Edwards, Kathleen - Empty Threat Lyrics

The hottest days of the summer
They brought us here together
You know it's true
But this cold it's getting warmer
Maybe come September I will feel brand new

I'm moving to America,
Moving to America,
Moving to America,
It's an empty threat

In the city I once said never
I'm learning to say never never never ever
'Cause now I'm its favorite flower
I'm blooming through the concrete cracks of this condo tower

I'm moving to America,
Moving to America,
Moving to America,
It's an empty threat

Over the course of hours
By bright lit thundershowers
I hit that head until it bled
I press reset, goddammit

I'm moving to America,
Moving to America,
Moving to America,
It's an empty threat

I'm moving to America,
Moving to America,
Moving to America,
It's not an empty threat

The hottest days of the summer
They brought us here together
You know it's true

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Edwards, Kathleen Empty Threat Comments
  1. Michel Roy

    I'de walk three miles just to ear you

  2. bob burroughs

    Live in hope that she comes back.

  3. paul elliott

    Absolutely excellent version
    Kathleen a great artist and this is truly fantastic
    I'm moving to America ... it's an empty threat 🤘

  4. Mats Lundberg

    I have long time thought she's singing "im moving to a miracle".

  5. kvf2005

    bet she's not now...

  6. jim

    Love how this song confounds the neckbeards.

    CBC Music

    +jim lol

    Joe Smith

    No idea what that even means.

  7. Gary Vuorela

    Hi Kathleen Edwards CBC Music,good song well done,best wishes,I subbed you,could you do the same thanks.peace GARYV.

  8. Rich Filosa

    Seen her in 2006 in Philly. She nice. Took photos and got autograph.

  9. Ivana Glavas

    The sound and lighting make this so much more enjoyable to watch :)

  10. Anthony Speer

    I'll agree to disagree. :)

  11. Anthony Speer

    Actually it has been cited through numerous interviews that the Everly Brothers and their use of the two part harmony were the Beatles biggest influence.

  12. Anthony Speer

    Well, Joni Mitchell was a very popular singer songwriter of the 70's. She made some great music. And if you have listened to classic rock even at all, you have heard all of these folks. I would also say that rock is largely British. They are the ones who brought it over (British invasion anyone?). Country is American, blues is kind of American (more African), but rock is definitely British. Guys like Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis who were the American "Rockers" were really just country stars.

    Candice Gary

    Anthony Speer you are totally wrong. Rock and roll originated in America. In the forties and fifties in the African American community. Blues is also American, African american, but indigenous to America not Africa. British rock is British rock, it was forged in the sixties with the kinks and Beatles. Britons also developed punk and the DIY movement. But original rock and roll is American, ever heard of Big Mama Thornton? She took blues and mixed it with gospel and rock and roll was born. Even the words ‘rock and roll’ were coined in America and refer to the way the music makes you wanna dance and bone. Also, invented by African Americans and stolen by white dudes. Such is the world. Rock and roll was invented by an African American woman.

  13. Anthony Speer

    Most of our famous and idolized rockers are foreign though. Especially those of the late 60's and 70's. Neil Young-Canadian, Graham Nash-British, Gordon Lightfoot-Canadian, Joni Mitchell-Canadian, The Guess Who-Canadian. It seems like most of Americana was stolen from the Canadians. Also I would have a hard time calling this song trash. But the great thing about America IS that we can share the differences of thought, and still get along. ;)

  14. Anthony Speer

    The new Americana is rapping about hoes, money, and drinking/drugs. Ill take Canadiana any day of the week! :P

  15. jmdurant2000

    A new genre. Canadiana.

  16. Dave Sloane

    Beautiful harmonies, ladies!

  17. Josh Hana

    I am in love with this woman and the band as a whole. Incredible.

  18. RockinCowgirl1000

    I saw her in 2009 at the last (now cancelled) 10,000 Lakes Festival in Detroit Lakes, MN. From the serious songs she writes, you'd never know she has a sense of humor. She told such funny stories. I was one of the few real fans there who knew her music. By the end of the show, she had won the crowd over.

  19. Meinrad85

    Indeed! You are, of course, correct.

  20. Topher Jebediah

    Bon someone lol? sorry but Bon Iver is very under-rated and they are amazing, You under-estimate the talent in them. Although I wasn't at this show I can't comment on who the "real attraction" was I'm sure they both put on a good show.

  21. Joe Smith

    The way the sound is mixed on this is incredible. Beautiful sound, better than the CD.

  22. Greg Worley

    Nicmart you're an idiot. How can you even compare Dave Edmonds' Rockabilly sound to Kathleen Edwards? Two completely different sounds. Can you post a link to your songs or whatever it is that you do that makes you an expert that does not recognize perfection. Never heard a cleaner, smoother music since Allison Krause. Would love to see them perform together.

  23. Meinrad85

    Saw her in St. Louis...She was opening for Bon somebody...but she was the real attraction. Absolutely fantastic artist. Takes professional risks and still comes out on top. THAT is musicianship.

  24. Samuel Reynolds

    Empty Threat is another special treat from this very special artist. Every life change she moves through, causes, survives, she emerges stronger and better. Kathleen, soldier on, you're great and getting better with every song. Splendid, child!

  25. anth k

    love the sound of this one

  26. burpo

    nicmart is just giving his impression of things. This isn't a court of law. He/She doesn't have to supply evidence, doesn't have to convince you.

  27. burpo

    Words cannot convey how much I hate Comcast.

  28. bloom2708

    My goodness Kathleen is awesome. Just wow. Love the new album. Nothing not to love. Thanks for the great quality upload.

  29. Anomie Train

    @nicmart Which CD? Also, I'm not sure what you mean by "sameness to her song structure"? Could you give an example--just pick one of her songs and lay out the structure for us? Also, show us a song you think is really good, and explain the "structure" for that so we can see how different it is from one of Kathleen Edward's songs.

  30. Mike Bryant

    Amazing song by a fantastic artist, sounds great live too! Never heard her miss a note throughout two gigs in the UK

  31. Chase Fiebig

    @nicmart Wow, quite the analysis. Dull you say? Her voice is original, their sound is nostalgic, and they take a low-key song and make it rock. This song is great, performance is great, bigger and better things to come for Kathleen.

  32. Nicolas Martin

    Actually, after posting my former remark I borrowed one of her CDs from the library. I want to retract what I wrote: her disk was awful. Dull beyond redemption.

  33. bburnsey

    @tobyawriter Agree with you, Colin could really mix up his sound, throughout the entire song.

  34. Nicolas Martin

    She's nice, but there is a sameness to her song structures that make them less than memorable. A master producer like Dave Edmunds could give them the shape and punch to rise above.

  35. Dennis Spottedwolf

    1st class all the way ! Applause applause applause !!!

  36. Dainon Moody

    American welcomes you. And I'm speaking on behalf of America, just so's you know.

  37. trebleboostboy

    those drums sound GREAT.

  38. Hustlerae

    it's fair to say that i instantly loved this song.