Edgewater - Inhale Lyrics

Yeah you're shaking now falling out and you can't take it
Just breathe in breathe out let it flow
Just ease your mind and take your time
Yeah can't you feel it?
This one life this time this time let it show

Just breathe and bring yourself back to me
How can you let go?
Of everything you meant to me
Time to take it slow
No don't go

All you want's a taste you can't erase
It's taken over
Just one chance last stand
Take it slow
Tired of waking up feeling down
And you can't take it
Well strike back take that
Let it show

Just breathe and bring yourself back to me
How can you let go?
Of everything you meant to me
It's time to take it slow
It's your last chance to take your stand
God only knows
The time has come what's left undone?
How can you let how can you?

Just breathe you gotta fight to make it through this
You can't leave me
How can you let how can you let go?

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Edgewater Inhale Comments
  1. Man de Gaturiss

    Late 2016

    Man de Gaturiss

    2:10 Lonely Roads OST

    Man de Gaturiss

    Alternative Metal

    Man de Gaturiss

    Cool Jam

  2. CB gaming

    why the hell is the south of sideways actual album say blocked in your country plz tell me i need to know i love these guys also RIP Matt

  3. theuncanspan

    parts of it reminds me of Crumbland - Feel You

  4. Bruce Logan Frank Rogers

    Found this song soon after a veteran friend commited suicide. Wish he knew how much he meant to his friends.

    Connor Ron

    Clint Anderson oh shit I’m real sorry about that I’m listening to the song right now and now you just mentioned that I’m crying because inhale by edgewater engulfs emotion around me with its deep lyrics and heavy sound. It’s taking tragedy too far when people commit suicide it’s almost like a virus when people feel dead inside there needs to be some sort of medication that could stop that shit from happening hope you feel better

  5. PlayWithNeil

    just found this song after inserting gundam battle assault 2 in the ps3
    its just one of several songs from different artists hidden on disc
    and great song btw

  6. taproot scoot

    man this song brings back so many memories. great track

  7. taproot scoot

    love edgwater... if only they did another disc like this. inhale owns!!

    Man de Gaturiss

    Lifter is my fav