Edenbridge - Higher Lyrics

Come and stay, make my day
Take away the gray
And set the wheels in motion
Down the road, what you do
Come and fall into
At the end of this day

You can flee you can be
Your own enemy
In the end you will see no daylight
And you try, by and by
Falling from the sky
Like a nine days wonder

Give a little try, give a little more try
Never fall in line for a fleeting moment
Be and end all, I am aiming high
Climb a little higher
I don't wanna see your affected smile
Not for anything, the time is nigh
Lay it on the line and run the mile
Reach a little higher

You can shine or resign
(Or) lay it on the line
Or you make a bid for power
Vertigo, overflow
Just a cameo
Silent as a whisper

Raising Cain, break the chain
Gather new terrain
Time and tide wait for no man ever
And your eyes are agleam
Like you re in a dream
Getting out from under

Give a little try, give a little more try
Never fall in line for a fleeting moment
Be and end all, I am aiming high
Climb a little higher
I don't wanna see your affected smile
Not for anything, the time is nigh
Lay it on the line and run the mile
Reach a little higher

Give a little try, give a little more try
Never fall in line for a fleeting moment
Be and end all, I am aiming high
Climb a little higher

I don't want
Not for anything
So won't you run the mile
A little higher
Reach a little higher

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Edenbridge Higher Comments
  1. Deden Arifsolehuddin

    Mantap saya suka

  2. Ned Hook

    One of my favorite albums of 2019.! Melodic, emotional, strong.. Cheers!

  3. Kyle Reese

    Спасибо Кинокосу за новый трек в плейлисте... Особенно доставляет, как здесь ударные обыграли...

  4. TristanandIsolt

    I appreciate the reference to Loreena McKennitt by the OP. I always thought that Within Temptation or Evanescence would be her if she was Rock. This band fits that quite well.

  5. Nicholas Lawlor

    A weird first experience when you watch whilst stonedXD

  6. Syster Yster

    Pianos played like this are the best. <3
    Also, is it just me, or does she look slightly insane? :P


    кто тут после кинокоса? )))

  8. Богдан К

    Шо, пацаны, Кинокос?)

  9. Emperor Magnus Septim ll

    The brother of my music teacher plays in this band

  10. Iliyan Vasilev

    I think this is a beautiful song and really cool Chorus with a interesting changes

  11. Captain Drugwash

    I keep coming back to take the piss and now im like nahhh she has a beautiful singing voice and im sorry for everything I said.

  12. Benjamin Belot

    Higherbrows !

  13. Александр

    Клип конечно жутко нелепый, но сам трек мне очень зашел!

  14. SmithTube FPV

    Stop talking about her eye brows or here face gestures. Enjoy the music or click on the next video on your list... ;-)

    BTW: Nice song! Keep it up!

  15. ficklefingeroffate

    Great sounds, crummy visuals.

  16. Far Altright

    1:23 , whn a nerd is doing light saber moves in his room in front of the mirror and his mother comes in. LOL

  17. Arvael Raven


  18. pien snijders

    yes,she has a busy face indeed,but the song is nice

  19. Guilherme

    9 years later...

  20. Jana Hierath

    Habe die Band schon in echt gesehen!!!

  21. Drammen Grunalf

    The guy with the swords is into Asatru.

  22. Ötzi

    Why does she remind me of my Austrian math teacher?

  23. Ninja Turtle

    There is nothing more Metal than broken English and BUBBLLLEESSSS

  24. José Augusto dos Santos


  25. Mestre Dos Magos

    Simply loved it

  26. Gera prog

    Los amo

  27. Aaron M

    Returning to this song after a few years...Those eyebrows deserve their own meme, seriously.

  28. Alexander's Video Picks

    Excellent. Awesome and beautiful vocalist!

  29. Axe Slinger

    DAMN YOU Autoplay... Brought me to the "Dancing Eyebrows" video.

  30. Snowmaiden

    София Ротару, is that you? 😄

  31. bo0tsy1

    Good modulation, decent metal. Lil too athemic

  32. Ninja Turtle

    I know it's a second language but I laugh at " give a little try, give a little more try" LoL

  33. zombi frank fiziert hermes sondershausen thüringen

    nice band, yau \m/ have to give credit ;)

  34. Matt Voldness

    I love you :)

  35. My Maine Outdoor Life

    Crazy eyes!

