Edie Brickell & New Bohemians - In The Bath Lyrics

In the morning in the bath
Water pouring from the tap
I don't want to go out
Lie back

Ever lazy never free
What my conscience does to me
Always something I should do
Something I should be

Run around
Put me down if you want to
I can't hear a sound
'Cause I'm not listening to you
I've taken today to be off and away

In the morning in the bath
I'm restoring from the past
The mistakes I made
Never seem to fade away
In a wash of memory
Everything is coming clean

Run around
Put me down if you want to
I can't hear a sound
'Cause I'm not listening to you
I've taken today to be off and away
Call me Freda
Freda day

Going down a busy road
Looking out of my window
In a taxi backseat
Out of control

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Edie Brickell & New Bohemians In The Bath Comments
  1. Jacklyn

    I worked as a Rural Mail Carrier (I love capitalizing the letters so that they look like a proper 'Title') back in the day when this song had air play, as in, on the radio. I sang along to the songs on the radio while delivering the mail every day. I remember this song while planting envelopes in mailboxes and if the recipient had a parcel then I had to either find out if it fit into the mailbox or see if it could be strapped to the beam that held the mailbox up via rubber band or just leave a note in the mailbox to say that the recipient could find it the next day at the Post Office. Back then the US Postal Service had tremendous respect for the importance of the role of delivering whatever was sent. Today things get lost and stolen. I am sure that they do. Back then though it was true what the old saying was that went; 'through rain, sleet or snow'. I remember being the only car on the road in some blizzards. I had chains on my tires. I got the mail and the packages delivered by golly. I went home when the route was done.

  2. Tyler Thompson

    Always loved the Garcia influenced guitar solo. Great song!

  3. Monk Abrahms

    They look like the Millennials of today and I'll lyrics make as much sense

  4. Anthony Lucia

    The only things that matter are things that are ends in themselves.

  5. William o'neal

    After taking philosophy class I know what this song truly means. I'm not aware of too many things in other words free will and determinism. The unconscious mind.

  6. Giancarlo Zarlengo


  7. Adam Biggers

    This was about 10-15 years ahead of its time.

  8. yyyames

    I hear this song every time we grocery shopping... Forever reminds me of produce now.

  9. life and times of Jonathan Harrison

    She so purdy.

  10. David Karstensen

    She had pretty nice teeth for a 90's chick

  11. Septien Patterson

    This chick is deep

  12. noemi rayme aguilar

    linda music saludos del perú.

  13. carlos añamuro

    Es tan 90's

  14. WT Actual. . .

    I can still remember a white girl in my high school who got mad because Edie Brickell said, "Don't let me get too deep." She took class time to tell us all how fake deep people are. Lmfao!

  15. BornFree

    Didn’t Popeye say that?

  16. Lost City

    New Edition - Something about you

  17. zoexili82

    Before Alanis Morrisette

  18. Gerald O'Brien

    That guitarist did a good Jerry Garcia.

  19. drinkingpoolwater

    if paul simon was a just a normal everyday schlub there’s no way could’ve gotten edie.

  20. exist in the now

    From the late 80's????? I love

  21. Mariella Sayan


  22. John Smeltzer

    Shes really pretty

  23. Hyperis

    Very cool naturally, she has a raw beauty too. Today's society should take notes

  24. ammortal

    This band was comprised solely of philosophy majors.

  25. Meegs B

    Please research the Mandela Effect!

  26. Kerry Race

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love it 😊

  27. pete jones

    She's a hottie

  28. Jenn Koko

    indeed i do...

  29. j freed

    It sounds like the instrumentation is played in B minor, but she singing the chorus in the key of D minor, this makes it kind of like HipHop when they sample from a different key.

  30. Travis Generic

    I’m here because of an episode of Unsung - Brand Nubian

  31. Eric Preston

    She was so god damn beautiful

  32. Alejandro Amezcua


  33. Lance Prep

    I swear the goodwill i work at loops this shit every day. It’s ingrained in my head

  34. t .byrne

    I remember when this came out in the 80s. People were a little confused.
    In the 90s it would have worked better.


    t .byrne a lot of things are like that

  35. mrjackolanterns

    Edie Brickell... smile that could melt iron, for sure. And that voice is just icing on the cake. Pure beauty.

  36. Kimberly Hoffman

    Cereal box religion

  37. Jorge Alta miranda

    Bello tema!!

  38. Large Coke

    Lars Ulrich killing it on the drums

  39. Chris Sneed

    What I am is what I am... And it's NOT Politically Correct 👍😁

  40. J H

    I couldnt stand this song when it came out. Fast forward to 2020. I still cant stand it. Regardless they made their mark. Props for that.

  41. Tobias Borquez

    Me hace volver a mi juventud, hermosa canción, hermosa voz, hermosa letra. Saludos desde Chile

  42. jax shumer

    my daughter had a dream of a woman choking me under water. i think it was baptising...D is not a good thing..??? must mean 2 dimensional ...lol

  43. Fred TheHead

    What about the shallow water?

