " you're a habs fan and I'm from Toronto " that line touched me. Best of luck with your coffee shop!

  30. Midnight Walker

    I want a girlfriend like Kathleen. Oh wait, I'm married. Crap.

    Joachim Kane

    you can't have two wives. If she stays your girlfriend, you're good.

  31. Putra Cikal

    great songs, and not mainstream

  32. Kevin Cairns

    Just gorgeous. Come to bed.

  33. Mark S.

    One of the super songs; the clever lyrics, the great vocal, and she's easy on the eyes.

  34. p contiman

    good one.
    her story behind the video is a good one too.

  35. Kristen Luongo

    So Canadian :)

  36. ItsProbablyNotAGoodIdea

    What the hell is a dodge sparkle? I don't recall any vehicles under the name dodge sparkle?!

    John Cunningham

    +SnoopYoda they call cars by different names in different countries. but this one is made up. Wikipedia is your friend.


    +SgtSanchez the lyrics are "dodge sparkle" though

  37. quad1000

    lovely. Now marry me

  38. mikedo6

    Just saw this video for the first time today. ....made me smile. She's kinda pretty too.....eh?


    Kathleen always is beautiful but she’s really cute and playful as well in this video. Great song I hadn’t heard before and yes it makes me smile 😃



  40. Robert Lane

    What's not to love about this video. A bunch old hockey legends pawing a great looking hot singer. She even lip locks McSorley. Nice production with cameos. Good luck with the coffee shop Kitty, miss you being on the road.

    Jennifer Mathison

    You are so right. There is nothing not to love about this video. The song is nostalgic to a fault and makes me laugh and tear up a bit every time I watch it.

    Rob M

    coffee shop?

    paul elliott

    Rob M
    She's got a coffee shop in Ottawa called 'Quitters'
    Thing she got burned out with the music business and tried something new
    Still plays but no new material for a while now
    Kitty - we need you back recording

    Joachim Kane

    bad move to hook up with the hot singer of the moment (bon iver)… she gave away her Kathleen Edwards-ness. She's probably got it back, thank God. Can't wait for more music from her. Can't keep a good gal down.
    @paul elliott

  41. Darren Rogers

    Canadian music is simply the best.  <3

  42. Corey Smith

    God, she's awesome. Jim Cuddy is a fine singer as well. In general, I feel like we are missing out on some great Canadian music.

    Jennifer Mathison

    Too right. I adore both of them. Be sure to watch the "Married Again" video, if you haven't already. Classic.

  43. Steve W.

    Marty McSorley sent me here...

  44. TheUnclerickie

    Think I'll head over to Quitters coffee shop in Stittsville! .......because i can!

    Kevin Chappell

    Me too.

  45. kev a

    Corner gas movie anyone?

    John Watson

    Only reason I'm here ahha

  46. Fried_Death

    I guess now she really is making the dough, preparing baked goods for her coffee shop.

    Erin Saunders

    @Fried_Death Pun level: Rich Terfry. I tip my hat!

  47. Roy Belfer

    Can't help but smile every time I hear this song.

  48. mdssdp

    the most beautiful woman in the world, no question!

  49. Jbubbah671

    Just love her voice.

  50. Jason

    I love how she says Maserati

    Joachim Kane

    she could say 'dog shit' and us heterosexuals would love how she says it.

  51. mtw2510

    Four people didn't make the dough or get the glory.

  52. charlie smith

    Oh Kathleen, you are sooooo sexy and funny too! Are you still single? I am.

  53. PauliBhoy

    Bandy > Hockey ... get with it Canada! =P

  54. TheAzurinboyz2012

    Marty Mcsorley is still the man thx for entertaining the great one and the LA King!

  55. Naomi Horst

    Possibly one of the most Canadian videos ever.

  56. gcgeneral1

    I dont even know what this song is about

  57. oldboatclub

    She is so pretty and talented. This is real music and keeps my hopes for the industry alive. But it's so depressing to see and hear the absolute crap that is being pushed on the airwaves now. The masses of listeners have no idea of what they are missing.

