Eddy Arnold - I Don't Want To Walk Without You Lyrics

I don't want to walk without you, baby
Walk without my arm about you, baby
I thought the day you left me behind
I'd take a stroll and get you right off my mind
But now I find that I don't want to walk without the sunshine
Why'd you have to turn off all that sunshine
Oh baby, please come back or you'll make my heart for me
'Cause I don't want to walk without you no siree
Oh baby, please come back or you'll make my heart for me
'Cause I don't want to walk without you no siree

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Eddy Arnold I Don't Want To Walk Without You Comments
  1. Robert Walters

    my God, I'm in love with a 24 year old voice of a 102 year old lady !!!

  2. sköta vårt

    This is Karl Pilkington's favorite tune

  3. joan senerchia

    I love this version,but if you'd iike to hear another soulful version, You'll need to watch ''The Glass Key'' where Lillian Randolph plays piano and sings it to a boozy William Bendix in a basement night club. She never even got screen credit! I guess because it was her only scene. She was an actress with many screen roles, including "It's a Wonderful Life" where she played the Bailey family's housekeeper and cook. She also donated money to save George Bailey, the wonderful Jimmy Stewart.


    Helen Forrest a une très belle voix ! Incroyable !
    J'adore cette chanteuse !

    Andre Duval

    Moi aussi.

  5. David Carroll

    What a pair! Harry played the trumpet like no other ... Helen sang inimitably ... two originals who will never be replaced ...

  6. ConsumerWarrior

    So this is what music sounded like back during the Second World War. I must admit that I find that this song has a certain charm to it that simply cannot be duplicated by today's musicians.

  7. patrick ryan

    Barry Manilow does a nice version of this as well. 3/2019

  8. c w

    Barry Manilow did a pretty good job with this song,but I think she is better.

  9. Павел Корчагин

    Its 'wonderfool.

  10. Juan Manuel Parada Contreras

    Lo mejor de una época dorada del Jazz.

  11. thedealer777

    This song was my mother's favorite 78. My sister played it as we were going through her things after her death. I read some of the correspondence between my folks during WW II, after they passed. These were were not the same people i grew-up with. The letters were steamy, with the passion of youth, the fear of death, and the desire built on a prolonged and forced absence. I guess "absence does make the heart grow fonder!" I can see why there was a "Baby Boom" after the war.

  12. Fernando Fausto

    Helen Forest is my favorite big band lady singer.

  13. Joyce Schaefferkoetter

    One of the best of the best of the era.  The interval as performed by Helen is comparable to any extant and, what can be said about Harry's trumpet that hasn't been said?  In the realm of popular music probably the best trumpet player ever.

  14. DotTeaOtaku

    Ah they don't write songs like that anymore~

  15. Carmen Demetrio

    Solo conocía la versión de B. Manilov !😲...
    Wow !..
    😃 Siempre la versión original es la mejor❗️☺️

  16. Joy D'Alessio

    If only we could relive those wonderful days.

  17. RBIKO5

    written by the great Frank Loesser (Guys & Dolls)


    written by the great Frank Loesser (The Most Happy Fella)

    Henri de Lagardère

    melody written by Jule Styne; lyrics by Frank Loesser

  18. Mike G

    Great sound!

  19. Sheila Scotti

    was only 10 years old but loved all the songs of the 40's ..still do!

  20. Herb Mordkoff

    what a sound the back up is so lush.  never get tired of this quality.

  21. Piero Francesco Scaglione II


  22. Kitabo27

    Oh wow.... Radio Days....

  23. Tina de Souza

    Thanks for posting! Love this.

  24. balerick48

    Lovely lady, lovely song......one of my favorite WW2 songs........

  25. generationll

    Barry Manilow did this song in May 1980.Did not know Harry James/Helen Forrest did the original until I heard it on WKAJ

  26. MrRJDB1969

    @mathiasdisco : Well, if you haven't found B-19 on Youtube yet, give me a day or two to post it up for you.

  27. windstorm1000

    Helen and Harry were the perfect combo--her sweet warm voice and those fat rich notes of his. A classic.

  28. John Campos

    A lifelong fan of Harry James, I thank you so very much for this wonderful post.

  29. mathiasdisco

    I need a recording of Harry James orchestra B-19 such a good track, great band