  44. Blaze Borum

    What's the name of the guitarist?

  45. Jeffrey Schmoldt

    She looks like Janis Joplin.

  46. Steve Chaffin

    MTV played this fucking song NON STOP back in the day

  47. shinobi1kenobi75

    "I'm not aware of too many things, but I know that it looks like I pee when I sing..."


    No my friend; think sex, when a woman goes up and down on you in slow motion, moaning.....

  48. Blackspot87 M.R

    Fuckbthis song just gets better and better with time.

  49. mosesmoses2000

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  50. mosesmoses2000


  51. Joseph Laszlo

    Is that Theon Greyjoy on bass ?

  52. dcb4357 hiitsme

    i always have liked her. she is a great talent and such a sweet person on top of it. wish more had her attitude and class.

  53. Ryan J

    I liike the new bohemian at 0:18 min mark.. the 1980's man...wtf

  54. Gabrielle Dicierson

    Rad sounding and looking awesome song

  55. Speed Racer

    Looks like she's squatting down to take a dump. Video quality is mid 1990s at best.

  56. Einsteinz Vice

    Met my husband in May of "88. We married 1/7/1989 & we are still busy raising our 2 amazingly Autistic sons.🤗 (Our only daughter graduated a few years ago. ) This is such a beautiful way to simplify what is by nature the complexity of individuals. I absolutely adore nostalgia! 📚😎🙃📆
    #RetroRight 🎶⏳💞

  57. Dave Annan

    I always thought this was a mid 90s song until recently when I watched an old episode of Top Of Pops and this made it to number 2 in the charts back in 1989.

  58. shane sturgis

    omg...You remind me so much of Kirsty McColl when she was 16 at Croydon college UK,the hair your mannerisms and just being so natural

  59. fabio dominguez schubert

    That bass it's so goooood dude.

  60. Mike Beeton

    Liked this band first time i heard them back in 1980s

  61. INFINITE 2020


  62. Ojay

    Just watched TOTP 2 and it’s weird that almost every song in the top 40 ( including this) are still quite well-known but nowadays I probably couldn’t name 5 songs in the top 40

  63. jonathan squires

    Cindy was pissed when the venue started the concert early ..so much so that we walked out on the headliner..The boys of Summer hitmakers..she was great ..my wife always walked ahead and I followed her..miss her still RIP

    jonathan squires

    TY 4 recognizing her "Style"

  64. Mathieu Fortier

    Grunge before Grunge..

  65. Bi N

    sampled by New Edition - Something About You

    INFINITE 2020


  66. Lorenzo James

    Guitar is very Garcia-esque

  67. Mark Wilharm

    Who does'nt want to know her?

  68. Fred TheHead

    That funk cant be beat.

  69. G Douglas

    Brand Nubian brought me here.

  70. TalkShowHost

    That bassline!

  71. Karen Carney

    Music. I miss actual music.

  72. D S

    The night I saw them do this on SNL saved me from a life of top 40.

  73. Tim Chavis

    This doesn't sound like a song from 1988 it sounds like a song from 1998 lol!!!!!

  74. Molly P. Sasser

    that Mu-Tron solo!! Anyone who made it to the stadium shows in the Touch of Grey era remembers that sound-with LOVE!!!!

    Molly P. Sasser


  75. Pedro Romeiro

    This reminds me brazilian music

  76. Cory Goodman

    This chick was one wierd duck! Who preforms wrapped in rug Rollin on the floor except this quacker?

  77. tom magne nilsen


  78. Panda Pizzle

    No "S" at the end of Bohemian.

  79. Justin Gray gray

    If you don’t find this song catchy, you have no soul

  80. Mike Powers

    She had a small part in Forest Gump

  81. Jim Rello

    I had this on cassette tape

  82. stig9999

    is that Theon Greyjoy playing bass @ 3:19

  83. Chris Drakerton

    I need that life size pluto thats in the background

  84. Lance Coleman

    i know edie knows what i mean...🍎😘

  85. james kelly


  86. Brittany Wren

    It's so bizarre to me that this an 80s song and not 90s. Either way, love it.

  87. Marco Zanellati

    Canale 5 feels

  88. Francesco Russo

    Canale 5

  89. Jon longe27

    MTV was great when it just played music videos all. And had the top 20 countdown every day

  90. Lindsey Withrow

    She was so hot

  91. RitaPortugirl♥

    she looks like Alicia Silverstone

  92. Dark Star King

    Remember being 6 years old in 1996 and they still played this song on the radio. I used to call it, "The Water Song."

  93. Duck Gang

    Girls used to be way more down to earth and sexy naturally. I miss this look.

  94. Proud2be White

    Paul Simon is a lucky man.

  95. Mike Perez

    D-Do Yaaah!