Eddy Arnold - But For Love Lyrics

So it's rainin' again
And the wind's up in a roar
I've been swept through the streets
To be washed up at your door

But you're with him I know
So I'll crawl back later on
Why do I need you so
But for love I'd be gone

With my back to the wind
I'm wondering what it is about you
That makes it so hard to stay
And harder yet to live without you

So I'll look all around
But there's nothing's here for me
Like a prisoner I'm bound
But for you I'd be free

But for you I'd be gone on a jet
Leavin' today for a place in the sun far away

But the rain still comes down
And the chilly winds keep blowing
Down these cold empty streets
I'm wondering what keeps me going

So I say to myself
Why do you linger on
And my heart cries to me
But for love I'd be gone

But for love I'd be gone...

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Eddy Arnold But For Love Comments
  1. Mark Schulz

    Wonderful song. I love it.

  2. Richard Powell

    One of my favorites from Eddy . i grew up listening to this fine musician. he was the nashville sound baby... enjoy

    Richard B. Johnson

    Thanks so much for listening. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Richard B. Johnson

    An all time great for sure. Thanks for listening.

  3. Sandy Cook

    Ive waited for this song on here a long time. I think its one of his best! Thank you!

  4. Jim Southern

    Saw Eddy in concert back in '69 and then went backstage for the reception.  Visited with him briefly, very impressed with his comfort about his celebrity.  Very relaxed and easy to talk to. 


    Yes, this doo-wop fan has also loved "But for Love" from the first time I heard it in 1969.  It just flows so well...a very pretty song.

  6. rjsmth

    One of my fav's by him...Thanks for posting...

  7. Muzikgirl67

    PURE COUNTRY GOLD!!...Thank you soooo very much for posting and sharing this "lost and rarely heard anymore" lil' country gem that peaked at #19 on the charts for Eddy back in late-August 1969...I thoroughlg enjoyed it!...and the sound quality is TOP-NOTCH too!...Take care! :)

  8. Jason Lemon

    Like that sound of that guitar!

  9. 7r7r7r7r

    Wayne Moss on a Fender Jazzmaster with an Echoplex unit, popular at the time. ("May the bird of Paradise fly up your nose").

    Rick S

    Love his guitar work! Thanks for that info.


    The guitarist is very probably Chet Atkins, sounds very much like his style.

    Pat Price

    He played as well as having a talented rhythm guitarist on his tracks. Chet was not one to play in the background.


    1969 best I remember. And this is one of the hardest to find of all Eddy Arnolds songs. I wondered for many years if there might be some peculiar reason for that, because it was a well played crossover tune in the Philadelphia area. Thanks for the post.

  12. Steve Schoener

    You're right...Thanks!

  13. nickellodeon55

    1969, actually.

  14. Steve Schoener

    Written by Cashman, Pistelli & West, this was a moderate hit for Mr. Arnold...somewhere in the early '70's. I always loved it! Thanks for the post.