  58. Jim Raynor

    haha really? like he makes the dough and she gets the glory lol

  59. Me Andme

    Kathleen Edwards = Canadiana. Unappreciated maybe but what a treasure she is.

  60. boelima

    yes you are under appreciated.... you have a great voice

  61. Jim Raynor

    Don't forget Jim Bryson

  62. don g

    I love this song and video. You are under appreciated Kathleen

  63. 219Dave

    Great video. I had never heard of her before and my buddy (who is Canadian) took me to her show in Chicago last weekend. Loved it.

  64. David Lopan

    Love the song and love Kathleen!

  65. Reeseriver

    Her voice is so pretty. Her music is really nice to listen to, very Eagles-ish. We New Yorkers also are fans of the Canadians.

  66. Mike Buchholz

    I love this video. I saw Kathleen in concert recently, she puts on 1 hell of a show. She's great.

  67. Lief Erikson

    You Canadians rock!

  68. highflyingnote

    I love this video! I think that Kathleen is so cute! HFN

  69. Michele Anderson

    Hilarious !!!! Love her~

  70. Graham Angus

    im moving to canada in 3 months and this video makes me more excited!

  71. Darren Rogers

    Pure Canadiana. This video makes me smile everytime. Love it. <3

  72. gtrdoc911

    @redwhiteblueblud edmonton eskimoes more likely

  73. redwhiteblueblud

    And I'm pretty sure the Shirt colors are a tribute to the Packers.

  74. redwhiteblueblud

    @1UNCOOLMIKE Awe, C'mon!

  75. redwhiteblueblud

    Do you think she says "BEST DAY EVER!" at the end when she's getting into the truck?

  76. Mike Buchholz

    @EssiacHempLaetrile I agree. I love Blue Rodeo, more people need to be exposed to them.

  77. DrMattDestruction

    Yusef likes!

  78. DearChaaim

    Beautiful song,I don't know why this song less 1 million view!!

  79. Robert Wesch

    Her and her music?......AWESOME !! In my eyes she can do no wrong

  80. MarcQ21

    @prototypedenNIS when the fuck did i bring in Brashear? Now that you did why did McSorley have to attack Brashear and almost PARALYZE him because McSorley was a pussy after losing a fight? He needs to learn to take a fight like a man and get the sand out of his vagina. He will never gain my respect and the only reason he played with Gretzky was because the Oilers were not going to let him get hurt.

  81. Samuel Reynolds

    Marvelous, Kathleen!

  82. MarcQ21

    McSorley you dirty fucking no good piece of shit! You are the type of guy that makes hockey look bad. You did nothing for Gretzky and you name should not even be in the same sentence as his

  83. rouens

    @rednoseroxster ironic i did the same thing heard the song once on cable tv in laughlin in the background and kept it n my wallet for ever til today and looked it up, well constructed song where even if not a big country fan you can still like it , very pop

  84. Liam Rankin

    Got a good beat!

  85. J Don

    Love this tune Kathleen, Cathy Leal directed me to your music..AWSOME!

  86. Historymaker2001

    Wow 2 former NHL stars in the vid. Paul Coffey and Marty McSorley

  87. joecoyote42

    This sure is fun. You can even dance around the kitchen to this one.

  88. EssiacHempLaetrile

    Blue Rodeo, 54-40 & Kathleen Edwards my 3 Great White North favs.

  89. Laurena Segura

    She's so awesome!

  90. Klaas Stap

    ....and then drive away in that big pickup of hers. WOW. She's killing!

  91. GooglyEyedSpaceman

    Ha! I've heard the song, knew about the McSorley reference, but had no idea! This is the first time that I see the video. I like that Kathleen was so excited about "Gretzky's bodyguard", but that he seemed a bit befuddled by her attention. ... And that she's wearing his jersey at the end ... ha! ... just like letting a girl wear your ball cap. (it means that she's yours)

  92. Klaas Stap

    Wow, I am in love. I want a girl like her.

  93. cmartin1959

    I love you Kathleen lol