  36. Ygor Nimoy

    her face is on black-metal mode

  37. David Brody

    She is gorgeous. Looks like Tarja Turunen's twin sister.

  38. MLBson09

    can she just relax with her eyes, fuck that's annoying. had to scroll down to the comments to escape it

  39. Tpa September


  40. сергей климов

    телка симпотная .музыка и песня ГАВНО

  41. Pablo Gener

    metalheads have no sense of ridicule

  42. ChrisHasVideos

    Poor swordsmanship is unforgivable for symphonic metal videos. Neither used their blades in ways that show knowledge of the forms and patterns. The longsword (best sword) never went to the ones of many guards that would benefit the length and mechanical advantage the blade offers. Dual wielding short swords, two attack vectors and one can be used to tie up the longsword while the second blade comes in from another angle.

  43. D3US 3X MACH1NA

    Arne "Lanvall" Stockhammer is my favorite musician alive. I wish i knew how he dials in that tone 😂.

  44. Geert Cremers

    Sadly, her expression is a huge subtraction from the stroke of pure genius that is this number. Who knows what it is;)

  45. Big Grundo

    Lmao, what a bunch of fucking larping nerds.


    A real masterpiece

  47. Vuk Citic

    Your face is like singing an pop song ore smoething like that

  48. Vanessa Armstrong

    Absolutely nothing wrong with her facial expression/eyebrows. Focus on the music and her voice rather than the superficial. Singers are not meant to be models.

  49. Gian Carlo M.

    This was the song I listened when I went to Edinburgh Castle... I thought I was going to have a seizure when I ventured past the portcullis.

  50. Francisco CZ

    You've got the hardest part: making good music. Now focus on getting a good image agent and a good videoclips maker.

  51. Iliyan Vasilev

    Amazing Song ,one of my favs

  52. Ling Wan


  53. Jonathan Jensen

    wow, her voice is really smooth...

  54. Дмитрий Филиппов

    с клипами у вас беда, конечно XD
    а так, качево, да

    Неизвестный Обзорщик

    По мне так нет

  55. Raziel Lentz

    Super reminds me of Nightwish and a whole fucking lot Tarja

    Richard Meyer

    I Agree

  56. vincent brockey

    I am still in love with her

  57. vincent brockey

    She is a godes

  58. Tyler Murphy

    Love the band. The drums, the guitar, the base, the chorus. Awesome. Dear god the singer's face. I'm not the biggest fan of her voice either but if I don't look I can at least appreciate the song. My god it's so painful to watch. The worst part is, is I bet she's like, the sweetest lady ever. Oh that poor woman. She just needs to.. Idk. Relax. Just relax. You do not need to force 50,000 facial expressions in the span of 12 seconds. Caaaaaalm. Goooozfrabaaaa

  59. Janlys s

    Damn! This video is so so so wierd....

  60. sleadaddy

    All these comments about the singer's expressions and not one about how goofy the swordfighters are?

  61. jimmy abb

    yes all the video is perfect, music is perfect , her voice perfect just she sucks at acting!!! looks very comical ! I wish she would refrain from the weird facial expressions especially raising her eyebrows lol hahahaaa this is funny it looks as if she is flirting with the camera

  62. Mc Nobody

    Got the ingredients to a goth pop vid, just lost hte recipe..game of brows..now where's "leaves eye's..browse out,lmfao wow..she is click baitable though for real..I mean no offense,you're pretty we get it..but bubbles?

  63. Mc Nobody

    Not to blast: but the music is good, I just wish I'd produced/directed this video..good scenes,could have been better, yes, darker.. the scenes the undeniably beautiful vocalist with much makeup could have been cut,or lit better I mean bubbles? really? wtf she should have been the masked enemy when it came off it should have been her..anyway...it's the goth girl metal recipe they stuck too, too poppy really..use the music & make a scene,don't make a scene you think fits the music..I think,just my two cents

  64. Anders Põld

    good metal music

  65. Pete Austin

    It's kind "Pop" for Neo-Classical. Always love Sabine, but the tune is bit is a Major three-chordesque to showcase her awesome vocal abilities. Not to mention the instrumentels are so cotton candy for these guys. Some of there stuff is really good, but they are a bit hit or miss. And, yeah, she does look kinda akward and almost surprised like she's stepping on her microphone wire and getting zapped every now and again. I can't believe somebody compared her to Tarja ... really don't see a lot there ... Sabine is cute ... Tarja can look good, but I don't think I could ever consider her cute. Both Tarja and Sabine are 1st class ... I think Tarja takes the edge on vocal range. Sabine has a really great timber on minor keys / minor scale work that is prevalent in a lot of there other songs. Additionally, this tune doesn't have any vocals parts that exercise her vocal range. This tune is "One for the Kids".

  66. Leigh Miles

    Poor man's Evanescence.

  67. Willian K

    Faced with such beauty, people are worried about facial expressions ...

  68. Abi Rii

    polymorphic failure ..., low darksiders

  69. stephen mcabe

    i stay at a place called Guardbridge and the bridge is over the Eden

  70. The7nUp

    Nice Guitar sound...♫♪♫♪

  71. Megamoose


  72. Dimitris Andreou

    I like how the comment section is full of love and apreciation come on people this band is different, female vocals and music close to classic metal and strong prog influences (maybe not so much in this album but...)
    This is the catchy song of the album have a listen to other songs of this album (skyline's end for instance) and most importantly listen to the other albums Shine is particularly great this band is underestimated

  73. Sérgio Silva

    Acho o Edenbridge uma das bandas mais fodas. É realmente uma pena que a banda não seja tão reconhecida e tenha tanto sucesso quanto algumas similares que não tem nem a metade da sua qualidade. O vocal da Sabine e os solos e composições do Lanvall são uma combinação perfeita. Tipo Tarja e Tuomas no Nightwish rs. Meu sonho é assistir a um show do Eden aqui no Brasil, mas acho quase impossível, já que a banda faz tão poucos show a cada tour e nunca deram as caras no continente americano. Enfim, quem sabe um dia alguma alma de luz traga eles pra cá pra pelo menos uma apresentação, né. 🇧🇷😍❤️

  74. Great Iron Fist

    eh. im more into metal.

  75. Trini NEZ ZAVALA


  76. Trini NEZ ZAVALA

    Banda de Austria

  77. Trini NEZ ZAVALA

    Mi canción favorita de ellos

  78. John S. Weekley / PRIMEVAL Music

    I had to pause the video at one point. Dear God.

  79. 수동이

    락을 사랑하는 한국의 소시민 평화

  80. Augenblick1


  81. Andrea H. C.

    Buena canción , mal video 😧

  82. SuperTruten

    Skandynawski przepis na komercyjny sukces.Pop,rock,metal,disco? Wheres is art?

  83. Lae Brown

    Someone please teach her how to make proper facial expressions for singing this kind of music and please that falsettos is not always good to be used if you don't know how to.

  84. Richard Meyer

    This Is Growing On Me

  85. Richard Meyer

    She Looks Like Tarja

  86. Gefühl und Verstand

    Great Song, great voice! Unfortunately the video is not so great. Edenbridge is one of the most underrated bands of our time. Maybe someday they find someone to bring their videos to a higher (sic!) level :-)

  87. Daeva23

    Seriously, is this video about a Pagan defeating a Christian then converting to Christianity?

  88. Daeva23

    One hand has a Penthouse, the other is you know where. Yeah, I'm watching this video.

  89. TremereTT

    She talks too much with her eyes...DRUGS ?

  90. The Quiting weed guy. Say no to weed.

    This is so cheese im sorry

  91. CMDR John Crichton

    Listened to this while playing Breath of the Wild. The chorus rang as I had Link climb a tower.
    Felt like I just decided the ultimate fate of mankind.

  92. Myles Jarvis

    Hottest female on the planet!....Just sayin! :)

  93. Mau Mau

    Vocalista meio mongoloide ...olho esbugalhado ...mas eh legal o som da banda

  94. Captain Drugwash

    I have killed this video/her in the comments for a while now, I just want to say, I feel bad your singing voice is excellent and dont listen us idiots if you ever read this XXX

  95. Shadow97

    Nightwish on ultra settings.